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​a dialogue-driven, puzzle platformer about gamer birds and connections
Submitted by Angela He (@zephybite), tanatb (@ttanatb) — 26 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
This game is about someone who wants to rejoin their former friend whom they've grown apart from. To distract herself from anxieties about their distance, she escapes to a platformer game where anonymous users join together to solve puzzles using their conversation with each other.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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I really enjoyed this demo! Super cute and creative. I didn't encounter any serious bugs, but I couldn't log out after helping the bird with a crush and had to save & quit the game in order to see the last bit of the story with the older bird.

The dialogue confirmation felt a bit awkward, like sometimes I would accidentally advance the text too far or would have to press E multiple times for something to actually happen. Seemed like a timing issue. The controls were also awkward and straining to use, especially the dash feature. For example, having to jump to reach a speech bubble, then press a directional key and quickly hit the dash button was really hard to coordinate properly, and not in a "good challenging" way. I ended up mashing buttons a lot of the time. I think controller support or better key mapping could help with this.

Looking forward to a full game!


a beautiful game but as someone who struggles with motor function i can only take my best guess about the story beyond the second checkpoint


The story is beautiful, the platformer controls are atrocious.


This is a beautiful and incredible game, using a powerful storyline to bring 2 long lost friends back together. The parkour in the game may be tough but I would say it is a symbolism of the amount of difficult and trouble that 2 friends have to get past in order to be back together as it is really not easy to maintain a friendship or a relationship due to all the factors that surrounds us in life. This game portrays how life is like where there are always unpredictable factors that affect our friendship with others. This is an amazing game and I would love to see it fully completed.


this looks really good but I couldn't get past the second checkpoint, I just couldn't make the jump. Maybe it's got something to do with the framerate? It's a shame because it looks really nice


you're supposed to jump and dash to make it across the gap

then use your jump and dash to move dialogue bubbles around



Even though the game isn't over... that was BEAUTIFUL... Wow.

My biggest model in terms of Game Development is Shadow of the Colossus. That's because it showed me that sometimes, it's not about what's the story. It's how about how you show it. How you express it. How people feel it.

And this game right there really nailed it man... :'). Right from the title screen, you already get butterflies in your stomach, thinking about someone which is special to YOU. When the Main character talks about his regrets and how he missed her, with the presentation and the way he's expressing his feelings, it makes you miss her to. You want her back as much as he does. You're already connected to the story XD.

It goes without saying but, your art-style. Your music. Your atmosphere.

In one word.


Congrats man! :)


Gorgeous, gorgeous game. Controls are a little touch-and-go, the button bindings also feel fairly unintuitive. But, I would put up with it all just to get more of this game into my eyeballs. Would still like the controls to become more responsive/easier, though! :P

Can't wait for it to become a whole, full-fledged game!


Gorgeous looking game, with a (possibly too) ambitious scope - I definitely want to see the rest :)

The platforming mechanics were developing in an interesting way. The dash controls were incredible finerky and there’s a few bugs; but I had a lot of fun exploring what’s there :D


is it really a game jam if you don't overscope and cry a little

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Writing this after getting to the part near the beginning where you have to push the blue speech bubble into the red one so you can push it upwards through the gap and jump on it to proceed. Took a break because I got a bit frustrated with the mechanics and pacing.

Firstly, there are some really clever platform mechanics here :)! Don't wanna spoil anything for people reading comments, but I really liked the puzzle nature of the platforming. It also has that signature Angela He hand-drawn art and melancholic atmosphere down. I like games that get into more emotional or serious topics, and so I like the idea of a puzzle platformer with some measure of "feels".

The Dash mechanic seems really finicky, unfortunately, and I really struggled to pull it off consistently. Not sure if it's the game or me :p. I also wish there could've been a Thomas Was Alone/Lost Vikings mechanic where you switched between controlling the various characters, or they had some agency of their own. Then again, solving puzzles on your own works fine, too :).

Having said all this, though, I did really enjoy this and I'll give it another shot when the full version is done :)! Good submission!


Yeah really wanted the other character to have more agency too, but we couldn't fit that into the jam's time constraints :(


Couldn't get past the title screen. Sorry. It looked quite good though. Fix the bugs and reupload and I'll be sure to play it after the review period.

BTW, Would love for you to try my game too.

It is an Action Platformer with unique controls.



Couldn't get past the title screen. Clicked on options and its sub-menu wouldn't go away even after clicking the back button. Reloaded the game, now none of the title screen buttons worked. Reloaded it again and the title screen buttons still don't do anything. 


