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Puzzle story game that revolves around being the ONLY ONE bear alive
Submitted by GrizzliusMaximus (@GrizzliusM) — 45 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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This is an interesting and original approach. Quite confusing though, but the curiosity kept me playing it. Also i couldn't finish it :/ At the first run i get lost in the woods, at the second run the screen was frozen (also in the woods). I've no idea what happened but no input worked and the character was also not visible.

However, the narrative and explorative part of the game is actually cool and it was fun to play at the beginning. But the part with the woods was quite frustrating and I wish I has more ore at least a bit clearer (if not obvious) clues.

This game has some potential and just need some design that supports the player and gives some feedback on players behavior. With some fixes/improvements it could be a very nice game :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

glad you liked it. yes theres a bug where you get stuck in a tree. i went overkill with the forest puzzle. its pretty much post game difficulty honestly, something that only those who wanna feel glorified for finishing such hard puzzle. i think i need to think smaller next time for next game jam if ever.

thanks for the comment. really appreciate it :)

if you wanna know how it goes, check this vid i made


Thank you for the link :)


I'm sorry but for some reason I wasn't able to play you game because as soon as a bunch of bears appeared a pop-up came up and said "script isBearAlive() was not found" and then it would close the game...


That shouldnt close the game. That's  a made up error


Hmm, interesting. I'll try again later when I have more time :)


This game is really original, but I didn't have the patience to grab a paper, write every clue down and play through the sign part.

The beginning of the game was really creative, even though the nut part was really confusing and I could only progress with the help of the comments.

Really good game overall, but confusing.


thanks for your comment. I need to become better in game design as far as I know and its helpful to know where my weakness lies. im glad you got that far :)


funny game, not gonna give the spoiler why this bear is lonely :P You could have added a few more puzzles, overall good game! :)


I had so many ideas but the 48 hours werent enough. Thanks for playing :)


This was a fun little thing to explore -- the puzzle logic is definitely a little obtuse, but for me that's not that much of a problem since I like poking at things and figuring it out. That the first item I picked up caused a bunch of zombie bears to immediately kill me was hilarious though, and I actually really liked the error message when you first ran across the bears. I did spend a lot of time in the emptiness in the beginning just kind of running in circles and going off all the edges, I'm not sure if maybe I just failed to do the right thing to trigger the bears appearing or it's meant to take a while/be pretty obtuse, but I think that lasted a bit too long. Overall enjoyed it, really cute!


just so you know, theres a 1/5 chance of you spawning in the "error". maybe i shouldve made it just one or two off screen movement.

Thanks for playing and giving a good comment.


Pretty funny and interesting game with fine art style.


Off the bat the art is delightful, good sprites and some lovely animations, that said the mechacis are original but full of "moon logic" you have to play the game knowing what the game wants you to do so it takes many deaths to get anywhere, i stopped playing after i was doing the forest and my screen froze at a screen unable to move or perform any input.

Theme wise, it fits, there are little times where the "only one" line gets dropped but not a major mechanic.

Originality, definitely but in a way that hurts the game a bit, but better to aim for the skies. The game showcasts the dev passion and creativity, hope he iron outs the design of the game and i will be playing other games from it in the future.


wow. thanks for the great review. always love a good critic, whether its good or bad.

about the forest, if you get unlucky, you get stuck in a spawned tree. its one of the few annoying bugs out there in my game.

the game in mind had a slower difficulty curve and more dialogues and hints. honestly, the forest idea should be a post game thing.

you can check out the rest of the game here


I really liked the art, but i didn't know what to do, i got some errors while playing too.


the error was intentional but im questioning why i did it now in the first place. if youre confused, check the video link on my comment. :)


Smooth controls, polished gameplay, and a really clean art style!


thanks for playing. really appreciate it

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really interesting game but i have no idea what to do when you get to the "choose 1 item" part. choosing the sword doesnt change the rooms and the nut just kills me...


it's American Football. try running to the edge with the nut while dodging the zombies :)


lol i tried like 5 times, it didnt work :(


sorry about that. make sure youre pressing shift to run. i found moving up was easiest. 

Thanks for playing btw :)


It's a beautiful, goofy game. The pace I think worked ok. Good job all around!


This game is pretty hilarious. Be warned that it takes a certain amount of patience and willingness to engage and explore. Nothing is ever what it seems at first and you'll have to experiment for a while before you understand what is happening. It's a puzzle game overall so the whole point is trying to figure out what the game rules are in each scene. Overall fun game if you like puzzles

Developer (1 edit)

lONEly Bear

You start as a bear, lost in the gray worlds. Trying to find other bears, you journey across the seemingly barren lands. 

Are you the only bear alive?

There is ONLY ONE way to find out.


wasd - move

shift - run

q - drop item

If you feel stuck at the forest, check out the link below:

Complete video guide: