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Great!! So far my main frustration is a lack of a brush size, and also the fact that I assumed that this was a big endless grass canvas and started working from an arbitrary point... Only to realize later this was already an island and I had built on like, this random arbitrary corner.  I realized later that the grid marks out acres which I could use to sorta measure out where my airport is on my real island and build from there, but a minimap or something would help greatly. I'd also love to be able to copy-paste stuff. 

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It definitely shouldn't have been a public vote is the one thing I think most of us could agree on. For a smaller jam it probably helps, but for such a large thing it definitely only dilutes the score.

I appreciate the intent of the balancing against median thing but I feel like it's just as abusable as everything else, especially in combination with the public rating. There's probably not an easy solution to it all around

Hey, I gave your game a shot, or I tried to - unfortunately it lags a lot on my browser, probably through no fault of your own, I'm on a bit of a potato and any more graphically intensive webGL games tend to chug. If you had a downloadable version somewhere I'd love to give it a shot, but otherwise I'm afraid that's what I can give you. :( 

Hey, I just gave your game a shot (hehe a shot) and left a comment. :) Well done, it's very well polished for the time you had! 

Simple little game that's very polished considering the time you had, from the animation on the character to the feedback you get whenever firing a missile! The audio feedback was all really great too. I do really like how the missile was a traversal option as well as an attack, and the levels were designed well, though the difficulty level could probably be ramped up a little faster, the latter levels were challenging but there were a lot of intermediate levels that I felt like were way too easy. 

 However, I'm not sure if it fits the theme of the jam all that well as for all intents and purposes I have a lot more than one shot since I can refill it so easily, there are even a few levels that are based around you needing to return back to a single "refill" station repeatedly as you just fire your missile away at things, so it doens't really feel like I'm limited to a single shot.

Did yours! :) 

Congrats on your first game jam!  The game could mostly do with more feedback: the one real gameplay mechanic is to avoid the enemy's shots but I have no way to anticipate when a shot is coming. A visual or audio indicator would be a good way to handle that.

Very cool and very atmospheric!! Alas I'll die alone, I think the spookyness of it made me rush through it a bit more than I should have... Really, really cool though. 

I'll die alone. :( 

Absolutely nailed the atmosphere on this one, very creepy. I love puzzle games like this but I'm bad with spooky games and that made me want to rush through it more than I should have I think. Interesting clues that connected together in cool ways, reminded me of those oldschool web puzzles like notpron or crimson room. The one thing I'd recommend is some subtitles as the audio was a little hard to make out at some points.

Really liked this one! You're aware of the sensitivity issue by now I think, but I could adjust the DPI on my mouse so I could play it fine :P Fun idea. 

Definitely one of the more fun takes on the whole "one shot" thing! The sensitivity was insanely high to the point of being unplayable, but thankfully I could adjust the DPI on my mouse on the fly to compensate and so I could play the game alright. As others have said I do wish I could tell what the enemy was doing so I could plan and respond more effectively. Did a good job with the art and level design for such a short time frame, though, and I'd be keen to try a more refined post-jam version. 

Just tried your game, unfortunately though it doesnt seem to run for me -- I see the "Press Space" prompt to start, but after that the screen remains black even though I can hear music/sfx and I can hear steppy sounds when I spam space. If you have a downloadable version somewhere I'd love to give that a shot, since it sounds fun. Sorry though :( 

Absolutely fantastic, novel idea and a really fun and addictive little game with a lot of charm in it from the graphics + music. As others have said, i would love an indicator on each passenger about what floor they're going to. Otherwise brilliant! 

Just gave yours a shot! :) 

I'm a fan of stealth and puzzle games so this was a cool one, a very neat concept!

I'm not sure if the enemy is meant to just come to a total stop after having caught a clone, there was a level or two I felt like I cheesed through because I just shot a clone and was able to walk right in front of the enemy without consequence after the enemy caught it. I also wish there was some time to actually observe the enemy patrol pattern for some levels, for instance the one that you have as the main gif on display on this page. Especially since this game seems to want to be a puzzler thing, I'd feel like I need to be able to observe the enemy pattern (moving out, spinning, and then returning to the original position) safely so that I'd have the information I'd need to figure out the correct series of actions.  Still I like the idea and I think the two brief tutorial levels were actually pretty effective, well done. 

