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Don't waste your jumps... Cause you only got one!
Submitted by Wylter — 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline
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Super fun and loved the art style,really good feedback and level design,keep up the good work.


nice design, fitting game concept, and fun gameplay.

I also made a game with the title "One Jump", and I also thought about making a game with only one jump for each level, but I thought that this would be very bad  and frustrating for a platformer. So, I didnt expect that your game works quite well! 


This was really fun to play, thanks! At first I thought that just having one jump would just make platforming unnecessarily tedious but it actually makes for a super interesting and almost puzzle-like game, specially after you realize that you can jump midair.

We also made a game and would love your feedback! If you think you have the courage & wits to help the Juan and Only Jelly Knight recover his human form, the challenge awaits you here


Very cool! I enjoyed this one so much and got me into that mode of "Just one more! I know I have it. I just need to press it at this time instead of that time." So thank you for that. I love the transition from menu to game, how easy it is to reset when you make a mistake, and how simply / intuitive the game is. There were some moments where I enter this repeated sates of failing because I kept doing the same thing over and over (I know...insanity) only to try something simple and be all like "Well, that makes more sense, duh!" lol Nice work!


Lots of cool ideas in this one.
The level design did a really good job of teaching the mechanics.


Very enjoyable game, the physics of the platforms worked super well with the game concept. Art/Music were good also.


It is a really nice game! I especially liked the idea of the yellow platforms.


Simply and enjoyable game.

Great job!


Such cute character and nice design. Each level brings something new and challenge. Only one thing I didn't like at all was the clouds. Maybe a little more stable could be more interesting. Overall, great job!

Fun game. Clever design. Art kinda reminds me of Fez.

Submitted (1 edit)

This game was fun! Its cool that you took a more platforming focused direction with the one jump idea, we focused a lot more on puzzles with one jump with our game.


Good game  ! clever using of the one jump idea ,it make you think a lot before jumping and avoid usless jumps .

The idea is very coherent with the theme. However since you remove the core mechanic of a platformer I think it lacks other elements to make it as interesting as a regular platformer.

For this reason I really liked the physics based clouds, I could control them a bit and it was a nice challenge to stay on the cloud and go upwards. The mushrooms are a bit less fun because the character is hard to control in the air.

Also great music!


Great game was fun.


I was really impressed by the different mechanics you managed to add in just a weekend


To be honest it surprised us as well that we managed to do this much in  in only 48h, with a team of just 2 people. But I'm really happy with the result, thank you! 


There were some very tough challenges; I would have like to have been able to choose when to use the jump to get past tough bits. The clouds made for some novel platforming, which I liked.


Thank you! 

We tried to sometimes give the chance to do the levels choosing when to jump, expecially in the first cloud platforms, while other levels have a more puzzle like approach of understanding when to jump. 

But yeah if we'll expand on the concept we'll try to give more space to choosing when to jump as well :) 

Thank you for the feedback, we're really proud of the cloud mechanic! 


Cool concept and execution.


Very fun! I hope you'll add more obstacles in the future, such as enemies or spikes.


Cool concept! I really enjoyed the first available stages. I think you should add some sort of secret above the wall in the final existing level because it's possible to climb.