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It happens! I just went right for your game, since we almost also did Ronin, which isn't that well known!
Our game works, but is lagging a lot on my high-end pc... So don't worry about it!

The game doesn't work properly, and is pretty much unplayable as is.

I'm sorry about my post, I was tired, and reading it again, it sounded a bit aggressive.

I don't mean to take the game jam competitively, but i always intend to rate fairly based on the rules of the jam, and I only have a day left until the end to finish rating the rest of my backlog.

Sorry again for the poor form of my previous comment.

Very interesting game, but the gameplay tends to get very dull after playing for a while, which I wanted to do since there are easter eggs.

Typing games are a genre that I didn't think would be represented this jam, and as many interesting additions that make it a fun experience, where you want to see "what's coming next".
This however shows that I was invested in the game enough, so I'll have to set on saying this is a very good game.

The game feels is kind of good, but it really just feels like I'm playing hotline miami with both a sword and a gun.
The doors don't really exists, and are only there because hotline miami had them.
The adherence to the theme is a bit complex : the "one enemy tell the tale" isn't really justified, and the level design doesn't really play in leaving a single enemy alive a hard task. The "one way to kill enemies" isn't that justified either since your sword both acts as a melee attack and as a ranged attack, and with the really short recall time and cramped level design, you just have in front of you a permanent death area if you want to.

I'm not sure the game fits the theme that much, and originality isn't really there, there are a lot of bugs, there's a door in the wall near the three ranged enemies, and finishing that level replays it in loop.
I don't think the game feel can justify all of that.

Their is only one control pattern : using left click, which works for both movement and attacks.

Both gameplay and adherence to the themes are perfect, but I think the core design has some problems. I think the most optimal play is to click toward the enemy player, launch yourself while aiming for the enemy as much as you can, or avoid launching and raising your spear up, so I think there are additionnal mechanics needed to add more depth to the mix.

Still a great game, and a lot of potential for improvement!

The multiplayer is fake, but I hope it is only when no other players are connected? I don't like being deceived, and having bot icons for the bots wouldn't have been a problem.

I don't think the game would be fun for more that a few matches, and even then, it's really limited. Also, the copyrighted content isn't excusable, since it has been really explicitedly told again and again, and saying that only the windows version can be considered the real submission doesn't explain why you would have put it in the first place.

Your game really has a lot of potential, and the light color mechanics are both amazing concepts on their own, yet could pave the way of a bigger title!
In my opinion, the levels need a bit too precise jumps, and the bottom-right green lightbulb's shadow on level 6 doesn't make any sense, and works against the concepts of the game. At the beginning of the same level, the first walljump is a bit clunky, since going perfectly up makes you bump the platform. Also, collisions with the walls make you enter them a bit, making you blink in and out of the walls a bit, which is just details at this point.

This game is really original, creative and perfectly matches the theme. However, I will still have to deduce a star in design due to the lack of polish and the presence of a few bugs, leaving still a near perfect rating!


A great mix of 3D and 2D to give both a clear feedback, a sense of space, and an immersion into the situation, combined with an interesting mix between an asteroid dodging game, a platformer, and an overwhelming "I need to do everything right now or die" feeling.

Really good contender to one of the top spot of the jam.

So, the game made me want to pierce its secrets, and to understand perfectly how it worked. The music, sounds and voice actings really added to the game, but the tutorial was REALLY confusing, and it would have made the game clearer to have each explanation on a different page, or added text to understand. The principle of having one slot, building and demolishing building doesn't really fit your game, it would have been better if all buildings were there, but only one could be active each turn (since that's what reflects reality: you don't have any cost to build or demolish, and buildings stay at the same level once you upgrade them).

When you finally figure out the mechanics, the game is pretty simple, and you want to figure out the best way to proceed. However, the mechanic of GAINING soldiers based on the difference with the ennemy invaders make for an exponential increase once you reach level 5 on each building, which you can do really early since you can upgrade multiple times in one turn, and the mine gives way too much. Once you reach the point where your soldiers combined with the difference with the enemy are always greater than the increase of enemy per turn, you litteraly can't loose, and can spam freely the wheat generation.

The game then crashed at level 100.

