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Loved it! 10/10, need more.

I can see new players be scared of the unexplained mechanics, but for me, I felt the right kind of "lost".

(but that's part of the puzzle right?)

That was really good and i need more

there is to frame limiter.
my gpu ran at 100% the whole time.

Otherwise its pretty nice game but more scenes should be darker.

It looks great! and some stages are clever. But its so confusing to play and pretty messy with the timer too.

my game is unclear.


you get to the second phase when you have more than 8 people AND youre driving more than 30kmh

It is hard to know what to do in some rooms. but pretty cool

a little loud but really good

This is close to being good but omg do i need to wait for everything. Everything is a moving platform that goes on for way too long. If i die i need to wait for the platform to go to me, back and to me again, it wasted alot of time. I really wanted to enjoy this man. im sorry for being harsh.

The player is a little bit too fast

I didnt think this would be a text adventure game, but it sure was good. I liked the story and that you only had 2 options that were the same everytime. Sometimes i wouldnt understand what PAY whould do in sertain situations and as a result it feels like i dont do what i wanted to do.  But still nice narrative.
Kind of a shame many people wont play this because its text but you know, thats how it is.

Really interesting game, pretty well designed and stuff. I think that controlling the bullet with the magnet was very tricky, and it was pretty impossible to get to max power while still killing all the enemies, but hey maybe i just suck.
Check a look at my game:

Pretty good but the camera was kinda weird feeling and when you had a shotgun i couldnt see more than 1 feet ahead of me

Yep, cant play it.

There is no download


Got a glitch at the credits where if id press space the player whould shoot immediedly when the game started and as a result id lose. Gameplay needs more gameplay. This could be good

Dude this game is a masterpeice. Got to 182 seconds and 260 kills, nice.

Our games are kinda similar btw check a look if you have the time:

cool game. Scythe was kinda earrapy when it went trough alot of walls and it was kinda bs having an enemy spawn right next to you, but otherwise, pretty good game.
Our games are VERY similar btw:

even though they were just circles, i understood everything. Very well executed.

wow, you should have made the game work instead of working on the rain and star effects. Attacking in the air makes you stuck forever. And i only have "one" attack? I can hold the mouse button down to attack an infinite amount. pretty sure its impossible to die too

It has potential but its way too easy right now, there is no way to lose and you have infinite reach

I kinda like the odd style. and the game is pretty good. You should have had a test movement room first though, i didnt know if it was top down or a platformer. Learned how to play pretty quickly anyway and i enjoyd it.

Pretty hard puzzle game, also the game jam theme is like kinda here but kinda not. Good puzzle game tho

This is great. loved the ending too

This is pretty interesting. You do have more than 1 minute because you can retry and everything is the same but still, nice

For those that dont know, the link is in the game description. Wow... first of all this game is only 10 seconds long... there could have been atleast one more stage. Secondly, the gameplay was a little buggy, sometimes the guy whouldnt run. Thirdly the wall glide never takes me all the way down.

The jumping didnt work 80% of the time and the player moved EXTREMLY fast. Anyway, it could be decent

Got a score of 24. This game made me feel so bad for not noticing that the villagers were gonna die xd, maybe if a small like exclimation mark showed up right before they hit eachother i wouldnt feel as bad. Sometimes in the later stages the divine protection didnt last long enough for him/her to go trough multiple demons.
Also i think the hitbox of the demons and villagers could be smaller and around the shadow.
Lastly, why the hecc would the people wanna go close to the demons lol (maybe they cant see them).

Cool game and with polish, itd be really fun.

really nice style and gameplay. The theme of there only being one bullet doesnt really count, the bullet is just the goal like in any other stealth game. Still a good game tho

Turns out i was too close to the body, but it still makes me a little disorientated

really like this game but i wish you didnt remove the 360 degree movement you have in the opening. It made me confused at first and then it made me disapointed

well except for the dialog not showing up sometimes i feel like this could be good. If you make the escaping more quick. Also, I wish I only needed to play with a keyboard

I got really earraped when i started this game and the gameplay was kinda tricky in small hallways but really cool puzzle game

This had an interesting consept. Played better than i thought it would (Because it was 1fps). I first thought it was an open world game so i was exploring quite alot and found the stages you end up on later lol. Good game

Thank you so much! I was gonna fix the bullet killing the tanks even while standing still but i ran out of time. x)

I will update the game after the ratings to fix alot of the stuff, maybe even add a shop.

Cool game but the controls felt off. I like that walking and shooting has its own melody