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Thanks for playing! The game also works if you access the site on a mobile, if you'd prefer; I agree it's more difficult with a mouse.

I found the writing pretty funny; the idea of this guy chucking liquid oxygen into his car is great! The game is pretty basic, although I liked the different endings. I think with some audio, and some animations, this could be a very funny little interactive story.

An interesting core mechanic that worked well and suited the theme. I thought the level design was on the whole good and the difficulty curve was pretty spot on. The graphics and sound were a bit basic though, and the controls were a little fiddly. It took me ages to realise that you could change your direction in midair so that you bounced a different way when you hit green blocks. Perhaps a mechanic to slow down time, or time slowing down when you're about to hit other blocks, would alleviate this problem.

I thought the idea and the execution were really well done. While some puzzles were relatively easy to solve, there were a couple that gave me an "aha" moment and those stood out. The graphics could have perhaps done with some work, and the music got a bit grating after a bit, but they got the job done! The jumping felt very "floaty" and imprecise, which made the platforming a bit clumsy. The enemies were also very frustrating to deal with, but perhaps tighter controls would fix that. Overall, a nice game that fitted the theme well.

A really well polished game, and the central mechanic was very interesting. The graphics were perfect, the controls were intuitive, and the gameplay was straightforward, yet deep. The risk / reward of being close to enemies worked well, even though I'm pretty sure snakes don't get fleas! My only gripe with the game is that it was difficult to predict how the enemies would move and when they were going to attack. I think an "I will attack you if you're on an adjacent pad" indicator, or even a subtle movement / attack countdown indicator on each enemy would make the game more strategic. I can definitely see this being a pretty addictive mobile game, and I hope you keep working on it.

The game controls very well, and the popcorn physics are convincing and intuitive to interact with. There isn't much game here though, as there aren't win or lose states. It seems like a solid base on which to build a game where you had to use the popcorn physics to solve puzzles. I think the audio is somewhat adaptive, at least, the shaker sound which a new wave starts gave that impression; if so, that's a nice bit of polish!

An interesting take on the theme. Although I'm a fan of board games, which this game seemed partially inspired by, this didn't click for me. I think I had my "gamer hat" on, and found the upgraded actions unnecessary as I could spam the lower level abilities to acquire resources. Perhaps further work would allow you close off this loophole. The graphics are crisp and well laid out, and it was mostly clear what was going on, although a tutorial would have been nice. Another addition that would have helped sell me on the theme, and give me a reason to stick with the somewhat repetitive gameplay, would have been a random news generator. So instead of messages saying "Investment Successful" you'd have something like "A bill was passed today that committed the country to further investment in Universities". Could potentially be a good game to use for teaching purposes.

I like the idea as a frantic arcade game, similar to Super Hexagon. I think the mechanics are solid, but the cost of error, namely, locking up the controls while other objects continue accumulating, makes it really hard to bring a game back once you've been hit. With the "buttons" you have to leap across to, it wasn't always obvious when I would hit them, potentially due to a small hit box. The theme was kind of crazy, but I liked it!

No worries, thanks for playing! I'll give your entry a go this evening

What isn't working with the game? I developed it in Windows, and tested it in Chrome and Firefox and it worked fine.

It should work in the browser?

Yea, this issue didn't come up in the play testing that I did, but clearly it's a problem!

Thanks, I'll return the favour!

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Hey, thanks for playing and for the kind words! Another player had the same problem as you, and I don't think I made it clear enough in the tutorial that you can touch and drag anywhere on the screen to move; you don't have to touch and drag from the spider. Hopefully that makes it easier to control.

Ah, thanks. To clarify, I think respawning the player at the start of whatever "challenge room" they died in, rather than the fountains would make the game more enjoyable, while still giving the player a challenge. But regardless, great game!

Fantastically presented game. The move set of the character seems interesting and the controls are very responsive. The platforming challenges reminded me of VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy, although I found respawning at the fountains, and having to track back to my original point to retry when I died, a little tiresome. The level design was on the whole good, although there was one switch which I pulled (at the bottom of a pit with enemies on each side) which I was unsure what it did. Some indication to the player about what it was doing would be useful. I wasn't able to finish the game, but with a better checkpointing system it would be a good, challenging platformer.

A really nicely presented game, and I liked the idea of having two characters with complementary move sets. Unfortunately, the level progression means that the first level is very difficult, while the other level is almost trivially easy. A gradual increase in the complexity of the levels would better equip the player with the knowledge of the mechanics to solve the levels. An interesting take on the theme, and I think it would make a nice co-op game if developed further.

Pretty nice graphics and audio, they set a very bleak tone. Unfortunately there isn't much of a game here, as there are no win or lose states, at least, none which I could find. Seems like a solid base on which to build a game though. 

An interesting narrative experience, with some really nice, humourous hand drawn graphics. It took me a few attempts to escape, and it was fun to see the story develop along each route through the decision tree. The link to the theme is a little tenuous in my opinion, but the presentation is really stellar.

Thanks for replaying and for the kind words!

Thanks for playing! It sounds like you might be touching and dragging from the spider to move, but you can touch and drag anywhere on screen and an indicator will show you the direction you will be traveling in. Hopefully that makes it easier to control.

