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Top-Down Shooter where the only way out is through.
Submitted by jonesnil, MisterDll — 6 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline
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Thanks for the comments and ratings everyone, I learned a lot working on the game but I think I learned almost as much about how to improve my work from reading your feedback!



I always like myself a nice rougelike and yours is off to a good start.

You have nice visuals. I would only rework the player character again. First of all he is naked :D And second, his art style didn't really fit with the rest of the game.

The music is nice, but didn't really fit the game in my opinion. It was to relaxing for a fighting game. I would use something more exciting.

But all those are just minor things I would change.

The one "big problem" your game has is the camera movement speed in my opinion. Sometimes I couldn't se ahead and got hit by an enemy. All in all this is not that bad, because you always get full Hp at the beginning of a level, but it is still annoying.

Don't take the criticism too hard, after all I enjoyed your game.


really enjoyed the atmosphere the art and music gave. didnt like the how slow the gameplay felt. 


Was really good,  my only problem was the speed of the player, i think it couldve been better if they were a bit faster.

  • Theme: Nice fit.
  • Audio: Just missing the enemies sound.
  • Visuals: Excelent.
  • Gameplay: I think the camera went closer after each level. Nice concept!

Congratulations on the game.


Nice visuals. I had to play it after I saw some screenshots. Gameplay is nice. It starts easy, but I had some close calls after few minutes. Unfortunately it's very repetitive. Adding more staffs and enemies would help. I really like the music. I don't know how it fits the theme though. I think it's supposed to get smaller every section/floor/whatever, but it isn't really so noticeable.

Could you also try out my game? Thanks. :O


I liked the music and art with the game. I know youre probably tired of hearing this but I think the camera needs fixing. Maybe show level numbers or coins and a store could help keep engagement, but overall this is a nice game.


The art is really nice, the gameplay feels solid and the music is pretty cool too. Well done. (could you check out my game please)



What I like:

-The music. Geez, that music is awesome.

What I think could be better:

-The camera. You can't see what's ahead of you and taking damage to an enemy that appeard 0,5 seconds ago feelsbadman. Since you are using Unity, you probably are also using Cinemachine. If so, mess with the damping ( x and y ) and look ahead time.

-The player animation. The player animation is too fast for such a slow character.

-Full-screen mode. Did you disable it? I really like it, since this is a WebGL build. Please consider adding it to your future games.


this game has nice visuals ill give it that they are inconsistent but they look good and the music is nice and atmospheric but in everything else i think its lacking .

the game design is poor and you can just walk past enemies 

the games camera did not co operate all the time and i was just walking into enemies but the game was still too easy