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Added multiplayer region option. 

Added multiplayer region option. 

Hmmm, I don't think so, the server is a fixed location. Sorry, I can't help you right now, but I'll look to see what's going on with the multiplayer. But try connecting with people in NA East and let me know if it works so I can find a solution to fix it.

Did you tryied open with admnistrator?

ps- tell me whats happining when you try to enter on multiplayer

Apparently no problem on the server. Pay attention to the room name, any punctuation or upper/lower case letters. And as a last resort, check the firewall if it is being accepted.
I will see what happens on the server

uuuh its really, bugs xD

Nice arcade game! i got stuck in the snake for a long time xD

Thanks for playing! It's true, clicking is boring every time, I messed it up, sorry

Wow really loved this game, the art, the concept, sound everything!! Just one thing i didn't like is the player movement, a bit difficult to control

I loved the game, unfortunately we don't see the boat fly, but really nice concept though!

Nice game! i don't know if have a time refill but would be interesting to make more score. loved the game

Really relaxing atmosphere, i took a while to get it how to play but i finally understood! haha. And sorry i robbed i had print screen :p

I think i am too dumb, i can't pass the first scene haha, but i loved the art and music!

Wow, unique concept, love it! good work with art design too. Really nice game

I loved the art style and the sound fx dont hurt my ears, good job!

I loved the falling potato animation. A bit difficult to use jump appropriately so i just used walk

It took me a while but I managed to do all the stages !! Really great game and brilliant idea

My game dont load ;(

I enjoyed making money, there could be more to buy haha. The controls were a little difficult to use and it was sometimes difficult to see the stones inside the dungeon, but a good game I managed to get to the end.

Fun game, my highscore was 44

Really nice job

So cute :3

Thanks for playing! keep beating haha


Thanks! the exit button was to be Windows version, but i can't upload both

Thanks for playing !

Thanks! the goal is to take them down in less time as possible

Thanks for playing!!

Glad you liked, thanks for playing!

Yes, it is part of the game to be caught for the first time. just the tutorial and the monster presentation.  Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah i agree, have a lot of bugs haha. And the girl is a text to speech, idk if the site have whisper, but would be better. And Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! i'll play yours too.

Good game, bit confuse at start

It's very calming atmosphere, i liked, but i spent too time trying find all stars, the map was too large