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Only One Phenotype is Allowed !View game page

A game about messing with the genetics
Submitted by MaxImagine — 2 hours, 38 minutes before the deadline
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Only One Phenotype is Allowed !'s page


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Adherence to the Theme#11693.3573.357

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

That is certainly a very interesting concept :)


Thanks for your comment! 


Loved the theme! Unlike other comments, I didn't have any problems understanding what was going on, although I am a geneticist, so perhaps not totally representative. I liked the mutation machine, but it might have been more intuitive to either have given the player a slider to control the percentages, or just instantly went to 95% as you always wanted to guarantee certain phenotypes. It's a fun concept, I can imagine a more polished version being quite a good teaching aid in schools.


That's awesome to have feedback from a geneticist! 

I totally agree with you that I need te redone the way the machines work. Actually I came up whit the radiation machine near the end of the jam, which left not a lot of time to think about it. 

Anyway, I really appreciate to hear that my concept has potential for a teaching aid! It motivates me to start working actively on it! 


It is hard to understand how to mix the phenotypes with all those variables in the game. Suddenly one passes from making simple color combinations to have to take into account DNA properties and then the radiation thing. However, the concept is quite interesting and I'll give it a second try once the voting phase finishes. It is interesting to see this kind of more-academic games.

I'm not sure about the adherence to the theme, because even though the player is asked to produce a specific phenotype, in some levels your goal is to produce to things of the same type, not only one.

The idea is quite original. I encourage you to keep working on the idea. It could be an interesting puzzle-serious-academic game.


Thank you for the feedback! 

I aggree with you on the fact that my game needs to introduce its mechanics more gradually, one by one. Especially, if it become a serious game! 

I'm happy to hear that my concept has potential for a serious game, that's great! 

Concerning the theme, the goal was to get only one set of caracteristics and not one monster. The theme is maybe not at the center of the gameplay. 

Anyway, thank you again! 


I love the idea of this. Unfortunately, while I understand what I'm trying to do, I did have a lot of difficulty working out how the phenotypes mix together. 


Thank you :D
I know that understanding the genes can be difficult if your not in my head ^^.
I wanted the player to find by himself how the genes work together. However, because I also wanted the player to build one specific phenotype, it made the game way more confusing than what I wanted.
With hindsight, I should have done levels or tutorials to teach to the player how the genes work, before the puzzles.
Thanks for your feedback ! It confirms my thoughts on this issue :D


Took me some time to figure out what to do. Also, all my characters appear gray (from your image I see they do have colors).

Nonetheless, I felt super interested all the way long to understand how this game was working.

Good job! (and you have the best pseudo ever)


Sorry for the colors, I frankly don't know why the colors don't appears, I was using Construct 2 and I don't master it really well xD

Anyway, thank you for your feedback ! I'm happy that you felt interested ! It was one of my goal, to make the player feels like a researcher, who wants to understand how all of this genetics works !

And your pseudo is the half of 42, which is halfway to the meaning of life, and that's pretty cool xD


Wasn't too sure what was going on but I love the idea. I ended up just mixing and matching them until it worked. Keep it up and congrats on your first jam.


Thank you for your feedback :D

I admit that finding what's going on with the genetics of those monsters can be hard if you're not in my head xD
I should have explained how the genes work ^^ But I also wanted the player to feel like a researcher who need to mull the genetics over in order to find out by himself what's going on !


Pretty interesting. I could see this becoming an enjoyable puzzle game. 

I also see that this is your first game jam. Good work!


Thank you very much for your comment ! I'm happy that my prototype can have potential :D