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I got the same! I don't know why x)

Thank you! :D Just curious, how did you find the game? :)

Thank you! :D

That's weird. We mapped so people can use ZQSD or WASD.

We optimized the game as we could and had a good experience with a GTX1070 graphic card.

Omg thank you!
You made me smile and I needed it :) Thank you!

Thank you!
Hope you had fun playing it! :D

Thank you for playing and finishing it! 

Hope you had fun :)

I like the gameplay but I feel like it would have been much more interesting with less health so you can feel much more in battle tension!

Not so fan of the music.

Graphics looks nice though!

Nice job! It lacks the synergy with the sound though. The cube placement shouldn't be randomized, looks at Osu! gameplay, placement have an importance!

I tried to balance the difficulty as much as I could while offering challenge!
Hope you had fun and that you could finished the game though :)

Thank :) Glad you had fun playing it!

What kind of bug did you encounter?

Thanks! Yeah the checkpoint are a problems.

I will think about it since multiple people are telling me this, and do it if I can think of some good level design :)

Yeah one of my fear is that it can be very difficult... I thought about an assist mode but didn't got the time to do it!

Unreal can make great visuals is near too nothing but the game engine make the game much more heavier and need more CPU than the average entry.. Something I need to see if it can get improved.

Glad you had fun even if you couldn't finish it :)

Thank you for your gameplay! Hope you liked it :)

Thank you! :D

Thank you! Hope you had fun :)

Hi! My game is Celeste but as an 3D FPS Platformer :)


Hope you will like it!

(Nice job for yours!)

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It's Celeste but as an 3D FPS Platformer :)


Hope you will like it!

I love the trail VFX, looks so great!

Nice job guys!

Thank you for the comment! Glad you had fun playing the game :) (Good job for finding and getting all the 28 strawberries!)

I know about the walljumping, I had to choose between feeling vs being able to cheat out of it and I chose the feeling. Tweaking it more than I did would have cost too many time.

I didn't expected to have so many good feedback, from friends but also others submitters!

Really like what you did. The Gloo gun was amazing on Prey and you did a wonderfull job here!

Only criticism I have is the movement are a little frustrating to get around and sometimes the gun doesn't fire (especially under you when you are falling).

One of my favorite entry :)

Oh! I did the Wonderjam 2019 with you guys!
Nice to see you :)

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I think it was the Climb System for my Celeste 3D FPS Platformer game. I did it one time and then I had to modify it like 4 different times because it didn't work exactly I wanted to!


Thank you!
I'm really happy about what I did :)
Yeah Unreal games are heavy size-wise and are slow on old computer... I will try to see how to make it less heavy next time!

It's satisfying to see the line ahah

Lmao I was excepting a League of Legends game and it's Rocket League ahah

I love the idea that the goal change position each round!

Thank you! Means a lot to me :) It's maybe hard but I really wanted to show what is possible with these mechanics challenge-wise!

The idea is so nice and it make you want to try again again and again for the best score ahah!
It was probably one of my favorite transformation in Super Mario Odyssey :D

Hope you had fun doing it :)

Good work !
The camera was going weird when I respawn and the character feels slippery!

You did a full game in 2 days and it's nice! Hope you had fun doing it! :D

The art, sound and use of the theme are just perfect. I love your submission, you put a lot of charm in it!

I wasn't able to get past the 1st screen? Did I miss something?

The abilities works nice though!

Looks like we got the base concept but we treated it really differently! :D

I had trouble with the controls, and i got outside of the map :c

Right before the sideways-wall you can go down to get another bolt :)

The art is lovely!

I love all the moving sprites! :D
The menu is sooo smooth!

Nice job for finish a game!

On Unity when your are exporting your pixel art set the compression to None so the pixels aren't blurry :)