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Very cool game, I was hooked. I completed this game TWICE now!! Very creative use of theme too!

Thank you sir! :)

Thanks a lot, at first I was a little anxious making this entry, but now seeing all the support I am glad I posted it. I am so thrilled to hear you enjoyed playing it. Sorry my game didn't have any sound.

Sorry it took me so long to review your game, I've been busy. You guys did very well for your first jam. Good job, I hope to so more of your work! 👏

A little buggy, but good concept. I wish you made your time slowing mechanic a little more useful. The first 5 minutes playing the game I didn't even realize that it was a thing. Rather than that its a cool rogue-dungeon crawler. Well done! 👍👏 

Good job, your game is awesome! My review is up.

The core concept is great, well done. The movement however is a little sudden. If you slowed it down little that could solve part of the problem. Rather than that you did great! 

Your game is so nice to look at. The music got me too! Good job! My review is up. 👍

Very nice, very addicting! I got to the Infinite Wave. You transferred  Slime Rancher into your game really well! The controls feel pretty nice and the musics cool too. Good job, keep it up! 👍

Good game, great visuals. I just wish the game didn't feel clunky. Rather than that it's a very cool game and concept. I enjoyed it. Good work. 👍

Good concept. Cool visual effects. Hope you expand on the game!

I really liked your concept, I just wish you had more content to play. I am sure you could make something a really, really cool if you had more levels and puzzles. Anyway, you executed your mechanic very well. It really feels like portal. Good job! 👍

Cool concept. Nicely done! 👏

Glad you're one of those people that know what Quantum Conundrum, I loved that game :)

Anyway, thanks a lot for the feedback. I will consider making the controls less floaty.

Yeah, sorry, liquid can only pass through the bottom using a platform effector. Thanks a lot for playing!

I am so glad you liked it. Thanks a lot! :)

Glad you liked my main mechanic. Your idea to add levels that utilize the 3 states to pass is brilliant. I didn't plan on making a puzzle game, but it could work. Thanks a lot! 

Thank you so much for the feedback! If I was to expand on the game I would definitely add some sounds and music.  

Thank you so much for your feedback! I do agree that a tutorial would be nice. 

That's so creative and hilarious! Nice job, +10 bonus points. 

Cool concept that's well executed. I was hooked. Very cool game. Keep it up!

Interesting concept! My review is up. 

Hello, I know my game is far from perfect, as this is my first game jam and I ran out of time, but could you give some feedback, please?

Very well done. So good, you are so talented! With a little twicking you'll get a successful game. I think the controls need to be a little more controllable. Anyway, very well done! Can't wait to play some more of your games! 

Very creative, I guessing this game is meant for two players, as it's hard to control both at the same time. The game is definitely clever. Tetris blocks do fall a little slow. Rather than that, cool game. Very well done. Keep it up!

Your game is hilarious and challenging at the same time. My review is up. Very cool!

Wow, just as difficult as the original. I also really like the title, and the photo on the face of the yellow dude. The game had me hooked for a solid hour, nicely done. Very cool, keep it up! 

Nice puzzle game you got there. The review's up. Keep it up!

My only concern is, I think you should add more damage to a full charged punch than a regular one. I used small punches the whole time as it was more effective. Rather than that I really enjoyed your game. Good job! My score is 89 :)

When I saw this post I knew I had to play this game immediately. Honestly, I loved it :) 

Thank you so much! I feel so inspired!

Great concept, good tutorial, stunning visual effects. I liked the puzzles. It would have been cool if you expanded on the game. Good job! Keep up the work!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I do agree that my game lacks a tutorial, sounds and visuals, but there is only so much you could do in 48 hours. I am really glad you liked it.

The review is up. With some expanding and bug fixing you'll have an epic game!

The review is now up. I played it for a solid hour, love your game. I think you should expand on it. 

Very cool mechanic, well executed. Some of the levels require parkour skill. Unfortunately, problem solving and parkour don't really mix well together, I don't think. I got stuck on some of the levels just because I couldn't make a certain jump :(. 

Besides that, It's a very cool concept. Very well done! 👏

(I got stuck on level 16.)

The fact you put a space craft editor and you managed to pull it it off in just 48 hours is mind blowing. Really wish you'd think about expanding the game because it's fantastic. Keep it up! 👍

Yes, unfortunately it did. I just clicked "Allow." Good game though!