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Tried the demo, here are my thoughts!

FYI, I didn't finish it because I had to leave. I only killed the first big cat and reached the last key at the bottom (the one inside a small box). Then tried to return but it was impossible to land a jump on a moving platform.

First, good things!

  1. Music choice, great
  2. Art, especially characters
  3. Story sounds cool

Things that didn't feel good

  1. Moving L or R is really hard on the air because if I jump already moving to one side, there's no way to stop/change direction, or at least break. This is noticeable when trying to move between platforms or landing "precision" movements.
  2. Attack feels "laggy". The time from pressing the key to when the attack is actually performed makes harder to land hits, even easy ones. Combine that with #1 and you get almost impossible combo of jump+attack to hit things in the air.
  3. I didn't have much time to play but the big bad cat doesn't have much room to move which made him even less threatening than the other 1hp enemies. 
  4. When jumping and touching a wall, that decreases the height of the jump. 

I feel like with #1, 2 (maybe 4 as well) you might be trying to add some realism to the game. I guess the question is how much is that design choice helping the game. If you want to keep them, I would redesign the levels to match the movement style.

Thanks and keep the good work!

Very fun! It's all about the bounces :D I would add some functionality for the boxes, maybe make them small and try to avoid to hit them because the axe gets stuck? Overall, great execution :D

I liked the gameplay but got confused at times: I landed on some platforms and I wasn't taken to the white world, and some other times (like the 2 small platforms in the middle), when I try to get out of the lower, it pushes me back down but I was expecting to get to the top and move to the next. I think it has potential, great job!

Hey there! I wasn't here for last year's game jam but here you can see the rules: 2018 rules. You'll see the game engine's and licencing addressed there. See ya around!