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Nice job, but i feel like you could improve the movement a bit more, i like the idea of having diffrent upgrades and downgrades on on diffrent number, makes it pretty interesting

Damn, punch to move, real good, but i think atleast few gadgets could be unlock on the start, so you have a bit more variety

I really enjoyed it, though i would limit the max velocity you can use, as you can make it real big, bascially bouncing you right in the opposit direction, which is a bit of a cheese

I think the game is pretty interesting, i enjoyed the game, but i think you should do some extra work on the UI

Damn, real sad that you misplaced the player, will have to check it out post jam

With unity, you have to ship all the files from the folder the build is located in, not just the .exe file, hope you can update that post jam

I like the idea of having to roll the weapon before a fight and having to adjust accordingly, the gameplay is a bit confusing, some simple tutorial would work wonders, also art style is a bit inconsistent, i like that you can select which level you want to play, which is pretty good for jam games, so if someone gets stuck, he can still expirance the rest, but for the future, i would recommend to focus on smaller amount of levels, and spending more time on the core gameplay and polish, also i would recommend doing a web build (pretty easy to do in unity), so that it brings in more players, cuz downloading stuff from a 9 day old account might turn quite a few peapole off

It's pretty good, but i had troubles with getting the 7 recognized by the game

Well for me the jump worked, but it was binded on up arrow key, not the spacebar, well i think the idea is neat, but there are quite a few bugs, for example i got stuck when rolling the heart, i see this is your first game, and well for a first one, you did very good, especially considering the limited time, congrats

It's a good concept but i think the gameplay should be faster, maybe if the enemies wouldn't change their numbers it would be better? as right now it's very hard to adjust accordingly to the enemies side, as one person said, this concept could work very well in a bullet hell

Pretty cool, but the platforms could not change numbers right before the roll finalizes, as that makes it pretty difficult

Damn son this is really impressive, well one issue i have, is that the bounce tile can be very annoying sometimes, like when you try to get off an ledge, that's right belowe it, it's not impossible, but just unnecesarly hard

I really enjoyed! very cool game, i feel like the difficulty curve could be steeper? like it gets harder too slow, but that's just my opinion, also i think the jump is a bit floaty

I really enjoyed this, i feel like the time it takes for enemies to spawn could be longer, as i was standing in a spot they would spawn in, and didn't had time to roll out of there, also would be great to see some diffrent movement patterns on the enemies, as rn you mainly are just walking in circles, simple stuff like a enemy with a gun staying in one spot if the player is close enough, would be great additions

You could rig the randomness, so that the right dances are way more likely, and give the player freedom to launch whichever dice they want (like right now you have to use the one in your right hand), maybe even do the choosing of the dice using number keys

I like the idea, i think it would work way better if the movement speed of the player would be way higher, aswell as the enemies movement speed to compensate, bullets also should be faster, and it def could use some extra juice on the shooting and explosions, as they feel a bit week rn, but i think the concept of having a solider commit warcrimes in dnd is pretty good

This is a pretty good concept, but i find it a bit annoying how you have to hope for luck to deal some damage, also you can just run the enemies in circles, i think the core idea is good, but applied to a more action intense scenario and giving the player a bit more control, would work way better

I really enjoyed it, played till the end, i think the idea is pretty neat, i found the stun card pretty useless though, i think adding back a bit more control to the player could make this more interesting in the long run, but i enjoyed building a deck that would isnta kill whenever you get 1

I like the idea, the arrow that indicates where to go is pretty annoying, i often missed the actual point, as it looks simallar no matter if it points left or right, i like the concept of delivering packages while random stuff happens, i think said random stuff could be more frequent, honestly i think this concept would work better without any back tracking (running forward through the town, and having parkour on buildings and stuff)

This game cures alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone addiction though

I like the idea, but i feel like the bow should be way stronger, like the simple blobs which follow you should get insta killed from the start, would feel way better, to balance that out you could introduce stronger enemy types, also rn you can just circle the enemies, making them pretty easy to deal with and more annoying than difficulty, you could balance that out with ranged enemies

I love the idea, though i think this would work much better if you would have to match the exact number on the enemy to defeat them, cuz right now you can just brute force your way through in case the enemies are getting too close

Thanks for your feedback!

Glad you enjoyed it!

I think the idea is really cool, i think the platforms should have a better visibility though, it was sometimes hard to tell what is what due to the dark enviorment


Very cool game, I think though dashing could make use of some extra juice


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Thanks for your feedback, Killing streak, basically kill x enemies without taking damage, and yeah the AI isn't perfect, far from it

I really like the artstyle, i like the idea too, though the guns sometimes just feel useless, most of the time one is better off just fleeing off, making the tasks quicker and the enemies more important to kill would work wonders, like if this would be a boss rush game, where you have to kill the boss, having to do tasks to be able to deal damage would be a cool idea

I like the idea and the abstract theme, i think player should aim their punches using a mouse

I feel like the author might not like the concept of crypto

I feel like the author might not like the concept of crypto

I like the idea and execution, could make use of some extra juice, also dragging a cube isn't perfect, sometimes the cube just stops following the mouse, making it a bit hard to finish levels

I like the idea, i think the game could make use of a shadow under the dice, indicating where it would fall

It's pretty cool, tbh i am dumb and didn't understood the rules at first

Very cool 

This cured my crack addiction, love it


Very glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the feedback