Hahaha we realized a little too late that we forgot to implement a check about the player's hand when drawing a card, yep. Thanks for trying it out! I just gave your game a shot too, I really like the concept. I wasn't able to complete it, but I'm also just a wuss and I'm bad at spooky games even when they're like really simple spooky games, hah.

Very cool idea. The graphic style actually makes me feel like I'm in an N64 game which is pretty cool. For such simple graphics  the game did really well at building tension, I was genuinely pretty jumpy at points! The tension between using a flashlight and the camera was effective, but could probably be even further heightened if even more was taken from the player without the flashlight, you can still see the ghosts more or less with the camera out. I also couldn't really tell how close I had to be in order to effectively kill a ghost with a camera and I wasted a lot of my battery the first time around just trying.

Just tried yours. Cool idea, hope to see a post-jam version! 

Very interesting idea! I understand that doing a chess AI from scratch on your own during the jam would be pretty unreasonable, but I'd be eager to try a post-jam version. I wish there was a little more clarity about the rules in terms of what was determining when I could choose a new piece (a countdown timer of some sort on the UI would be great), especially since this is a game where I'd like to plan for that in advance and the timer is not always consistent and depends on what piece you chose last time. 

Just tried it out and left a comment! :) 

Cool idea!! Total score was 2300+ ish with 8 stages played. I liked the feedback from the sounds to the polish. It's a simple idea but very well executed, well done. 

My gripes/nitpicks: Red as the "finishing line" color was pretty unnatural to me, it took me a bit of getting used to as I kept assuming I'd somehow gone wrong. I'm also not sure how the generation of each path is determined, but the difficulty felt like it varied pretty wildly, when I got an especially difficult path I felt like I might've been better served just killing myself until I got a more manageable one. Also on the end screen the score ticker might take a bit too long :P 

Just did!! Cool concept!!

Feels good and responsive to play! This is a cool concept for a one-screen platformer, it took me a bit to realize what it was doing. I'm bad at platformers so I didn't get very far heh, but I think it's a well-executed idea. Only gripe is that I would prefer to be able to map controls as I found the existing jump buttons to be pretty awkward for me. 

Just did yours! :) 

Hey, I really quite like this concept. I wanted to do more levels and was disappointed when there wasn't any more, but that's a good sign that you created a cool thing within the jam's timeframe! I really like the music and artstyle. 

Main thing though is that I don't quite get how this fits within the jam's theme. Other than that the cursor highlighting a tile I could click on was at times a little laggy/unresponsive, so it was difficult to tell if I was being blocked or if the game was being a bit slow.

Good job overall, though! 

Hoping for feedback a little more substantive than "that was fun"? Drop your game here with a note about what aspect you might like feedback on, and I'll get to it as soon as I can! I'm heading out for the day soon and I'm thinking it'll be great if when I come home I have a bunch of games lined up for me to try out.  I'll do my best to work through as many games as I can starting from the first response and moving on. 

Here's mine! I'd appreciate any plays and rates in general, but I'd especially love any comments regarding the strategy involved in it. It's a resource management card game based on the idea of there only being One Earth:

Hey, I'll check out your game. :) Here's mine, a resource managementy card game thing:

I'm a fan of simple little mood pieces and I think you did nail it with this, does a fantastic job of evoking the emotions you were trying to convey with very little. Pushing through that wall at the end especially felt grueling. I really like the art style, too, simple as it might be, it works to the feeling you were going for.

My only gripe: ASWD movement was tethered to the direction the character was facing rather than global up/down/left/right, which was a little difficult sometimes since it's not particularly easy to tell where the character was facing. It does sort of feel more "in" the character, though, so as a design choice I think it stands. I also wish the end character did interact with you more directly a bit. Overall though, still really enjoyed it, good work.

Using unity 2019, a real-time card game thing about resource management?

Hehe your team's game has the same name as ours. Gonna try yours out for sure!

Really admirable that you took on something clearly pretty ambitious for a limited time game-jam, I like the atmosphere of the piece. I do feel like the boss fight was a bit too repetitive, I don't mind that it's difficult but it was also kind of rote, which was the main problem. I really like what you were going for though, well done. 

