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Really cool game, though movement needs a bit of improvment

hey, I contacted you through discord

thanks, that could be usefull, not really what we were looking for but still I may look into it 

Jaka jest twoja rola, i kogo potrzebujesz?

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Hello! We are looking for a 2D artists for our team, any style will work as long as it will be good looking! 
We currently have a programmer (me) and a musician
I have developed and relesed 12 games so far Check them out here 
Contact: Discord NoelJasik#8768

Really good and polished game, it has few bugs though, but if you would fix them, and created more content you could publish it on steam

fajna gra, sterowanie jest zbyt czułe w mojej opini, ale wnioskując po tytule, taki był zamiar.Modele są dobrze wykonane, tekstury mogły by być w trochę wyższej rozdzielczości, utrzymanie gry w ciemnym klimacie pomaga w ukryciu tego, ale trochę ogranicza to widoczność

Pretty fun game, but it needs more polish

I thought i rated this game before, pretty cool game

Tutorial didn't work, you couldn't move with wsad, but game was pretty cool

Really cool game, before launching i thought you would be flying a rocket and trying to not explode (i wonder where that idea of mine came from), jumping was a bit off and levels could get some more polish, but overall pretty cool game

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Fajna gierka, popracował bym trochę nad UI, mógłbyś dodać skalowanie do canvasu (w komponencie canvas scaller zmień tam na scale with screen size), oraz generalnie popracować nad wyglądem przycisków, dodatkowo polecam wyłączyć "fullscreen button" na itch, ponieważ buildy na webgl mają już swój fullscreen button, co sprawia że technicznie masz 2 przyciski do dania pełnego ekranu, Gameplay bardzo przyjemny, i wybór poziomu trudności to trafiony dodatek, również możesz popracować nad swoją stroną na itch, dodać ikonke do gry, pomaga to z widocznością

Really cool game, at first i thought it's a top down game, so i just holded w and tried to race to the platform, after few failed tries i realised you have to land on it xd, gravity in first level could be stronger, because it felt like it's weaker than in rest of the game, also there are 2 audio problems, main menu theme seems to play only in left ear (played with headphones), and when you hold w and crash into a wall, after death you still go forward, but there's no sound of the engine, but overall really cool game

Fajna gierka, pomysł całkiem oryginalny, ale przydało by się jakieś skalowanie trudności, początek mógłby być nieco łatwiejszy

Really cool concept, visuals were really nice but there were few problems, first buttons in the menu were a bit too small, i had a bit of trouble with selecting the right opition, also i wasn't always able to cut branches by tapping on them, worked like 50% of the time, and also game was getting pretty slow when near full chaos, but overall solid entry, and it's pretty cool that you implemented mobile version (one which i played)

I had to open it in file explorer, not in Google downloads tan for it to work

Cool concept, loved the visuals, and it's really cool to see a mobile version as well, only problem was, that it was pretty hard to aim at enemy ships

Really cool that you implemented mobile version

wanted to play it on andrioid, but i am not sure if i can unzip the file

pretty cool game, but you can cheese it by just spamming spacebar, maybe some kind of cooldown to dropping bombs would fix it

Really cool game, but there was one major problem, jumping felt kinda weird, seemed like sometimes my jump won't register, which is a pretty big deal for a platformer, maybe that's cause because you put your jumping script in fixed update instead of just update? 

Really enjoyed it, cool concept, genie animations were great, though the scared master sprite was unfitting in my opinion, overall solid entry

thanks for feedback, well there are actually black holes in the game, they just spawn later 

around 15 minutes

Really fun game, a lot of visual feedback, but a bit hard to understand at first, a interactive tutorial would be nice

Very accurate, really fun game

Simple and fun game, only minor problem is that you forgot to turn on scaling on canvas, go to canvas, and in component canvas scaler change it to scale with screen size, should help

Bardzo fajna gierka, dobry feedback i game juice, mógłbyś popracować nieco nad grafiką, ale generalnie bardzo fajna

Zajebista gierka, ale z jakiegoś powodu, po przejściu 5 fal, nie mogłem przejść do następnego poziomu, gierka ma parę problemów z tłumaczeniem, i leczenie jest trochę OP, ale ogólnie bardzo przyjemna

yeah, meant prison architect 

Pretty cool, but i couldn't progress through the first level, when pressing E in gate nothing happend

Loved the intro and visuals, pretty good idea for a game, although i don't really belive that a viking would get drunked from just one drink

Nice and simple game, maybe you could add some way to display next direction that you will have? something like showing you next block that you gonna get in tetris

Really cool game, loved the dialog haha

Fun and simple game, only problem is, there's very little space, so it's really luck based

Really good game, it has a lot of polish put into it, you could definetlly expand on it, and publish it as a full game, there were 2 minor problems, in main menu, you should disable resolution change for webgl build, and also music wasn't really fitting in my opinion

Really good game, maybe you could add some penalties when typing wrong letters

Game is pretty cool, but gets a bit stale after a while

Thanks for the suggestion, just tested it and it plays much better, such a  shame i didn't test it during the jam

Really cool game, but it gets pretty annoying when the boat rotates, and you can't do anything about it