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Thanks for the feedback!  The jump definitely could have used a lot of fine-tuning. If it was higher at the same speed, you could jump across most of the screen and not have to worry about the terrain. If I slowed down the movement of the paddle then that part would be too frustrating.

Maybe the best solution would be to have the jumper move a little slower and let the paddle move faster, to a certain maximum distance away.

Thanks for reviewing! Ironically the "double jump" feature is a bug that I left in for people that get frustrated with the deep pits.

The bounce angle of of the paddle can actually be controlled, but I thought it was more intuitive than it actual it was.

The characters were really cure and fun to control, but I immediately gave up when it got to selecting characters

Excellent! The mechanics seemed very well thought-out and the effects felt really good.  

Did you initially plan to have bricks in the game?

This is interesting. I thought that the quick respawn without a puzzle room reset was quite forgiving. I guess I was lucky that my mistakes were reversible.

You added portals as a secondary mechanic during a 48-hour jam? Is this what they call being a "mad lad"?

Very well done!

I really like this idea, but it's a tough one to get right.  I felt like I wasn't encouraged to make paths, I just moved the tile that my character or the objective was on. The way the blobs attacked made me laugh.

I was able to take advantage of the weird friction by sticking to a wall until Drizit could fly around and get underneath. It's a wall-grab feature!

I didn't understand that Drizit could carry Klunk until I came and looked at the comments, but other than that I thought it was great! Being able to land on Klunk's head was a great solution to having to move multiple characters around the same area, which is an annoying part of similar games like The Lost Vikings and The Cave (Two games that I love).

I definitely think this could be fleshed out into a full game that would be excellent to play with a partner.

Tricky puzzles and great look. It would have been nice to see which buttons were linked to which obelisks, but the trial and error was also fun

I feel like I should have enjoyed this way more than I did. It's a great idea, fun graphics, and the controls were well done. Maybe I expected more of a golf game, and this felt more like a puzzle game

Fun idea and cute characters

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May I suggest an alternate name: "Bumbling Bees"? 

It's very cute, and the hexagonal bricks are delightful, but I felt like I didn't have much control over what was happening.

I would be interested to hear your critique of the brick-breaker game I submitted as well!

The first level kind of felt like the snake didn't add anything, but by placing the bricks in the middle or around the edges it really makes it a good mash-up! Well done

I got to the "Boxes can be annoying" level and barely felt like I was going insane.

Really I though the game was very good, but I had a hard time wrapping my head round it for some reason

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I definitely had a tough time figuring out how to switch worlds but I made it to the end.

(If anyone else is wondering, you need to navigate the menu to skills>magic>link (edit)

I got the bad ending and everybody died

Very ambitious to do a multiplayer game, and really fun to play (Even though I played it by myself)

The spring is really fun to play around with

Excellent graphic and sound design

Very cool, made me feel quite proud of my strategies

Yeah, get out of here Darkness!

I don't mind a little bit of storytime with my game jams.

Was it intentional that the enemy movement was also joined with your own?

Very fun to swing the sun and moon around, but very difficult to get it going with the ice bullets

Incredible! such a simple mechanic, but extremely well executed

Thank you for the detailed feedback! The bounces are not supposed to be random, when the ball bounces off of the paddle, the direction is based on where the impact is on the paddle (If the ball hits directly in the middle, it should go straight up), so there's actually some control there.  Honestly I just couldn't figure out how to explain it in short so I left it out of the instructions

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The monsters were really scary in contrast with the cute bird. I really liked that the monsters flash when they see you, and the different upgrade "rarity" tiers. Great balance between moving the lamp and shooting.

Lots of different enemies. Wave 3 was really hard trying to power the top and bottom at the same time

Played all the way through. Great atmosphere and the way the sound effects blended in with the music was excellent

I really like this idea, but I kind of wish it started with an easier layout. Amazing art, and I'm looking through your profiles for more

Very nice pixel art and audio. The puzzles were fun, and it would be cool to see the other robots

I didn't realize it was competitive. I thought it was easy love...

Beautiful game, even if I couldn't fully wrap my head around it. I couldn't even solve one of the levels that you have a gif for

A good start! Have you tried using the Spring Joint 2D or Distance Joint 2D components?

You found my secret! I left it in in case anybody needed a bit of a boost

Thank you! Yes, the second and third levels would be pretty much impossible without jumping.

Oh, it totally would have! I forgot

The weapon throwing feels really good, and it's so satisfying to catch it after it bounces off of an enemy. It's kind of a pity that the regular attack isn't very good, because I really like the animation of it

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you didn't find it too frustrating

Very cute and calm game

I mostly figured out the wires, but I was unable to reply to tickets. Not sure what I was doing wrong. 

Made it to wave 26 and 9523 points.

Really fun idea, but I found that I was knocking enemies into myself almost as often as I knocked them away.

What was the power-up that looked like a ghost and made a dark area?