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This game is really incredible, and overflowing with potench.
This could really be made into a commercialized game with a few added content and a bit more polish, to ressemble a type of game similar to Devil Daggers in concept, for exemple.

The combos, the spear charging and the variable throw distance make for interesting on-the-go decisions, that make you want to improve and get yet a better score.
There are so many different enemy types, each easily recognizable, predictable, and each having his own unique mechanic adding itself interestingly to the mix.

This game would get the perfect score for me, but I have to substract one star to the design for the lack of music and sounds, out of respect for the ones who spent time on them.
Excellent game, among the best I've played this week.

Also, congratulation on your 100th rating!


Thank you for such a detailed fieedback. The Game didn't have any sounds because of the lack of time which I spent on polishing game play and mechanics. :(