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Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I totally forgot the next level button lol, slightly annoyed about it.

And interesting suggestion about the trail... Because of previous feedback about the trail, I'd already changed the trail to a more standard trail for the post-jam version. I didn't think that the length of it might've been the problem. I'll definitely have a look at it for comparison, although I might just end up sticking with the standard trail now, at this point it seems like the safer option.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! There's actually an option to contain the mouse inside the window for exactly this reason! (I think it should work for dual screens)

Thanks! I got into a good groove making levels lol.

ahh,  I didn't think to shoot the enemy's bullets! Thanks so much for this. :)

Thanks very much!

Solid game. Not being able to move and shoot really mixed up how it would normally play. I wasn't too good at adapting to it. 

I think the basics are there. With more interesting enemies and levels it could be really good.

I found it a odd that the camera zoomed in when you were in the middle of the stage. There didn't seem to be a good reason for it and you couldn't see much, I think I'd prefer it if the camera stayed zoomed out.

But nice game, good job!

Thanks for playing! I'll look at your game sometime today.

So very good! Everything was super satisfying. And the levels were very imaginitive and worked really well.

I got stuck on the level where there are two enemies shooting either side as soon as you spawn, I wasn't able to push the larger boxes off their buttons after I'd blocked the enemies above them at the start.

Do you have any videos showing solutions to the levels? I feel like it'd be cool to see!

It was a funny idea for sure. I got a of a Getting over it vibe from this game.

I think the physics would have to be tightened up though, there were a few glitches, the rope sometimes wouldn't drape over objects for example. Also, sometimes it didn't seem like it was reeling, maybe some feedback there would help. I also think the fact that the object you through was random was more annoying than not, it could work though, maybe if I was at least told what I was going to throw out.

But I could see something like this working. 

Nice game here. You showed off a lot of interesting stuff. It can be a bit unpredictable but overall it seems like a solid concept.

A pretty nice idea here. The music was very annoying for me but that's my only real complaint.

There's been a few "you can only jump" platformers but this one seemed like a relatively unique take on it (the ones I've seen focus on momentum). You made it work a lot better than I expected. I could easily see this as a mobile game.

The music's good. I also agree that right now it's a bit repetitive. 

For new mechanics maybe there could be something to collect along the way, something which forces the player to make a detour. Maybe there could be a wave of lava that appears which would force the player to quickly find a route to the other side of the stage. I'm not sure myself, just throwing stuff out.

I think the game as it is now may be a bit restricting in regard to adding new mechanics. Since you're the mouse pointer it would most likely be unintuitive/annoying to have level elements move your character. And right now it looks like it's randomly genrated levels? (of course there's already code to set the difficulty and maybe to make sure it's completable.) I think it's harder to add more mechanics when a game is basically completely generated randomly because you have to account for the randomness. 

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I also would've wanted to have some kind liquid physics but I've got no idea where to start with it, I've never done it before. I do think I'll try and learn it for this game if/when I update in the future.

And sure, I'd be happy to play your game today.

Nice game! You worked well with the mechanic. The character moves a little slow but the levels were designed well. Very good for a first jam!

Had to check this out after the stream, since it looked just like a rhythm paradise game! It took a while to get used to the inputs, I kept having to check and re-check the description. But after that I could really get into the groove of it.

Definitely needs something to switch it up after like 25 or something, or maybe package it into a game of rhythm games like in rhythm paradise that would be cool :)

This is a super "cool" mechanic! I think there's a lot to be improved but this could be truly great, the potential is very high imo. I'm imagining something that feels similar to pulling off Irelia's Q (from League of Legends) on a bunch of minions. 

I think it needs to be clearer which enemy I'm going to dash to, a few times I'd have two in range and the game would choose the enemy that would kill me.

I think with the RNG tuned and more juice this could be awesome.

This was actually pretty interesting. I closed my eyes and I was able to keep going for like a minute, wasn't bad.

It was hard for me to tell if an object was in the lane beside me or in front of me, but 2 lanes away was fine. I'm willing to put that down to my audio though, my headphones aren't the best quality. This game probably works really well in surround sound.

In the right environment I think something like this could be really cool, maybe as an experience at a convention or something, somewhere where it can have it's own cabinet.

Really liked the concept, a few games have changed the weapon/ability the player has after each attack, but I haven't seen any do the combination idea and it worked well here.

