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hello, maybe you would like to try out my game, it's super hot but in a 2d platformer 

thank you

Thank you so much!

If it reminds you of Superhot than my job is well done😂 thanks you for playing!

Thanks you!

Hello, would you like to play my game?

Hello, would you Line to try out my game?

Hello, would you mind playing my game?

Hello would you Line to play my game?

The start is the menu, you needed to shoot the start button. I know it was not clear at all, I did not have enought Time😂 thanks you for playing 

it's very polished, i like it. But for some reason my character kept going to the left, your game wasn't the only one to do this so it might be my fault although my keyboard is working fine for some game. I guess it just haded chalenge to your game XD

really stylized, I like it

thanks yoouu!

thank you, I know my main mechanic was not really helpfull because I ran out of time, I would of like to add some laser that can be only be traverse by slowing time (a bit like flinthook). 

nice game, I think your super hot 2d is better than mine XD

The character model is just TO good for a game jam XD 

for some reason the character was moving on it's owne so it was unplayable but the art was reaally nice 

I'm not sure I finished the game because I didn't see any village but if you spend more time on it I think it yould be a really good game

I really liked the art but for some reason my character was moving by itself.

hello would you like to rate my game?

heyy would you like to rate my game?

It is really cool ;) I also did a super hot game, I like the fact that yours is more action pact

Nice game. I forgot to put my earphones so I assumed the sound was good XD I liked the chalenge! And I couldn't imagine a better way to do the dash   

It's awesome, keep up the good work 

it's a simple game but I hope you continue making game!