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The player character animation, i felt like the dash was too fast. But that's just my opinion

Thanks! I really need to work on a tutorial :/

Neat concept, simple buy effective, needed some extra feedback maybe, but i enjoyed it!

Yes! i think i will try adding new elements at certain point, and of course a tutorial haha. Thanks for your time and feedback!

Didn't know how this exacly falls into the "only one" theme either. I liked the concept, the little animations, but the objective is not clear to me, just waiting for the solo to end doesn't feel sattisfactory enough.

Loved the art, but i think the camera is was too zoom out. Also the animations after shooting looks weird, like the character is falling down.

The art is really really good, but the game over all i felt like after 2 or 3 levels, i wasn't getting anything new, maybe it needed some extra features to keep the gameplay fres

I liked the over all experience, but i felt like the game was too fast, the attack animation was too quickly and i didn't have time to enjoy the strike. But really nice little game!

I like the art, but in my oppinion needs more animations, but speccially more feedback when you hit an enemy, when you jump, when you land.

Really cool game, the art is really good, but maybe way too low res? i don't know, i really liked it anyway!

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Really though, but i really really liked the art, especially the transitions, nicely done!

Nice little game, i liked the idea. I didn't uderstand the use of the resizing, but it looks really cool, liked the feedback too!

Cool little game, i think it needs more feedback when you kill a enemy, and when you shoot, but i like the rogue like element of choosing an upgrade at the end of the level. But cool idea!

Yes, i think the fact that the board doesn't spawn new objects makes the late game kinda boring. I need to rethink that mechanic. Thanks for your time and the feedback!

Yes, i think i will try to that and see how it feels, i defenitely need some more testing so i can achieve a more interesting gameplay. Thanks for the suggestions guys!

I like the artstyle a lot, the controls feels a little strange, specially the jump. But the style and the concept are really cool!

Cool concept, one of the best games i played, really loved it!

This is one of the best and most polish game i've played so far, is so good! Really like the gamefeel overall.

Nice cool concept, and really cool art! The only thing i didn't like is that i had to replay all the levels on death, but overall a really cool idea!

Cool game, i really liked the way you try to paint an story, the art looks cool and plays nice, the only thing didn't satisfied my was the fishing part, there was little feedback and i really didn't know what was happening.

Nice idea, but a little too short. But the best part were the art, i really liked it! With some extra feedback after every move, some clever level design, and lots of content, this could be a really good game!

I really liked the art, but i didn't know what to do, i got some errors while playing too.

Level design felt a little confusing, the mechanic was cool and fun but the level didn't accomodate to that, i believe so. But overall a nice game!

Really nice concept, i really liked the last level. I could feel the stress. Maybe you could make the character with only one arm, and that way it would explain the concept by itself. Anyway, you get a nice rating!

Nice game! It felt weird at first controlling the character with the mouse and shooting, but i liked the limitation.

Nice concept!

Nice concept, i love it! The level where you spawn right on top of a red cube felt a little unfair and frustraiting tho. But you get a really nice rating for this!

Match 3 puzzle game. 

Two oponents,  only one can survive. You need to help the cat discover where is the last food plate before the dog eats it.

I really like the concept. It's a great game, really like the art!

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Check mine, it's a match 3 puzzler with a twist!

Yeah, i know. I didn't know how to make a tutorial. It's a match 3, you gotta destroy the house objects to find the hidden cat food, then take it before the dog does.

Match 3 puzzle game. 

Two oponents,  only one can survive. You need to help the cat discover where is the last food plate before the dog eats it.