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I've uploaded the game(as WebGL) however, there is a bug where it gets stuck on the loading screen, i think i have found a fix for it could i upload my game again?

Thanks so much for the feedback and kind words, means a lot! :)

I enjoyed the game, and loved the way the player moved. The SFX was good aswell. The main thing to work on next time I think is maybe the graphics. Overall really good.

If its not a hassle could you rate my game too?

I really liked the game, really good graphics and SFX. The only two problems were there was no tutorial and if you held the mouse further away from the fish it swam faster(not sure if that was intention or not). But overall really good game.

Really loved the game, visuals were great and so was the audio. I think if you made a little  indication on the player to show which way the bullet  is going to fir would go a long way in making the game a bit easier. Great game!

Was really good,  my only problem was the speed of the player, i think it couldve been better if they were a bit faster.

Really good, it fit the theme really well. I think a way to make it better would be to add a timer for how long it takes to seat someone.

Thx for the feedback, sorry about the audio I’ll try to work on that In the future 

thanks for the feedback, I’ll play ur game now.

what is your dicord?

This is my first jam so I didn't realise people couldn't download  the unity.dll file, that I uploaded my game as , is there any way i can change it to the proper file?

This is a game I made in three weeks(roughly). Play as a black square that has the ability to reverse gravity. Avoid Enemies and going too high. Get to the portal at the end of level with the required coins and go through to the next level. If you go too high you will die and your coins will be reset . However, if you make it to the next level your coins carry over, meaning that you can play it safer on harder levels. This game has nine levels.Upsidedown page 

Really amazing artwork, really liked the theme of game