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Oh! You CAN hold the shoot button, actually, I’ll admit there is a bit of a delay XD

I could’ve worked on the music slider today, but… I kinda just released it already ya know (^^;

Other than that though, I’m glad you were able to enjoy it!

This jam looks interesting, and I’m considering joining it (even though I might stray away from my main project XD)

So apparently anything made before 1923 will go into Public Domain on January 1 (which was yesterday at my time of writing), so does that mean I can just record a song from the 1910’s or something and add it to my game?

Can I get a painting from the 1910’s and turn them into sprites?

Or do I have to make something based OFF OF them and not directly copy them?

Hopefully I can get an answer. Thank you!

Thank you thoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Um, there’s no virus in the game.

I bet it’s just the performance.

I don’t even know how to use C++ or access the internals of a PC.

Alright, thanks for your reply (^^

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I typically avoid joining Discord servers since I’m not comfortable with talking to people I don’t know personally online (nor are my parents) whenever I join a jam.

I mean, I know I’ll miss out on a lot of important discussions and updates, but I hope you’ll understand.

The games were Genshin and Touhou I just made this game since I like to do immature things once in a while (^^;


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Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you!

That isn’t a bug - I DID code the game to do that (since I was too lazy to just make him move to the center XD)

But thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! :D

Interesting game. The climbing controls are a bit confusing, but there’s lots to explore and a nice plot.

Wow, thank you!

There is a Boss at the end of the game, and reading the description will give you info on how it implements the theme. But thank you for the feedback!

I made the game very easy (just in case), looks like this did help! Thank you for pointing that out!

Thank you for the feedback!

The font is TIC-80’s default font. I COULD change it, but that would be very time consuming…

But thanks for the feedback!

That’s nice to hear!


That’s nice to know! Thanks for the feedback!

I understand… also had the same problem, might make the stars darker.

And I will check out your game, no worries!

Ok, thanks!

Thank you!

Thank you so much!!

I actually named Robert after Robert the Doll, to fit in with the paranormal theme XD

Thanks for your feedback!

?! How?

Is it loading infinitely in the title screen or something?

I agree! libGDX does some weird stuff to the game window, and I can’t understand the CSS it uses (^^;

But thank you for your feedback!

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Very beautiful art and audio! Maybe add a vs. AI version for lonely people?

I couldn’t get past the first level, no matter how much I deflated (_ _;

But I like the mechanics, especially how deflating increases your speed!

And I’m also impressed because you made your submission in pure HTML5!

Good job!

This game was a little confusing for me, but the mechanics aren’t that bad, I’d say.

Maybe add a bit more art into the game, or even a music track to go along with it.

And as davidsover said, a restart button would’ve been useful. I got stuck a lot!

But this game is good for a first submission! :)

That’s nice to hear!

And yeah, I will definitely add the controls in the description if I can (^^;

Wow, thanks! :D

Really? What a coincidence :O (Actually it’s not surprising since our concepts were probably thought of by lots of other people (^^; )

This was a VERY old game, and one of my first, so some of the features aren’t really well balanced XD Might update, but probably not

Thanks for playing it eitherway (^^

ooh ok :O

??? There wasn’t any music in the game :/ But I appreciate the feedback and you playing my game :D

Thanks! ^u^

“Potty Escape” sounds funny (^u^ ) I’ll try your game if I can!