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thanks for rating and commenting on my game. Will check out your game also.

Thanks for reviewing my game on your channel, I will check out your game but Due to I am unable to comment on others game(I will comment on your channel about your game). btw can you join our discord community cause I and my team are making a 2d story driven game, this will keep us motivated to work on the project:- .

Thanks,I will work on progression system.

Thanks, btw I am MK dev and I am working on a big 2d project:-Dark Gladiator, can you join my discord server to so support and give feedback on Dark Gladiator project.

ya it is true, The difficulty will be maximum when you will have four missile which is a small problem I will fix it.

And bro I need one help, I am unable to post comment on others game page, it is saying that there is an error :-"Your account is not authorized", can you help me.

Have you tried with Esc button?By pressing on it there will be an option to quit to main menu.

I am extremely sorry  for this , I will fix it.

I hope you will like this game.

because it looks like hand drawn which takes back to me in my child hood

The art style is awesome.

Why this game is rated by 5 people it deserves a lot

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cute graphics but I didn't understand the motive don't worry my game is also like this,can you check mine also.

nice small and funny game,can you check mine also.

Nice game,the art style reminds me about the nokia 3000  model mobile games,btw can you check my game also.

Ya I will improve the jumping mechanics 

nice  game better than mine,btw can you check my game also.


Nice game better than mine,btw can you check my game also.

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Nope you loose because you can't go again st nature, I know the decision result were only picture I will improve it.

Ya I will make the art next time and also I will add story telling in this game so that player know the purpose of the game

The game is about one hero who regrets about his mistake which lead Earth to be a colony so he goes back to past and solves his mistake 

Check the description you will get the monofile

You have to download the monofile and extract at the same place where you have extracted the game file

Thanks,I will improve the game after this jam with some story

Thanks bro,Your game awesome

Nice game better than mine,can you check my game also if you want.

Nice game better than mine,can you check my game also if you want.

I guess you were  not satisfied with jump mechanics I will resolve it

nice  game

You have to also download the mono file and extract it at sameplace where the game file is,link is given in the description just see it.


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1st I was unable to submit as the time was over than we requested to brackeys team and they gave us 10 minutes to submit and in hurry we forgot to fix bugs but then also I am happy that I have submitted.

ya I know the sprite order but I forget due to hurry

Nice small game,better than mine,btw check my  submission if you want to play it

Thanks bro I will improve the jump mechanics and also the enemies

bro you have to download the monofile which you have not download ed I have given the link of it

I had to extract all the files which took time but then I was able to play,nice try for the first time,btw can you check mine.

Nice game better than mine,btw can you check my game also.