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Submitted by MrMurly — 1 hour, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Very fun had to change the way I think about platforms and avoid things you usually do when platforming!


Its a very good concept, with nice visuals, but there are a lot of bugs and glitches, such as collisions not working sometimes. Apart from that, this could be a very good game!


I like this kind of games, so I was already hooked at the beginning. My only concern is the shrinking viewport, for me it was very annoying. Even if I had still time left, I just had no idea where to go because I can't se most of the screen. The game is already hard enough with the dimension shifting, no need to frustrate the player even more. But that aside, it's a very cool game, I really like it! :)


Cool game. Really like how you made the transition work between the dimensions.


Cool concept, I like the use of negative space to go through platforms and having to remember when you're gonna switch from one space to another, the way you represented the time limit is also pretty neat with the view narrowing down as time goes by, although this can be quite hard to see where to go if you manage to progress but have few time left, and it didn't help with the bit of confusion that occurs from time to time when navigating the level.

Honestly it still is enjoyable even with these tiny flaws, and it makes for an interesting and original game, Congrats dude :)


I really wanted to beat this game, its got a pretty compelling hook. I was not able to get past one of the smaller platforms that seemed to kick me straight down. The transition needs to be a loot smoother for this to feel good. Landing in a platform and then having to jump up felt really weird when you always got kicked to the center. I think you could do a lot with this concept, all things considered you did a really good job.

Thank you so much - it is one of the first things we're looking to sort. We want it to feel like hopping between dimensions, not crashing XD


Jesus, this game is confusing! You kinda zip all over the place when transitioning, and sometimes you just go somewhere without knowing why. But the underlying concept is pretty solid, and I'm sure with a bit more work this will be a game to behold!

Please check out our game at! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hey hey! Many thanks for the feedback! I agree, it is a bit confusing so we'll definitely look into that :)


Love it, I'm really surprised how much you were able to do with a small team and in such a small amount of time. I feel you could have pushed it even more, but again, with such little time I'm not sure how posisible that would be. Loved the artstyle and the way it played in to the design. Great stuff!


WOW amazing concept , but could not figure which direction to go to an indicator showing that would be nice . Keep it up

Really good idea, thanks!


I found this game from your post and subsequent conversation on the thread "Since Everyone else is making a rate-for-rate post". It looked like it would be a very interesting game.

It is! For a 48 hour game, there's quite a bit of "juice" with the dimension-switching mechanic. The game looked great. It's definitely fun to play, even though I couldn't get very far in it because I'm not great at platformers. The only time I didn't like it was when I had difficulty judging where the areas that could kill the player were in the world the player starts in. Maybe you could use a dithering pattern to make it stand out.

That is a really good shout! We'll look into making it better :)


I want to love this game. The art and music are both beautiful, making the game world is a fascinating place full of rich detail. However, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't figure out the gameplay. Unless there's something I'm missing, your gimmick simply makes the platforming more frustrating, changing nothing except adding one extra jump. I never found a place where the level design took advantage of the opportunities it offered. I wonder if this game might have been better if it focused entirely around the concept of the world closing in around the character, as happens later in the level.

Thanks for the feedback! Those are things we will be addressing as soon as we start building this up :)

Submitted (1 edit)

I'm glad! I'm excited to see where this game goes! I'm sure with more time, you can turn this into something great!


I couldn't finish the first level, because I kept falling through the top middle platform.
The game isn't really original, this concept having been explored through the years with more interesting twists.
In this game, light and dark doesn't mean anything : when you touch a platform, you just have to jump again to exit it, and as such, it's just a traditionnal platformer, with an additionnal jump necessary once you touch any platform, and with a lot of bugs that make you phase through the walls.

I'm sorry, but it isn't a good game in my opinion: even though you clearly have a researched aesthetic, there's nothing behind it.

Hey man, thank you for your feedback! It's always good to get a full range of opinions rather than just those that flatter us. We'll definitely look into optimising the mechanic and making more use of it, both game-wise and art-wise now that we have more than 48 hours :)


Thank you for taking it the good way!
I absolutely don't want to hurt anyone, and it's hard to make "bad" reviews, especially considering the amount of effort all of this has took, and the investment of a whole week-end of pressure.

I have to thank you so very much for taking it the good way, and is a proof of a great dev! I hope you'll have more success in the future!


awesome mechanic... please expand this game further... loved it! 


Minimalist yet beautiful, I loved it!


Super nice art style and idea, I like the setting and switching between the two dimensions. :) 
Since you have kind of a time limit I maybe would not have made the lowest level/ground game over. Oh and the intro skipped way to fast, I could not read everything.

I'm looking forward to see more of you/progress on this project! :D

That is super valuable feedback - thank you so much!


This is really cool. Though I think sometimes its not entirely clear where you will end up after jumping out of some parts of some platforms


I liked the gameplay but got confused at times: I landed on some platforms and I wasn't taken to the white world, and some other times (like the 2 small platforms in the middle), when I try to get out of the lower, it pushes me back down but I was expecting to get to the top and move to the next. I think it has potential, great job!


Thanks! And yeah, it's got a lot of bugs to fix but hopefully we get an opportunity to make it up into a proper game :)


omg. thats an awesome original idea! the music change was cool as well. I had some problems with hitboxes but otherwise great game!


Really hard game at first as it seemed counter intuitive but one I got the hang of it it felt pretty good. The collisions were a bit weird but it wasn't that bad. Nice original game with a good art style (also liked the fact that the music changed according to the dimension). Good job :)


The art style is cool and the music is pretty nice. I like the gameplay, however I would rather have a button to manually switch between the inside and outside of the platforms. I found it could get annoying me jumping onto a platform and suddenly being inside it.

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