Fits the theme well. Some of the consequences and puzzles that arise from only having one light source are well explored and interesting. Using enemies to indicate where platforms were, for example, is really clever. Unfortunately it was let down by very punishing hit boxes (getting them right is essential, especially if you can't see the enemies!) and a lack of checkpoints. An example of a platformer that got the balance between challenging level design and checkpoints right is VVVVVV, and I feel that if you adopted I similar design philosophy (perhaps having checkpoints at each torch would work? ) your game would be elevated. The presentation was phenomenal, it really added to the atmosphere. I particularly liked how the first time you saw the enemies they were just red eyes in the darkness!

In interesting idea, reminded me in a strange way of The Stanley Parable, what with the forth wall breaking. I'm not super keen on the design, as it felt like trial and error at times. However, if the narrator explicitly referenced the number of times you failed, or had different dialogue on your second / third time through, this trial and error design would fit the theme more.

An interesting idea. Having to balance finding enemies and shooting them provides good tension. I felt that the theme didn't shine through; the one button was more of a hindrance rather than adding to the tension. There also isn't a score meter (that I could see) to allow you to compare between runs. The implementation reminds me of a radar scanner, which is very effective. A satisfying "beep" every time an alien is detected would add a lot!

An interesting take on the theme, I think you had the perfect number of plates for the player to spin. I personally felt the "game" was in determining an optimal routine, and it might be good to lean into that. Perhaps it would make an interesting programming game, where you have a weekly planner and you block out periods of time for different building types. Great presentation and well thought out.

A great combination of music and visuals. I can definitely see it being expanded to include other, similar challenges that get thrown at you in quick succession. The 'multiplayer' is pretty funny; I guess it can either be interpreted as a 'proof of concept' or some sort of meta-commentary on how online games promise to bring us together, and yet we're alone.

Loved the theme! Unlike other comments, I didn't have any problems understanding what was going on, although I am a geneticist, so perhaps not totally representative. I liked the mutation machine, but it might have been more intuitive to either have given the player a slider to control the percentages, or just instantly went to 95% as you always wanted to guarantee certain phenotypes. It's a fun concept, I can imagine a more polished version being quite a good teaching aid in schools.

Thank you, very much appreciated!

Thanks for your kind words. With more play testing I'd hope to maximise that frantic feel, but I didn't have the time during the jam. Good suggestion on the speed up button, thanks!

A nice game with some really great puzzle design. Fits the theme well. While the presentation is polished, the bugs made the mechanics unclear at times. If you squash the bugs and make a good tutorial you'd have a very solid mobile game.

I really liked the idea and the aesthetic; it reminded me a lot of No Brakes Valet. You could occasionally get screwed by RNG, but the lenient hit boxes mean you can snake through vehicles in a very satisfying manner. "One direction / button" fits the theme well, and really challenges your usual top-down game muscle memory, which I think is a good thing.

A satisfying deduction game. Reminded me of a board game called Alchemists; the deduction puzzle is quite similar. Having the solution more prominently displayed, as well as allowing the user to annotate potential ingredients in the game, would make it a lot easier to play. Unfortunately, I felt like the theme (which I assume was "only one solution") didn't shine through with this design. Perhaps if you could only use an ingredient once a round the theme would fit better, although I realise this would make the deduction puzzle very different.

Fantastic graphics, but wasn't very fleshed out. It was also quite unforgiving if you missed a shot. I know this was to adhere to the theme, but it felt like the theme limited this one, instead of inspired it. A more play tested version with the same graphics would be fun to see.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't work out what to do. I found the vulnerable part of the floor, but I couldn't dig through it without the spoon breaking. By repeatedly hitting jump you could fly, which perhaps means you need to tweak how forces are applied to the character.

I nice concept, but I felt that adhering to the "only one" theme limited this game, rather than inspired it. From a thematic standpoint I don't see why books were involved, but the art and music fitted with the strange theme!

A really well presented game, that felt really satisfying to play. As other comments have said the mouse sensitivity (particularly playing on a track pad!) was very high, but that can be tweaked. In terms of design, perhaps limiting the amount you can use the slow motion would increase the challenge. Overall, a really well implemented mechanic, that I could definitely imagine appearing in an FPS at some point.

That's a great idea; I feel like Ludum Dare do a good job of game visibility, especially when there are thousands of entrants. I'll give your game a go this evening, looks interesting.

I made an "autowalker" game where you have to guide a sleeping robot to safety by activating platforms and barriers, but only one at a time of course! I'd really appreciate your feedback on it.

Great concept, fits the theme fantastically. What I like most is that it modifies the usual challenge of shooting games from "kill everything" to "kill almost everything", so you have to be much more tactical about your shots (especially with the green, biological weapons which ricochet everywhere). This has a level of polish that is rare for a jam game.

Really fantastic execution, the aesthetic is great. I didn't find it particularly challenging though; more frequent asteroids or additional tasks to perform would make it more interesting. Fits the theme perfectly.

I liked the concept, as it fits the theme so well, but the controls were so difficult. I found some of the jumps required spamming what I thought was the right combination of buttons until I executed the move I wanted to. I made it to the third level, but having to wait for the moving platforms to get into position, combined with the unforgiving controls, made me throw in the towel. Something I found particularly difficult was having both my movement and the direction of the projectile tied to the same direction control. For example, I'd jump to the left and up, and wanted to shoot down and right to boost myself in the same direction, but ended up just moving myself in the air. Having the bullet direction tied to where the mouse cursor is would provide much more intuitive controls I think, although would obviously require modifying the puzzles. Having time slow down while you were in the air would also help when trying to make particularly tricky jumps.