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This is a nice take of the theme! This will reward greatly people with good hand coordination.

Thanks! Yes, Battle City, it artwork influcenced a lot. And also yes, those are nice features to add.

The artwork and the mechanic are nice and simple, levels are also simple but well designed. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I appretiated that!

The artwork, sound effects, and mechanics are all spot on! This is how I imagined Beat Saber in 2D with mouse only. Keep up the good work!

This is one of the best implementation of the theme I've seen yet! Although the physics needs some work. Add some sounds and levels, and it's golden.

The artwork, sound effects, and gameplay mechanics are spot on, simple but fun! I managed to get 13 points. Keep up the good work!

The artwork is macabre but quite good! I got the hang of the mechanics, managed to kill some enemies. The UI needs some work, like bigger symbols table. Keep up the good work!

The artwork and the effects are really good! And the mechanic is also well implemented. There are enemies that can hit you on top of the platforms, I'm not sure if that's intentional or a bug. Keep up the good work!

The implementation of the mechanic is really good. The level design is also nice. I think it lacks some sound effects, and the timing of the turrets shots needs some tweaking, it does strange shots when switching from normal time to slow time, and slow time to normal time.

The mechanic is really fun. But it needs animations and effects, the player controlled character only has the standing image,  By the look of your credits, I think there are effects that are not present, for example there are no effects when "gravity hammer" is used. Keep up the good work!

The artwork is nice and simple, and the levels are puzzle enough. Although there are quite amount of bugs that got me stuck. Keep up the good work!

The artwork is nice and simple, and the gameplay is quite challenging. The mechanic reminds me of a smartphone game about driving your motorbike on a busy road and pass the other cars really close to score points.

The sound and graphic effects are simple but really nice. The gameplay is quite fun but challenging. Once I got the hang of it, I managed to get 20+ points.

Thanks! You really surprised me that you liked the sound effect, I downloaded and added them 30min before deadline! And about the arrow, very true, I thought about that but I thought it doesn't need it, but I think I was wrong.

Thanks! WoT is one of my favourite games. I'm grat you enjoyed my implementation of the mechanic!

Thanks! I'll have the AI thing in mind for my future projects. And sorry about the sound effects, I literally downloaded and added them 30min before the deadline, couldn't tweak them!

The artwork is really nice! The mechanic is quite simple, although in my opinion, releasing the object to attack the enemy needs more punch, like throwing it with force to better mimic HL2 gravity gun. Keep up the good work!

This is truly Rocket League in 2D. The graphics are really nice. Good one!

This is one of the best implementation of the theme I've seen. The game is quite challenging, both the platform part and the bullet control part. Good job!

This is the best implementation of the theme I've seen yet. Everything is spot on. Good job!

The mechanics are really well made, and the artwork is nice and simple. Keep up the good work!

The artwork is simple but really nice, it gives a nice atmosphere. The mechanic is simple but can be complex when dueling with another player. Keep up the good work!

The artwork is beautiful, simple yet vibrant! I see in the comments that you've some problems with the AI, nevertheless I tried around the hotseat and I think it might be a great hit if it has online option.

In my opinion, camera movement needs some change. I think it could be more intuitive and easy to learn by orbiting the camera around with the mouse (right mouse pressed for example), and changing levels with the mouse wheel, perfect for mouse only gameplay.

I love the artwork and the level design! Although in my opinion physics needs some works. Keep up the good work!

Well thought out by converting 2D pacman into 3D maze! The camera is too wobbly for me, at one point I felt motion sickness. Keep up the good work!

I couldn't beat level 11, it's really hard. The mechanic is extremely well done, you can make a full game out of this!

The art is really nice! The movement is a little bit slippery. The collision also needs some work, I managed to climb the vertical walls. By combining the hook and the collisions, I managed to fly outside of the map, it gave me a good laugh. Keep up the good work!

The grapling mechanic is nicely implemented, and the transition effect is awesome. The controls are a little bit weird for me, I'd prefer W to jump, since I think it doesn't have any function.

I love the art, simple and clean! The mechanic is well executed and polished!

This is a nice adaptation of KSP to 2D in the duration of the jam!

The only thing that's a little bit annoying is that everything is flashing, or jumping up and down. Maybe the camera tries to keep up with the spacecraft, but need some work.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you! You're right! Adding power ups or repair packs could spice up and extend gameplay. I thought of that, but it was literally 20min before deadline. I might make a new version of this, but with more features and better polished, stay tuned!

Heck yeah thats the spirit!

The artwork is impressive! And the gameplay mechanic is fresh for me, but easy to learn.

I see you went for the "Extra Hand" challenge by mapping an important action to the 'Enter' key, it really made it awkward to play!

Ravioli ravioli, you lewd the furry Zoey ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

The artwork is impressive, considering the limited amount of time! I'm not an artist myself, I don't know what's your secret

I'm grat that you found the game to be funny, which is the most I hoped for! Maybe Charon was Spanish instead of Greek!

Thank you for your detailed feedback!

I'm surprised that you liked many features which at the time I added them I though "people will laugh this and move to another game".

I agree with you about the repetitiveness of the gameplay, I didn't put too much though about it, I just defined some simple objectives and let the code to calculate the numbers, to buy myself some time because I only had the two weekend days to make the whole game :D.

Give thanks to music creators (in the credits), without them, I don't know where to find "free ancient greek music".

About the jokes, that's what I though, it gives faceless "spirits" some characters. Although I'm illiterate, so I went to copy one-liners from a website (in the credits).

Because I'm not an artist, the artwork were  quickly made with pixilart and animated in code. I'm grat that it served it purpose.

Thank you again, I'm looking forward to make and upload more games!

I like how smooth the rotation is. Later levels are challenging. Only missing thing is the artwork, then it's golden!

Retro is strong with this one, simple, blocky, choppy framerate, makes me feel old, in a good way! The game is quite challenging, I couldn't beat through Level 3

Yep, it would definetly give more character if they had a name, age, jobs, etc.  A great point to consider when creating NPCs. Thank you!