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This was Ben bonk all along. Imposter

thanks :)

pretty impressive how you were able to do all of this in 72 hours. good job :)

fun and polished game

thank you :)

Thank you so much for trying out the game. I'm happy the game made you smile haha :)

Thank you for trying out the game.  So like 30min before the end of the jam I implemented the trees to enhance the graphics of the game. They're spawned as you drive and deleted when far away so basically saves some performance. Though it could have been improved a lot more but that's unfortunately all we could do in the time limit. 

Thank you for the critical feedback. I do agree the space mechanic couldve been explained a bit more and Ive never made Highscore systems before but yeah that wouldve been a nice addition. Thanks again for trying out the game :)

Cool game enjoyed it! (could you check out my game please)

Thanks and will do

Cute little game, doesn't really fit the theme.

The audio is a bit annoying and some layers need adjusting (i could walk behind the house but it was still behind me)

I saw you're new to unity so for a beginner it's a good start.

thank you so much for the in-depth review and feedback for the game. It helps alot :)

thanks :)

The art is really nice, the gameplay feels solid and the music is pretty cool too. Well done. (could you check out my game please)

cool game

I survived for 40 seconds lol. Fun game, fits the theme well too. It's a solid game (could you check out my submission please)

pretty motivating game lmao. It was hilarious hearing "mi mo mo mo mi momo" whenever the grandma spoke and I loved the story. Nice game! (could you check out my game please)

Challenging game and especially impressive how you were able to make a game like that with no engine. Also found the art to be very nice looking. So props to whoever made the art :)

Thank you for the critical feedback and will defo check out your game!

Hey thanks for trying out the game :). When honking the cars are supposed to drive fast and collider with the cars above. When I implemented it I knew there was gonna be some confusion since imo it's a bit weird how it works but yeah sorry about that

neat little game, found it very challenging after the third level but that's normal im just bad at these types of games. The art is nice and the levels are speadout in difficulty. Overall it's a fun game. Will rate it a good rating. (could you check out my game please)

Yeah HTML dosen't support linear lighting so it looks a bit meh (lighting wise) and for the impossible situations we have a honk button in the game so you can move cars slowly so it becomes also strategy based. But I do agree sometimes It gets very hard and nearly impossible. Thanks for playing the game and for the awesome feedback :)

Thank you :)

You're absolutely right! I might continue working on it later on and make it a mobile game :)

Hey thanks for trying the game, in the tutorial it explains if you're behind another car and you press space to honk, they'll speed up and you can get out of crowded situations.

Hey! I love the concept of the game how the room is affected by your movement, ill be rating it a good rating once ratings open! (could you check out my game and leave feedback please?)

Hey guys, once you play the game (either if you like it or not) feedback is greatly appreciated so we can do better next time :)

cool game!

the game is rlly cool and challenging 

Thanks a lot! We did the physics materials but it still wouldn't work and we were like a few hours before deadline so we decided to leave it this way unfortunately but I do agree that it needed tweaking, 

It wouldnt work when I installed it but after reinstalling it worked and it's a pretty fun and goofy game i really liked it gj

Thanks for trying out the game! Also, I'll def check our your game.

I really liked the game! it was great! good job. (could u check out my game and leave a review when youre free please?)

the graphics from the screenshots look cool but the game isnt showing (could u check out my game and leave a review please)

The game was really cool dude, good job! could you check out my game please?

the game was pretty fun, good job

the chicken was protecting it's kids, :(

thank you :D

pretty cool art imo, the game was a bit confusing but still enjoyable. Left a good review :D (could you check out my game please?)