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The quickest way to destroy a city. This will also work as a black mirror episode. Good job!

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The ending actually caught me off-guard :)

Best Матрёшка simulator of 2020.

oh man saw the notification and thought that I can play!

This might be a silly question but - can't you turn left to strike the ball from right to left??? WHAT AM I MISSING

No less than amazing.

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Thank you for following-up! I will check that out soon. I'm curious to see how that fares with pixel art projects. 

Very cool game good sir! Wonderfully designed too.

How did you achieve the 'smearing' effect on the environments? Is it done as post-processing for some layers or is it a shader? 

Did you request the music from the nearest Nachman van you found? :D

Very cute :) 

An excellent feature would be to add your own notes between sessions. I did that with Outer Wilds and it was a blast! (of course there's nothing preventing me from doing it with my own notebook, OF COURSE - but it would still be cool).

The game is fair, you only have yourself to blame. Like Dark Souls.

The jump height is actually constant! The gravity engine is quite Homebrew though.

That art style works for me :)

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Did you get a chance to look at ours? 

Hope to get some feedback :)

The polish on this game is on point :)

Also, theme-wise, this is the most literal, like it a lot.

I will try to finish it! 

Very cool idea :)

Cover art and the sword are dope!

I think that if the sword is not 'held' in place via mouse press, it should still move above the fish in the same manner it does when swinging it, or at least more reliably. 

Also, the combo meter did not decrease when I made errors ;)

Took a while before I 'got' how the telekinesis worked. Maybe add some free boxes to the menu to play around with before the stakes are rising? 

An awesome submission, art sound and gameplay-wise :)

The only way I could beat an 'insane' beat saber course. 

Nice idea! Adding the 'slice direction' capability will help A LOT with level design, difficulty level and overall fun.

Really fun, and visually stunning (makes me want to learn Unreal just for game jams :) )

Couldn't get past the 1st 'green dash refill' challenge. Maybe an assist mode is needed here as well!

Couldn't brave the infinite wave, but I guess it's good because there are lots of game jam games to check out :)

I really like the difficulty curve, and the dynamics of having more than 3 slime types, but I wish I had more time to prepare for (spoiler alert) 5 different types of slimes! 

One low hanging fruit I'd add to entice players to keep replaying is adding 'combo' score multiplier / bonus for popping 2 or more baloons in a row. It happened to me several times and it felt good - you should capitalize on that. 

A great submission overall!

Nice one :)

Some mind-fuckery could be achieved if you implemented the mechanic of some classic snake iterations, in which the walls 'teleport' you to the other side. seeing the tail of the snake in 3D could be truly terrifying. 

Great idea!

Really liked this one. Nice, simple, and has aerials, what more could I ask for?

A winner is me :)

Nice little idea for a game jam. I would like to see some more same-screen-path-choosing puzzles (which path to take in order to keep enough stamina to progress) instead of a fetch-questing. Designing them may be hard but worthwhile. 

This is the type of "frustrating" gameplay which makes every win feel like a clutch and an hour went by and you don't know why and you want to keep playing. Great work :)

AWESOME idea for a game jam. Seeing all the familiar assets from the asset store doing stuff they shouldn't do is hilarious. I really laughed out loud at the whale section :)

I do have some thoughts, since I think this could be a slightly better release:

- Some large objects have very little place to move and that's a shame - some very fun moments of Everything were produced from the fun factor of just rolling a huge tree around an plane. Adding more open spaces could be fun.

- When you are a huge object, clicking on the smaller ones is a bit hard, since they really occupy just couple of pixels. Adding a larger 'hitbox' or scaling it depending on camera distance will solve it easily.

Great work everyone!

Unique idea. Also, I really like to pico-8 games in jams. Good job!

We're sorry to hear that, since the sound is such a big part of our game. Make sure to follow the project, we will release Windows and Mac versions when we can, as well.

I didn't really 'get' the mechanic you are transforming, but I'm a simple man. I see 2D lighting in Unity (with thought about lighting the cursor as well!) - I like. 

Great work for this first jam game! The art the the music are combining greatly.

A catchy music track would take this to another level of itch-scratch. Like it a lot :P

Super cute. I think Super Mario Odyssey could provide all mechanics for such a jam :)

Also. this itch page design is on point. Will steal this for later projects :)

Very nice guys! Lots of ideas on how to expand it. 

Any tips on how to 'create' the maze around the orb?

Great game Brackeys :) Thanks for adding the source code too, I have some questions about the 'lighting' on pixels it should answer (do you have a video about it too?)