Good game overall, but it would have GREATLY benefited of a more understandable tutorial, a few balance tweaks, and maybe a few others things to do on the side to keep being "on the edge".

This game is really incredible, and overflowing with potench.
This could really be made into a commercialized game with a few added content and a bit more polish, to ressemble a type of game similar to Devil Daggers in concept, for exemple.

The combos, the spear charging and the variable throw distance make for interesting on-the-go decisions, that make you want to improve and get yet a better score.
There are so many different enemy types, each easily recognizable, predictable, and each having his own unique mechanic adding itself interestingly to the mix.

This game would get the perfect score for me, but I have to substract one star to the design for the lack of music and sounds, out of respect for the ones who spent time on them.
Excellent game, among the best I've played this week.

Also, congratulation on your 100th rating!

This game is really original, but I didn't have the patience to grab a paper, write every clue down and play through the sign part.

The beginning of the game was really creative, even though the nut part was really confusing and I could only progress with the help of the comments.

Really good game overall, but confusing.

The messages overstay their welcome a bit too long, which heavily slows down the rythm of the game, but that's the only downside to the game: the "story" is interesting, and you want to read more, while the game slowly ramps up to show you more and more complex situations.

Everytime a level ends, you want to get to the next one, and the ending is really good. Really good game.

While the game is really original and really fits the theme, I'll lower my rating on the design aspect for a few reasons.
The ghosts are supposed to be your main concern, since it's supposed to distract yourself from the spike and having to juggle between the two obstacles. However, since the ghosts are slow, they are not a real threat : even then, simply walking holding the torch perfectly protects you from ghosts, as the hallways are almost always big enough for you to pass through and the fact that ghosts cannot approach you while holding the torch. The game is then about seeking your path through the darkness and avoiding spikes.

The concept is really good, but the ghost mechanic should be remade differently to better fit your really good ideas! Good game overall, but I'd like to see it in a different approach.

A quick and fun game!

The game is really short, but the experience is really pleasant. The concept is really interesting, and the game is highly speedrunable.

Good game!

Good game all around, with all the quotes being very fun to discover!
The graphics are bad, but the aesthetic is cartoony and funny looking, making for a fun game visually (and it's the aesthetic that counts)!
After a really murdery first try, the second time was far more successful and I had fun overall!

Good game!

Very clever idea, making for a really interesting puzzle game!

Thank you for taking it the good way!
I absolutely don't want to hurt anyone, and it's hard to make "bad" reviews, especially considering the amount of effort all of this has took, and the investment of a whole week-end of pressure.

I have to thank you so very much for taking it the good way, and is a proof of a great dev! I hope you'll have more success in the future!

Thank you for your answer!

I didn't know you could spill wine on the staff guy! That really clarifies the problem I had of staff > soup > construction worker > gas > can't reuse the staff suit so you can't acces the generator.

Thank you for your answer!

This game is really original and perfectly fits the theme, but in practice, it feels really tedious, mostly due to the number of inputs to add or remove blocks to progress through the level.
The purpose is a bit defeated when you also understand that you can take the right amount of block to the end, then build your shape there.
I think your game would have greatly benefited from a more "puzzle-oriented" level design, maybe with blocks you can and cannot grab, in a more closed space.

Overall, great idea, but would be better fitted for a different context.

Very fun game overall, even though I wish the walking speed was a bit higher.
What I don't really get are the different ways to succeed, since the straightforward way is 3 times faster than the rest, and killing the generator basically means getting the guard suit.
Is there a bug or is the guard suit allowing the passage at the construction site normal?
After I killed the lights, I didn't know what to do other than just go the straightforward way again.

Overall, a really good game, but a bit less points with the adherence to the theme and originality, since the game is obviously heavily inspired by Hitman, and the "one bullet" doesn't really define the game in any way.

Clearing wave 14 didn't advance the level, so I couldn't see the rest of the game.
The concept is really original, but lacks a bit of depth : I've seen enemies of the final waves thanks to your left click, and they are really interesting : I think a faster difficulty curve may have helped the experience.
The written tutorial in your page is mandatory, and conveying the purpose and means of interactions with the enemies and your two balls with clearer visual cues would be important.
I couldn't see my health anywhere, I only know from your page that I have 5HP, but yet, every death was a complete surprise.

