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Thanks, i do have a fair share of games on itch so if you want you can play them aswell

that was the last page before the ending, also you can skip level by using navigation tools on the search bar (it's somewhat hidden because if it would be pointed out from the start, peapole would skip a level after 1 failed try instead of putting effort into beating it)


Yeah i wanted to add dont destroy on load, but i was implementing audio last hour, also you can beat the twitter page, it's a bit hard though

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probably, i dunno i just personally always want to have as seemless of a tutorial as possible, you probably should ignore my obsession

What links do? join togheter websites

veri najs gejm maj friend

The link to the theme, is link

Really cool, could make use of some music, i really like the idea and i think it could def be a great mobile game, though i think the mechanic could be easliy explained without tutorial, with just few lines of text when first starting the game

Physics are pretty janky, i think you are setting y velocity to 0 when walking, since player doesn't fall when moving in air, also the space bar being a restart button made me click it on aciddent, i really liked the idea, it's pretty original

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This is really good, only 2 issues i had, was lack of any audio, and that the player was a bit too slow, a lot of walking kinda made it boring, other than that really good

is the name a refrence to mark rober?

the hidden message is

I really liked this, the game gets pretty hard pretty fast though, i feel like slowing that progression would be great, not too slow, but def slower, my only real issue would be the use of art, i get that those are premade assets, and it may be hard to get them to match up, but i do recommend to keep all sprites at the same scale, like 1 pixel from the big red ball is much more bigger than 1 pixel from the player, it's usually best to avoid such a thing, also some art assets are made in diffrent resolutions, like you have 16 bit, 32bit and 64bit art combined, to avoid it maybe limit searching for art to one artist, or even just one asset pack

actually i didn't realize the dino can duck until i was grabbing the sound effects from the original, i think i just sucked at dino so i never could get to the part it's actually used in

The idea is pretty cool, though the game lacks a bit in polish, and there's a bug where when you die with the yellow augumentation it's stuck on you, also it would be nice if the augumentation would be picked up and dropped by a toggle, so you don't have to hold the key all the time, the game would need some checkpoints, don't make the player go through the whole boring start to have a second try at a obsticale they died to, also please add jumping with "w"

This was epic

oh lol, yeah i think you should make it a non blending color, usually there's a play button, for some reasone this one autoplay

i recommend adding a html5 version to itch, you can do that so it's playable here

mmmmm sus

so this is where it all started hmm


Really cool game, only thing i had problem with, was that jump was a bit too low, it should be just a bit higher, because jumping on 2 block platform was painfull

Really cool, though jumping is a bit floaty, and also it could make use of some scene transitions, for example when you die and respawn

yeah, noticed that lol

yeah zooming camer could work, the most problematic thing was just the placement, enemy was next to a gap, which you had to jump across, and if you wouldn't react instantly he would catch you mid air, and you couldn't see enemy before hand

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Hitboxes for player and enemies should be smaller, it's just too hard to dodge, and you have to make really tight jumps

I really enjoyed this game, loved the 2.5 D graphics, it look really cool and i may even try out them myself, but before the second checpoint the travel segment was super boring, and i didn't notice the cactai so i had do it like 3 times lol, and also there was one really cheap enemy placement in cave, enemy just jumped on me mid air, in split second, so you should try improving level design a bit, but other than that it was really cool

Really cool game, the start could be easier, also the art style could be improved

Really nice game, art style could be improved, alongside difficulty curve

Really cool game, though the driving could be improved

yeah, that was orignal idea, but it would take too much time for a small jam entry, though it's something i will probably do for full relese, if i decide to make one

it's probably because you click out of game window


yeah sure, but if you can't do something, it's better to seek out help than just don't do it

Cool concept, though music was definettly too loud, and also you could work on driving model

i mean you can just get some royality free tracks

maybe some weird unity input shenanigans

oh yeah there is jump control, minimal jump height is good, though for some reasone it's hard to do minimum jump on W, it's easy to do on spacebar

forgot to add one number lol