I am so happy you made this

But really, delightful, a brilliant take on the theme, lots of polish. Definitely one I'd bring to a LAN to mess around with friends or something. Great work!

Initially we wanted to keep pollution as a purely hidden value (it's why the cards say "some" or "a lot" instead of a number) that the players would just sort of have to feel out through visual feedback, and intended to display the profit/research numbers. Ran into some technical difficulties which made displaying those numbers difficult, so we put the pollution number instead, hah. If you're curious the cap we ended up setting in this build was 3000, but we kept tweaking the number right up until submission. We'll definitely want to add those into a post-jam version though.

Thanks very much for playing and rating!! 

A fun little take on a boss battle, I like that it was something different other than slinging a sword at a monster or something, the boiler actually made the whole thing with its' attacks make a lot of sense. I did try to walk up to the monster to whack it before realizing I'd activated some kind of throw thing by accident somewhere in the process, it took me a bit to figure it out but once I did it was a fun challenge. The movement is a little tricky, maybe it's just me and my tendency to spam click in an attempt to smoothly navigate somewhere in games like RTSes, but I kept having the poor mechanic die just on the edge of a steam tile. 

Good job overall, I really appreciate how polished the game is. The boss is adorable!

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Love this! Had a bit of a "???" moment when I first played having no idea what a mineshionshing was, but after the first two  went by I realized what I was supposed to be doingg. Really delightful idea and the art + music really added to the charm and atmosphere of it. 

I will say though that while for the most part I felt like I always got at least one chance to learn what an item was before I was expected to be able to filter for it, there was once when a brand new item I let through lost me a life, perhaps because I was contraband? Maybe the speech bubble from the left actually did prompt me about it and I just missed it. EDIT: Just tried it again to be sure and nevermind, I'm pretty sure that was just me missing the prompt the first time round. This was still entertaining to play again, I'd love to see it expanded on!

It's not just you, research cards are actually the rarest just because there are less of them... The other ideas for research cards we had (stuff like satellites that wouldn't take up space on the planet or even a moon!) turned out to be a little too hard to implement within the time. Thanks for taking the time to play and review it, glad you liked it!

Heh, a few people have mentioned the similarity! It's an unintentional one but I had seen his video on that game before, it was about partway through making this when I went "oh god I think I realize where I might've gotten this from". Had a small crisis about it, but it's mostly a visual similarity I guess and the gameplay is different enough.

I appreciate the thematic criticism though. It's not quite meant to be an "ironic" stance, but rather something that comes from the idea that we've already messed up our one planet and all we can do now is try to escape without ruining it even more in the process. And yet inevitably people seem to keep ruining it anyway... "winning" the game isn't necessarily a positive. We did intend for there to be an alternate win state of remaining pollution-free, but we ended up not having the time to implement it, and it does make our theme weaker as a result.  I do understand that the theme of the jam itself seemed to get a little lost in there, we took it as initial inspiration and just kind of ran in a direction, for better and for worse.

Thanks for taking the time to play and review! A way to doublecheck the buildings on the planet is something that we definitely want to implement post-jam, and I'm glad you enjoyed my silly doodle art. :P 

Let's hope it never happens indeed. Thanks for playing and for taking the time to figure out the mechanics and everything, they could've been better explained for sure. 

I like the concept for this one, the art/sprites really added to it -- I wish there  was some sound, even some throwaway stuff would've really helped to sell the impact of the spear, but there was a lot of visual impact there even without it. Overall enjoyed it, but I did encounter some kind of error on the web version, something about an instance ID? It didn't stop me from playing the game or anything though. 

This was a fun little thing to explore -- the puzzle logic is definitely a little obtuse, but for me that's not that much of a problem since I like poking at things and figuring it out. That the first item I picked up caused a bunch of zombie bears to immediately kill me was hilarious though, and I actually really liked the error message when you first ran across the bears. I did spend a lot of time in the emptiness in the beginning just kind of running in circles and going off all the edges, I'm not sure if maybe I just failed to do the right thing to trigger the bears appearing or it's meant to take a while/be pretty obtuse, but I think that lasted a bit too long. Overall enjoyed it, really cute!