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ONE ROAD JONESView game page

1 life and 1 bullet
Submitted by sharifen — 13 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#1564.4904.490

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I like the permadeath and that the game forces you to be quick. Good job!


This is a very nice game! I like the idea and how it plays out. These holes are so simple but look very effective, and Space Jam arm is just hilarious. Good job!


There's a lot I really, really like about this game. The arm mechanic's super neat, the self-imposed risk/reward is cool, the gamefeel's pretty damn impressive for a jam. I like that it's reactive, but also puzzley. You nailed the addictive, "just one more try" loop of a Binding of Isaac-style roguelite and/or a masocore game. (To the point where this comment took a long time to write, because I kept reopening the game to try again!)

I get that you're going for a very twitch gameplay style—and I really like the twitch gameplay, even if, like other have people said, I think player speed's just slightly too fast (though maybe it could be fixed by adjusting the controls?)—but the enemy bullet speed feels a bit unfair. I spent a lot of time going "where did that come from" instead of "oh yeah, I should've seen that." (Oftentimes my instinctive attempts to dodge bullets ended in me running straight into the bullet instead.) Maybe this is just because I like bullet hell games, but I feel like you could get similar panic without the player feeling cheated if the bullets were slower and had smaller hitboxes, but fired more often? Dodging leftover bullets could give the player something to do while waiting for the hole to open, and could also make the spikes a bigger part of the challenge. Just one potential adjustment.

Similarly, I really like the idea of conserving time by firing shots that kill multiple enemies, but I feel like opportunities are slim, and risk tends to outweigh reward to the point where I don't do it as much as I'd like to, for fear of running out of time. (I love the "limited time for a set number of levels, with rest/reset areas" mechanic, though. Great idea.) Maybe it could be interesting to lean into the "combo" idea and add a bit of ricochet to the player bullet, or program the enemy AI to cluster more.

All that being said, I would play the hell out of a full-length version of this. It's so easy to imagine potential obstacles, enemies, modes with different time limits, what ways you could spin and tweak the mechanics, what a boss in this game might look really has a lot going for it, and that's true even in its current form. Good work!


Awesome game. Feels just frantic enough without being impossible. My high score was 6. Definitely think it needs some way of stopping you from leaving your bullet behind in a previous level though! Nothing worse than a game making you play past the point when you know you're basically already dead lol. Seriously though, well done - it's a great game :)


Really tough and frantic! I felt the grabbing your bullet arm was just long enough to be useful but just short enough that you had to be in danger to get it if you fired badly. Good stuff!


Simple and fun, It kinda reminded me of that little "Tanks" game on the Wii mixed with Smash TV, the fact that you can shoot through multiple ennemies is really satisfying, overall i'd say it has a good game feel in general, i also liked the little falling animation when you go in the wholes to go to the next level.

It's a bit hard and could use some re balancing though i think, the ennemies 's bullets are a bit fast.

Other than that i's quite good :)


Great use of the concept. I like the juice all the way through and using the walking to navigate the menus is a great way to introduce the player to the tunnels. I like the art especially the arm coming out. Since it is pretty unforgiving maybe you could look at  having an extra menu item which returns them to the stage they were up to. This would let them progress through the game without redoing the start over and over while also letting you do an iron man run to show your mastery. Great effort for a game jam though, I think you have a good enough base that you can extend it :)

Hey I 'd like to play more time!

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Really hard, furthest I can get is room 6, control is a bit slippery for me tho, great game!!


Fun concept! It's really hard, which I would think it's because of the speed of the game, which in addition to the small rooms, makes it fairly unforgiving. But, adjusting that, it's a very entertaining game! 


This is most definitely the best "one bullet" game I have played this entire jam!

The mechanic is actually well developed  and there are things that complement it such as the extending arm. Also the shooting and collecting felt natural and I didn't feel the enemies were stiff at all!

Good job guys this is quite nice!


Hey, we made a GMTK game too. Check it out!


Cool game! I already played a submission with this very concept, but I have to say that I think you have executed it better. For example I really like the arm, it is a cool addition. This way the bullet can't get stuck behind spikes or an enemy. I also really like the concept that you have to pay attention to always pick up your bullet at the end of the levels. One minor complaint is that enemies seem to be damaged by the bullet even if it is not moving. But if it is intentional it is fine.


Thank you so much! I was gonna fix the bullet killing the tanks even while standing still but i ran out of time. x)

I will update the game after the ratings to fix alot of the stuff, maybe even add a shop.


Really fun game! I just hated wasting 4 seconds on Room 1 each run.


Nice game, very polished. Pretty hard, couldn't get past about level 4/5.


Nice and challenging game, would say there should just have a door open that leads you to the next area, rather then having to wait for a hole to appear, have it grow big enough to fall in, and wait for your character to land in the next room. It takes way to long and breaks the flow of this fast pace game. Also the bullet hurts enemies when the bullet just sits there, should be only when the bullet is fired that hurts the enemy.


Thanks for the review! I can see how the hole breaks the flow a little bit, the thing is i want the player to waste time so that the timer will get closer to 0: making the game harder. What i could do if i make the transition faster is make more rooms per stage.


Really fun game, I personally liked the speed of the character, maybe adding a key to slow him down would be a good thing.


Game is a tad too fast, but a very fun concept nonetheless. I give it 3.5/5 yorkshire puddings


a well made game with only a few minor problems. The game is a bit fast, and the controls a tad too slippery. But I love the animations, music and concept of it all. keep up the good work!


Progarmer: can you draw a German tank?

Artist: uhh, yah (draws flag on barrel)


Great game!

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