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A Top-Down shooter made for GMTK Game Jam
Submitted by waleedj99 — 4 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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Challenging game with an interesting concept! I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


I like the fact that you approach the theme in two ways : Having only one bullet, and only allowed to either shoot or walk.
It's sad that the execution of this ideas is not so good :/ The controls are effective, but the enemies are way too random in their spawning. And it becomes confused when they hit you...
However, i'm sure it could became a really good shooting game with time and work !


Cool concept! Like the mix of only one bullet that is your weapon and a hindrance at the same time, and the swinging mechanic. A bit of polishing and you'll have an addictive game!

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I really like the concept. The map felt a little big for me with the movement speed. I kept wanting to catch the ball to then just be able to shoot the enemies, but then if they were on top of you when catching the ball you were just toast. *More enemy related comments that you've heard already.* 
Again, great concept. You got tons done in the time. too!

Here's mine:


This was a great idea held back by a few design choices that make it hard to play:

  • Enemies spawn too randomly (sometimes spawning on top of you) making it difficult to anticipate
  • Enemies overlap one another meaning a circle-strafe strategy will make all of them overlap and somewhat trivialize defeating them
  • It is difficult to implement and follow a strategy for the game due to the unpredictable collision against the hard edges of the circle boundary, a smoother / simpler boundary would greatly improve this (maybe just a square?)
  • Swinging the "bat" with the mouse is a clever idea! However it is also a bit too unique of an interaction and that causes a little confusion with how to work with it. You're technically always aiming perpendicularly from your direction, which takes some time to get used to. This isn't inherently bad, but if that was explained/detailed better, or taught in a tutorial, that would help.

Well done completing this game, and good job coming up with a unique concept! Look forward to seeing what else you make, or if you choose to iterate on this further!


very good concept and well executed.. Need variation with enemy spawn position and distance.. 

all the best for the rest of the jam


Great concept !But it would be preferable that the enemies don't spawn on the midle of the level .

Good job !


I like the concept. My problems are:

enemies can spawn right on top of you

if you accidentely catch the ball, you can't shoot the enemies if they get too close

if the player movement speed was a bit faster, it would be easier to get to the ball and evade enemies.

But the concept is really clever, if you could get it working so the player never feels cheated and feels skillful instead of lucky, I think this could be a really fun game. 

Nice job!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing , Really appreciate your feedback


no problem


I love the idea, and the game is really fun! The only issue I had was with enemies often spawning right in my way or on top of me and damaging me before I could move away. :/


Thanks for playing . I should have added something to indicate enemies spawning.


cool game, needs a little more instructions but well done. ;0


Thanks for playing , appreciate your feedback