We ran into some really nasty unity input bugs -- sorry about that :(

There are some instructions for how to resolve that bug on the game's page and we recently uploaded a post-jam fixed version


Beautiful! I didn't get very far in because I kept hitting that controls-locking bug, but wow is this a lovely game. Would definitely download a full version of this, it's fantastically presented.


Oups I when into controls from option and the game get stuck, any solution ?


Nevermind, I found the fix from Hosasy:, type in "regedit", click OK or press enter
(now you have registry editor opened! that's where unity games store their playerprefs!) you want to go edit>find, then type in "twobraincells" (without the quotation marks) "find next", wait, it might take some time should be taken to the folder named accordingly ("twobraincells"), you want to delete the subfolder "ribbons", or the whole "twobraincells" folder (be cautions, this is the registry editor, and click your clicks carefully). as long as you don't delete anything else, your pc should be fine.6.return to the game, buttons should be back to working!

Note: That a beautiful game, worth the effort to fix it!!


This was a ridiculously ambitious project for anyone to put together in the confines of a jam, and I think that ambition show some serious cracks. The various bugs and awkward pieces of gameplay were pretty distracting. Having a more substantial or satisfying dash would help quite a bit to make the game feel better to play.

That said, everyone's praising the art for a reason, it pairs amazingly with the music and story, and it looks incredible on top of that. The small snippits of a story we get are bittersweet and lovely. The areas that managed to get polished like the title screen and menu animations and such are really well put together.

This is a very brave and very good jam entry, props to everyone involved!


Thanks for you comment! I'm more used to creating janky movement that feels fun rather than constrained physics that respect the puzzle's mechanics and I think it shows. Really appreciate the substantial criticism, because it tells us what we need to focus on :)


Was very pretty, and a neat mechanic. Platforming could be a little finnicky, but if it's an old MMO, the jank's a feature, right? ^.-

I'm eager to see more of the story!


someone gets it 



Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

the game was really beautiful and atmospheric, as far as this jam's games go this one surely was set best, with it's story and environment, context etc. if i could, i would've given six stars for presentation!! but i felt conflicted about the platformer puzzle things - the idea with using speech bubbles as platforms is really cool, but platforming feels harsh (compared to everything else in game!), i just wanted to get over the puzzles as fast as possible to get to the next story bit, +controls felt unintuitive and hard (dash destroyed my pinky, arrow keys would be a way way better solution!)

everything but the platforming felt nearly perfect, reaaally great job!<3
(oh god i just did a third edit)


i also am very bad at following simple instructions and i did go into controls from options and broke the game. so i kinda wrote a step-by-step guide on clearing playerprefs for this game (so that it forgets that thing you did), type in "regedit", click OK or press enter
(now you have registry editor opened! that's where unity games store their playerprefs!) you want to go edit>find, then type in "twobraincells" (without the quotation marks) "find next", wait, it might take some time should be taken to the folder named accordingly ("twobraincells"), you want to delete the subfolder "ribbons", or the whole "twobraincells" folder (be cautions, this is the registry editor, and click your clicks carefully). as long as you don't delete anything else, your pc should be fine.6.return to the game, buttons should be back to working!


Stellar art and style.  I was interested in the story, but I couldn't get to the end of level 2 (I kept messing up the position in the narrow area of puzzle 3 and I just couldn't keep doing the dash-pushing over and over anymore XD ).  I think one thing going on was that the keyboard combo was somewhat awkward for me and the controls refused to dash if I was holding down more than one directional key.  Perhaps it would have been better with a controller as others mentioned, but I'm playing most jam games with a keyboard and touchpad haha ^_^
I was curious, did the movement actually change when the other critter was with you?  I couldn't tell for sure.  It didn't seem so - just wondered about it ^_^
Anyway the music was also nice and this was overall a good experience.  Thanks very much for making it ^_^  Cheers.


I haven't tested on controller yet, but we set it up so that it should work on controller as well -- we just didn't have time to mention it in the game. Regardless, thanks for your comment -- really helps me understand a little more about the source of player frustration :)


I thought the art style of the cover image looked familiar ;).


Very stunning art style, I also love the way you merge two genres with the story, really want to see you improve upon this and maybe fully release it, I think you already got a great foundation.

The control around platforming section is a little bit funky, or maybe I dont understand it well enough. Regardless, amazing work! :)

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