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Very polished, with a stunning amount of depth in both the levels and the central mechanic. My only complaint is that going back to the beginning of the level every time I fell into a pit got annoying after a while, especially after the final boss-- it might have been better to have a checkpoint system or make the player lose a heart.

Thanks for the advice! I appreciate that someone's checking out all of the lesser-viewed entries.

You wanted terrible fan art? Well, you got it!

My  game, if you want to see more mediocre pixel art!

I can just visualize that gallery in the MOMA! Thanks!

Now I'm even MORE excited to play the perfected version! I'm not sure how you would implement not letting the players switch to every piece gameplay-wise -- you would need some symmetric, hard rule it would follow (like only being able to switch to adjacent pieces) -- but whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be great!

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I'm glad! I'm excited to see where this game goes! I'm sure with more time, you can turn this into something great!

I had a good time playing it, the twist was interesting and added a new element to think about. It would be nice if you were a bit more up-front with how many turns until the next switch, possibly even before they decide to switch in the first place - every time felt like a surprise to me, taking a bit away from the decisions your twist adds. I'm glad you'll be working on improving this, I'm excited to see a cool concept become a wonderful game

It might be nice if you had it so that you only restart the level you're on instead of going back one. Love the simple design though!

An interesting idea, with a well-designed mystery that's confusing but not impossible. I think with a little more polish and a way to restart from any point in the deduction, this could be a great game! 

The movement feels excellent and really fits right in with the cute, simple music and art. My only complaint is that the game might work better with more vertical level design as opposed to straight, narrow corridors, but as is this is an extremely fun and addictive little game.

I want to love this game. The art and music are both beautiful, making the game world is a fascinating place full of rich detail. However, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't figure out the gameplay. Unless there's something I'm missing, your gimmick simply makes the platforming more frustrating, changing nothing except adding one extra jump. I never found a place where the level design took advantage of the opportunities it offered. I wonder if this game might have been better if it focused entirely around the concept of the world closing in around the character, as happens later in the level.

It's meant for 2 players, and the goal is just to shoot the ball into the goals at the left and right

You, good sir, are a genius. One day, your works will hang in art museums across the world to be treasured by future generations as masterpieces.

This might not be quite what you're looking for, but here's an great set of tutorials that helped me out a lot.