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This was really fun! I'll admit I was skeptical at first but once it ramped up in level 6 it was very enjoyable. 

The only annoying part was when an ai randomly crashed at an intersection so I couldn't pass, it happened a couple of times for me. 

Other than that it's a great idea executed very well.

I think the main problem is probably the camera which others have mentioned.

Other than that this looks like a pretty solid entry. I think the art's good and the boos was fairly enjoyable although fighting it felt a bit repetitive (throw ball , jump over, collect ball, repeat lots of times). 

I think it's a bit unnecessary for the ball to travel so fast towards the other side of the level every throw but that's partly personal preference and you could for sure design around that if you wanted.

Overall, good job!

I think this was pretty interesting and it was well presented.

I'll admit I found it a slightly annoying to play. I do think the concept is great though. I'd love to see it as a gimmick of a larger game or maybe if the physics were more precise it could work well as its own game.

Good Stuff!

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Good job, you did well with the mechanic and there was some interesting stuff especially towards the end.

I've seen a few games like this and I think the good ones combine this idea with another interesting mechanic to really stand out. Obviously it's only 48 hours though, what's here is good.

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Very nice game. An asteroid style game where your orbiting around a point was interesting and the way the bullet changed when shot through the sun created some good split-second decision making. The way the gameplay linked to the music was really nice too. Maybe this could become like Tetris Effect or something, I think that would be really cool.

Very enjoyable game, the physics of the platforms worked super well with the game concept. Art/Music were good also.

The rhythm aspect is a nice spin on the bullethell genre and the game looked very cool.

If I had to say anything it would be to give a little bit more leeway on the beat it seemed a bit tight (or I might be bad). In a normal rhythm game it would be fine but if you miss the beat in this game you get really screwed especially since you have to get really close to danger.

The concept is very well executed and the art is great! I would've liked to know which switch went to which door but that's really my only complaint.

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It was a well made game and it looked really good but the gameplay didn't seem to have anything to make it stand out.

This was really good! The idea was executed very well and the game was well polished. The upgrade system was very well done too. Even though the differences between enemies were simple, those differences were enough to make each enemy different to fight. Very nice!

My best after a few tries was level 7 in about 5 mins.

I managed to figure out a technique for moving the character so was able to complete the levels but I agree with others that the physics made it a bit weird to use.

I think the idea is pretty good and it was presented well. I think some more satisfying physics could make it a great game!

It was polished well with good sound effects (especially how the music changed on death) and screen shake.

It was a slightly altered version of super crate box, I would've liked to see something that truly seperated it from that game in an interesting way, but it was still fun to play nonetheless. 

This game was really cool. It's so stylish! Spinning the light somehow felt a bit weird and I wasn't able to get used to it but that's the only thing.

The game concept was super interesting and probably has a lot of potential.

A really good use of theme and looked and felt good to play. There seems to be emergent techniques and skills even with such a simple concept, good job!

Really cool game. The idea was executed very well. With some quality of life improvements and a more fleshed out language it could be a great game and learning tool!

Pretty fun. I remember a block game on miniclip that was a similar idea to this so I was able to pick it up pretty well. Having a die instead was a nice spin on that idea.

Right now the game seems very easy, I think in the future you would have to try and encourage the player to use the stage gimmicks more or make the stages smaller/unique/restrictive.

But overall this was good and showed the concept well imo.

Very cool idea and a very fun game. The polish was great and the concept was well fleshed out considering the time frame.

There was some sort of bug on level 9 which made the bullet spread super large after the level reset. 

A cool game and it had nice atmosphere. I think with a few more mechanics to really sell the concept this could be a really interesting game. 

Pretty interesting. I could see this becoming an enjoyable puzzle game. 

I also see that this is your first game jam. Good work!

A nice idea and I liked the aesthetic. Would of liked to see the gameplay speeded up a bit, maybe by giving the player character more mobility or something, but it's solid overall.

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A good concept for a quiz game! I could see this being used for riddles or maths problems

Nice game, it was a bit difficult to work out what was happening at first but once I worked it out it seems like a neat idea.

The camera controls were a bit frustrating to use and there was some sort of NavMesh error that came up in the console when you talked to customers.

But this is a really solid amount of work considering it's only 48 hours.

Very cool game, seemed pretty challenging but felt good once I got used to it.

Cool idea, once I'd got used to the controls it was pretty satisfying to successfully pull off a maneuver. The game crashed when I completed the first really long level (I think it was the 4th one).

An interesting use of theme which seems to work fairly well.

If you play/rate the game make sure to leave a comment and I can check out your game!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I totally forgot the next level button lol, slightly annoyed about it.

And interesting suggestion about the trail... Because of previous feedback about the trail, I'd already changed the trail to a more standard trail for the post-jam version. I didn't think that the length of it might've been the problem. I'll definitely have a look at it for comparison, although I might just end up sticking with the standard trail now, at this point it seems like the safer option.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! There's actually an option to contain the mouse inside the window for exactly this reason! (I think it should work for dual screens)

Thanks! I got into a good groove making levels lol.

ahh,  I didn't think to shoot the enemy's bullets! Thanks so much for this. :)

Thanks very much!

Solid game. Not being able to move and shoot really mixed up how it would normally play. I wasn't too good at adapting to it. 

I think the basics are there. With more interesting enemies and levels it could be really good.

I found it a odd that the camera zoomed in when you were in the middle of the stage. There didn't seem to be a good reason for it and you couldn't see much, I think I'd prefer it if the camera stayed zoomed out.

But nice game, good job!

Thanks for playing! I'll look at your game sometime today.

So very good! Everything was super satisfying. And the levels were very imaginitive and worked really well.

I got stuck on the level where there are two enemies shooting either side as soon as you spawn, I wasn't able to push the larger boxes off their buttons after I'd blocked the enemies above them at the start.

Do you have any videos showing solutions to the levels? I feel like it'd be cool to see!

It was a funny idea for sure. I got a of a Getting over it vibe from this game.

I think the physics would have to be tightened up though, there were a few glitches, the rope sometimes wouldn't drape over objects for example. Also, sometimes it didn't seem like it was reeling, maybe some feedback there would help. I also think the fact that the object you through was random was more annoying than not, it could work though, maybe if I was at least told what I was going to throw out.

But I could see something like this working. 

Nice game here. You showed off a lot of interesting stuff. It can be a bit unpredictable but overall it seems like a solid concept.

A pretty nice idea here. The music was very annoying for me but that's my only real complaint.

There's been a few "you can only jump" platformers but this one seemed like a relatively unique take on it (the ones I've seen focus on momentum). You made it work a lot better than I expected. I could easily see this as a mobile game.

The music's good. I also agree that right now it's a bit repetitive. 

For new mechanics maybe there could be something to collect along the way, something which forces the player to make a detour. Maybe there could be a wave of lava that appears which would force the player to quickly find a route to the other side of the stage. I'm not sure myself, just throwing stuff out.

I think the game as it is now may be a bit restricting in regard to adding new mechanics. Since you're the mouse pointer it would most likely be unintuitive/annoying to have level elements move your character. And right now it looks like it's randomly genrated levels? (of course there's already code to set the difficulty and maybe to make sure it's completable.) I think it's harder to add more mechanics when a game is basically completely generated randomly because you have to account for the randomness. 

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I also would've wanted to have some kind liquid physics but I've got no idea where to start with it, I've never done it before. I do think I'll try and learn it for this game if/when I update in the future.

And sure, I'd be happy to play your game today.

Nice game! You worked well with the mechanic. The character moves a little slow but the levels were designed well. Very good for a first jam!