I think some kind of feedback as to what ability I have would be nice. Having to look into the corner, away from the action, takes away from the gameplay imo. Especially for a game that's decently fast/hectic like this.

This mechanic worked better than I expected it to when I saw it. You did a good job showing off the mechanic. The art was pleasing too.

The main problem is the camera. It's quite annoying, it would be better if it at least centred on the character or alternatively centred between my mouse and the character. 

Nice take on the "Geometry Dash" type of game. With more sections as well as polish, I could see this being pretty good.

A really solid game. The levels shown weren't super challenging but I did have to consider what I was doing (especially for the crate one) and you were able to show a lot of potential using them.

I was a bit bad at controlling the snake and that was the reason I failed 90% of the time, I seemed to be turning to late a lot. I don't want to say it was the game's fault, I might just be messing up. It wasn't a big deal though, there's no way to expect everything to be perfectly tight in a jam game.

Thanks very much! I'm looking into different trails now after a previous comment. The current trail was an aestetic choice but evidently not the best one. Thanks for playing!

This game is so brutal! There were a bunch of levels I had to give up on. Maybe one of the most rewarding entries to play. Just getting past one more spike than last time felt like an achievement lol. Really great.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

It's not much more than a concept right now, but the concept seems good as far as I can see.

I would say though that I feel there wasn't a lot differentiate the "jump" in the game from a normal jump, it could have been "enemies attack when you jump". But saying that though, I got the idea around how concept used the theme, the way I feel is possibly just a consequence of it being short and there not being many mechanics to take andvantage of the concept yet.

I think this was pretty cool. I didn't have as much trouble with the controls as I was expecting but this definitely seems like a touch game. The levels were interesting/challenging enough to show off the mechanic. Good job overall.

It has some potential. The artstyle and the music was nice. The fling strength was a bit weak overall. Full screen flings felt good to me but what I expected to be medium flings felt weak.

yes, I probably should have mentioned that. I just checked again to make sure.

When the game loops back to the start, I clicked "Wait what... home..." > "Open the door". It seems to happen regardless of what path I chose before the loop. I didn't notice this with any other options.

It's fun and looks very impressive. All of the graphical/sound features are top tier! It was enjoyable just watching the cart go down lol. Could be cool in VR maybe?

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Yeah the trail renderer might have been a better idea for sure. I usually would just use it but wanted to try something different aesthetically... That didn't go so well though, so yeah, you're probably right. Glad you enjoyed the game.

Thought I'd mention, I've been making a build that has a grid in the background and I'm very glad with how it's turned out, I wish I'd put it in before submissions ended. You can turn off the trail and still see how the box is moving and you can more easily see how the level is moving.

If you liked the concept but hated the trail or was confused by the camera/view, I hope you can check the update I'll post after the rating period ends. 

Super solid game. The concept was executed very well! It's a shame it stopped so quickly but that's how it goes with jams and bugs. I can't really hold it against you the actual game was obviously good. The artwork was solid and there were some very nice transitions.

Cool game. I was able to enjoy it for a decent bit. Really like the aestetic.

I was kind of just running about randomly, maybe some mechanic to find water would be good.

But a good entry overall. 

Great job! It's really cool that your levels are just image files. I could see this being really good already if a level creator was in the game or something even without changes to the gameplay. 

My only quite minor problem is that I kept missing the finish or the briefcase by mm because of the orthographic view. I wouldn't want to ruin the beautiful aestetic by changing the camera but maybe some sort of faint texture on the ground would help with that. 

A nice game. The mechanic worked well enough. Once I got used to timing the shoot with the jump it got quite enjoyable. I thought the levels were somewhat dull but overall it wasn't bad.

I think this was good. It was really satisfying having to do a full spin to complete a level or being able to go over the top of the level to complete it. I would've liked to see where out of bounds was, I sometimes felt a bit cheated when the game suddenly said I went out of bounds. Or maybe make out of bounds a lot further out of bounds but that might break some of the levels.

Nice game, I wasn't able to play it 2 player but I'd imagine it would be fun if I did.

The concept for this game is pretty interesting. I think this could be a good game with more time spent on it. It's cool because I think this game could go in the racing direction or a sort of puzzle game direction.

An interesting story. But at some point the text would just stop with no choices left, it didn't seem like that was meant to happen. Also, I definitely appreciate the text-to-speech.