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Thank you :D

I wanted to make people darker and scarier  but at the end I got lazy XD


Your comment means so much to me!


Wow thanks for your detailed comment!

Yeah, probably I should have added more burgers.

Glad you liked!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked.

I made the rest of the burgers closer cause I thought it will be impossible to beat the game if you get hit😬



I guess you are a pro then😄


I get it now🤣🤣

My cousin is Italian too!

You can edit the page but you can not update the game.


I can't update it during rating period :(

Wow, the amount of work you have done in only 3 days!

You can even double tap the pics to like! Nice little detail ;D

Wise words!

Thanks for sharing this.

Thank you so much!

I actually like your idea!

Thank you for investing time in my game :D

Gald you liked :)

Thank you so much! :D

Yes it is dark XD

Glad you beat it ;D

👍 Thanks for explaining!

Thanks!Glad you liked!

At first it is difficult but with a few playthroughs it will be as easy as eating a hamburger :D


Oh, you have made potholes!I really loved that game during brackeys game jam!

Killing bananas XD Awesome XD

I love the music and the art 😭


Thank you so much!

I'm glad you liked it ;D

 I love Weird AI songs XD

Thanks :D

I wanted it to be challenging.

It needs a little practice 😬

Absolutely why not? ;D

Hey, I will check out your game later( It is 3 am here )

Here is mine:

Hope you enjoy and good luck!

With a little practice you can do great in my game XD!

Sorry for that XD

But it is not impossible :(

I wanted it to be challenging 🤣

Glad you liked😁

Glad you liked it!😄

And thank you for your detailed comment 😁

That was great.Good job!


I am batman XD

First one!

Quarantine Jam community · Created a new topic Rating

How long will rating last?

And what we should we consider to rate "MOOD" for a game?!

It is GREAT!

I love it.

But no music?

Please ad "Run Boy Run" from Woodkid.

It will be even more great.

Good job ;D

My highscore was 510 :(

I think you can make the camera follow the player much smoother when you switch lines.

But overall it was great! ;D

Good job!

A lot of sperm XD

I like it!

I like your idea but sometimes making the cats to go to where you want them to go is hard!

They reach the hole but how should I make them enter the hole? Some of them do and some don't :(

But I like you art so much! Your cats are cute <3 ;D

I like the names you used XD