Really good game overall, with a small lack of clarity.

I couldn't finish the first level, because I kept falling through the top middle platform.
The game isn't really original, this concept having been explored through the years with more interesting twists.
In this game, light and dark doesn't mean anything : when you touch a platform, you just have to jump again to exit it, and as such, it's just a traditionnal platformer, with an additionnal jump necessary once you touch any platform, and with a lot of bugs that make you phase through the walls.

I'm sorry, but it isn't a good game in my opinion: even though you clearly have a researched aesthetic, there's nothing behind it.

The game is really interesting and original, with excellent adherence to the theme! However, you spend a lot of time waiting, the game is pretty slow, and the sizes of either the room, the bullets or the hitboxes could be adjusted for a better experience. Those however, are my only complaints, and the game is such a good concept that perfectly captures the theme of the jam.

Really good game, a bit slow for my taste, but I feel that's personal.

Thank you for your elaborate and satisfying answer!

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The game is very repetitive : you know what to do, one ennemy at a time, and as such, the game relies solely on your precise dodging. However, since the patterns are not diverse enough, dodging isn't really fun, and the action is more about going in and out of the enemy's range with good timing.
Maybe a dodge roll, and more diverse enemy attacks may have helped?
Personally, in being perfectly honnest, I'd say the game isn't bad, but quite average.

Thank you for playing!
It would make the start a bit easier, but it would mean having to replay through a slower beginning to try to reach harder levels, which we didn't want. Right now, everytime you die, you can reach again the harder levels quite fast if you take risk, but you can also be more careful, which takes more time, but lower the relative difficulty.

Thank you for playing anyway!
Dying over and over to get better is fun for some, frustrating for others, and I perfectly understand.
I hope you still had fun!

Very good game overall, but a bit too simple. Very original and correctly respects the "one" with only one button to play.
However, the attack phase both lacks clarity and impact on the gameplay.
The presence of the settings menu is a really good point, indicating of the polish of the game, that far too few games have.

Really Good game overall, even though it is too simple, and need a clearer way to convey its intentions to the player.

This game really reminds me of a previous one from Blackthornprod, but with a much more positive ending for mankind...
I have to criticize the meaning of the game, since I don't think it has an ironic stance, and that the main way to win is to pollute as much as you can to leave the earth to die behind you.
The adherence to the theme is not that good either, since the fact that you have one earth doesn't affect gameplay, and the main goal is to leave said planet for another one, which means that the "one earth" doesn't really matter to begin with.
The artstyle is really good with a doodle aesthetic, a nice color palette, and identifiable buildings.
However, I have real troubles reminding myself on which building is which, and a reminder would have improved MY experience (I won't take my case for a generality).

The game has been really well made for only 48 hours, but I feel it doesn't really fit the jam, and that its core principle contradicts itself.

Thank you very much for your review!
Yes, I think there are trajectories you can use to be more effective in certain situations, you can sometimes choose to site behind an enemy and attract the bullet, or just guide a chaser toward the path of the bullet !
The game is simple but you can get better and better at it to try to go further!

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Our fast action browser-integrated game, with DOS and CRT monitor inspirations, and a dark mysterious undertone:

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Our fast action browser-integrated game, with DOS and CRT monitor inspirations, and a dark mysterious undertone:

Here's mine if you want:

Fast action browser-integrated game, with DOS and CRT monitor inspirations, and a dark mysterious undertone:

Thanks for your reply!

The level design could use tweeking, and the idea is not really that original, but I had a good time nonetheless, and the "permanent tutorial" is really amazing.

There is only one bullet, which is the only way to kill all enemies, and we thought that was fitting for the theme.
Sorry if you didn't share the same feelings.
Thank you for playing!

Really good core concept, pretty background, but the sound design really harms the experience with high pitched noises without pitch randomization.

The level design is not really fun either, because it has really low error tolerance and is really ramping up at level 2, which I didn't have the will to pass.

However, the game is really original and interesting mechanically, and I'd like to see the mechanics in a different setting.