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Only One Sun!View game page

Check the luggage of traveling aliens and make sure they only have what they've declared!
Submitted by ArcanePanda — 2 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#18352.4292.429

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Loved this! The learning names/language feature is really neat. Eventually I got fired, so as a form of rebellion I just started letting everyone through. 10/10 disgruntled employee simulator.


Good concept, it's like a cross between Zoombinis and Papers, Please. Loved the music. The art for the aliens and the items in the case was great.

I think the game needs some feedback when you click the red and green buttons. I was confused about whether I should drag things on or click them, or if they even did different things (because you get the same outcome either way... the traveller just keeps on walking).

Would also be good if you randomized the names of the items on every play through for replayability. (Although to be honest I found it very difficult already so I was relieved that you didn't!)

Aside from one bug, the game is a well executed idea. Great art and good game!


Very good game! Was a bit skeptical at first seeing all the gibberish names that I had to remember but when I start playing it was natural. Very good! Digged the music, the artstyle! Felt like Papers, Please but in space, sci-fi and with jazzy music. Loved it! But I didn't really see a connection to the theme in the GAME. I read your page and I understand what you were going for, but it wasn't really portrayed in the game. Great job nonthenless!


This is really cool! Like a spin on papers please. love the art, I dig the music, I really like that you have to figure out yourself what each of the things are called - that's a great touch. I think if you had picked items that we all know it wouldn't have had the sci-fi feel. Awesome work on that one. I was able to keep working even though I was fired, so take that bosses, you can't stop me from doing my duty! (even if I do a terrible job at my duty...). Haha. My only real criticism is that the connection to the theme is a little bit loose and only really present in your description of the game on the game page (although I really like that you chose to write that in the voice of the game rather than just "this is what you have to do"). Nice work :)


So it's kinda like paper please, but aliens lol. The only complaint is at the beginning, I don't really know what am I supposed to do, may be a short tutorial or explaination would be nice.

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Love this! Had a bit of a "???" moment when I first played having no idea what a mineshionshing was, but after the first two  went by I realized what I was supposed to be doingg. Really delightful idea and the art + music really added to the charm and atmosphere of it. 

I will say though that while for the most part I felt like I always got at least one chance to learn what an item was before I was expected to be able to filter for it, there was once when a brand new item I let through lost me a life, perhaps because I was contraband? Maybe the speech bubble from the left actually did prompt me about it and I just missed it. EDIT: Just tried it again to be sure and nevermind, I'm pretty sure that was just me missing the prompt the first time round. This was still entertaining to play again, I'd love to see it expanded on!


Interesting game, I had really fun trying to memorize what was the name of each thing. There is a small bug that let's you continue playing even when you get fired but I don't think it's a big problem.


Really fun! I had a good time playing it, once I figured out what to do.

My only complaints are:

1. the music/sound effects are too loud. the error sound fucking jumpscared me every time i heard it.

2. It's kind of unclear what to do. maybe it's just me but i had no idea what i was supposed to do until I asked.

3. It doesn't really fit the theme. it doesn't incorporate the theme into the core game design very well.

but overall, it was fun and engaging!

what do you do?



what do you do in the beginning?


i'm sorry I have no idea what you're talking about


It's been a while since I was so relaxed and so confused at the same time. If they played that smooth jazz track in real customs areas, there would be a 60% decrease in international incidents over night.

I liked it though! Comparisons to Papers Please are well made and it has a feeling of real playfulness around it's inscrutibly alien artifacts. About the only thing I might change would have been the giving of context. My understanding is that the intention was to maintain a level of ambiguity and that's fine, but sometimes when a person comes up with something I've not seen, I've just got to take the game at its word that it isn't lying to me, and that can be an uncomfortable position as a player. My reccomendation would be to find a way to connect that weird word to that visual exactly once, maybe when it's first introduced, so that you're putting the whole burden on the player's memory, rather than their trust.

Definitely put a smile on my face though.


Papers please but simpler, its a shame that this game breaks down once you realize you can just grab a pen and create your own tabs on what is what but i swear that one element was totally new with a new word and when pressed right turns out it was wrong, so some luck is involved.

The loop is simple but its also fun, i would have gone with hiding some elements behind others or checking other stuff, not only remembering the names, but it was still alright. The characters are quite funny looking and the aesthetics holds up.

Aherence to the theme, not really, which is a shame i feel like it could have been woven to the game.

Originality, thats tough, it clearly is 90% papers please but that game is extremely original and is far from a cliche game, i would say it gets originality points for that and being a Jam game like no other.


I quite enjoyed it, felt like a easy and fast pick up papers please. I think a legend would have helped, so I could know what the parts look like that I need to be aware of. All in all liked the atmosphere and the funny characters.  Text could be a little larger but I'm dyslexic so I'm always saying that.


Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it! The idea is that you try your best to remember which items and names go together so a legend would have defeated the purpose, but larger text is a no-brainer. Thanks for the feedback!


OH! that totaly makes sense, then definatly no legend. 


It's pretty good! I like the idea of having to associate a nonsense word to a shape and have to keep that mental dictionary in mind while processing other beings. The way that only one of the object is presented when it is introduced (not sure if that was intentional) is a good way of introducing each object. If anything, it could use a good in game tutorial.

Best game of the jam by a country mile! 


I love the silly atmosphere! I did find it hard later on as new objects got introduced without any way of telling if it's correct (since I think the words are randomized each time).


Doesn't fit the theme very well but I think the idea is interesting. Definitely has a papers please vibe to it.


Mechanically,  not really, but I get a kick out of wanting only one sun, so hopefully that comes across in the descriptions!


I love the papers please feel in space. It's like trying to be a border crossing agent when you don't know the languages or the species. Overall a fun game of memorizing names for things and trying to do some lateral thinking to rule out what new items might be called. The collision for picking up items with the mouse is a bit weird and the screen and subjects move really slowly but the laid back music kind of fits the pace. Overall a nice simple brain game

Developer (1 edit)

//////////////////////New Employee Training Manual////////////////////////////////////

Hello, and welcome to the Intergalactic Travel Security Administration!

Use your space bar to switch screens, and use the mouse to interact with objects, as well as to press the approve and deny buttons located next to the luggage check. Press R to restart.

As a member of our team, you will be making sure that all of our passenger carry only what they have declared on their papers, and NOTHING ELSE. Failure to spot undeclared items will result in your termination.

Also, as you've no doubt heard, a dastardly villain is attempting to smuggle in parts for a sun creation machine! Make sure you keep an eye out for those parts especially and report them using the red button, because WE ONLY WANT ONE SUN.