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This game has such a cool concept!

However, there was a bug when the demon would just get stuck in one place and I had to refresh the page to play the game again :/

But, in my opinion, this game would be much more amazing if you could expand on it more!

Particles were nice.  Art was well-done. However, the gameplay could be improved.

The character moves too fast X(

However, the art is cool!

Cool, but I didn't really understand what to do at first.

Sounds and music are cool and the art is cute. The gameplay could be improved though.

But overall, a nice game!

This. Is. Super. Adorable.

Thanks :D

I had a hard time on the spikes too, I'll admit...

Based on what you said I think adding an outline to each sprite would enhance the distinction, but I couldnt due to the time...

But I appreciate your feedback!

Thanks :)

It's simple: anything that is 18+

Thanks for your replies!

Nowadays, I prefer to make my own art for my games. However, the jam says that I'm only allowed to use "free assets" and that I must link them.

Does this mean that I'm only allowed to use art assets from online? Or am I allowed to make my own art?

Thanks for the feedback!

What a funny game! Bosses look interesting and the mechanics are simple but challenging.

Billy can be kind of creepy sometimes, though...

But this is an overall outstanding game!

You took the theme - literally! This game would be amazing if it had infinite, randomly generated levels.

Love the concept, simple yet engaging. Good job!

I was planning to add more levels, but I couldn't due to the time.

But thanks for the feedback :)

Wow, thanks!

Such a cute game! Graphics are nice and the gameplay was simple yet entertaining. Not much words to say here, it's very good!

This game was nice. The graphics are good, but they could be improved. Some music could be added to enhance the experience. The enemies could have a little more variation, but they are good enough.

Overall, great game!

This game was amazing. Beautiful art and graphics. The gameplay is amazing and there are so many things in this game that make it a wonderful experience. The art could be improved, though. The take on the theme wasn't really surprising, but its good gameplay made up for it.

Overall, a magnificent and well-done game! Keep it up :D

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for your feedback!

By the way I already rated your game, you can view my feedback there.

I didn't really see the theme in this game, although it is still a pretty cute game.

The dialogue could be improved, though. However for a game made under 72 hours by a beginner, this is pretty decent I'd say :)

This game was very cute! I loved the pixel art graphics and audio and the way the grandma talks is very funny.

Overall, a very well-done game, even for one done under 24 hours :D

This game was very hard. Couldn't get past the first level.

The game itself could be improved, but the implementation of the theme was nice and it could be explored further.

Thank you!

Well, it's a bit hard to explain, but the flag is somewhere in the center of the area below the narrow passage in the second level.

This might not help, but I hope it does |_|

Woah, thank you :D

The game has a nice concept. I like the art (the filtering could be improved though) and perhaps giving the player more lives would improve the experience.

But overall, nice game!

(And if you had the time could you play my submission)

Thank you

I was planning on adding an indicator, but I didn't (just how dumb am I)??

But I appreciate the feedback :)

I shouldnt've made the camera zoom out more and improved the controls, you have a point  there...

But eitherway I thank you for playing the game!

Thanks :)

Thanks :D


I'm using Love2D (for the first time as well!)

*speaks in Parseltongue*

Np :)

Did you follow the steps correctly? Maybe there's something wrong that you did with the export settings, might wanna double check. Otherwise here's the documentation for pyinstaller (hope it helps)

If this still doesn't help, then I think you ought to try something else.