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Thanks for playing the game , will definitely add a message to the game over screen.

Already rated , well done . The pixel art is amazing 

Try this


Really great game , i tried something similar but didn't turn out as good as yours though

Lets do it

Please try my game

if you dont mind rate my game please

Good Game but the web version was lagging a lot 

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here's my game

Here's my game 

WOW amazing concept , but could not figure which direction to go to an indicator showing that would be nice . Keep it up

Very good and very fun game , Keep it up

Thanks for doing this , here is my game

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Thanks for playing , Really appreciate your feedback

Sounds fun , Please do one for me

Here's mine

Thanks for playing . I should have added something to indicate enemies spawning.

Thanks for playing , appreciate your feedback

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Fun game our games have very similar ideas ,played and rated 

Please do check out my game

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I made a Top down shooter please play and rate  -

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Please play and rate  -

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Our game ideas are very similar , but i like your execution though

Please play and rate  -