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Thanks a lot man! Props to Enra for the music, he said he wanted to try a LoFi one and honestly, I was really impressed with the music he was able to come up with! πŸ‘

About the controls, yes unfortunately we've received a lot of complaints about this πŸ˜…. I'm wondering if the swiping mechanism was misunderstood or if we just didn't test enough (was working well for us but yeah, we're the devs). We'll keep notes about this for future jams! 

Thanks! Indeed we've really turned on speed run mode for that one!

Hum about the controls tho, we're sorry to hear that...πŸ˜…

Thanks man! πŸ‘


Thanks dude! 😁

Hey, about the cleaning robot being a temp upgrade, the idea can also be tested to see what it implies inside the game, but I think indeed that having this being temporary would be more sweated to our game πŸ€”

About the delay between clicking and placing a block tho, we've tried it during development and it wasn't as fun as just drawing a continuous line. Basically, to avoid the player being overpowered we had 2 main ideas:

1. Player has a limited amount of blocks and must use them wisely

2. Block placement has a cooldown so the player makes sure he doesn't overdo this.

Solution 2 nerfed a lot the player and took away a little bit of the fun of the game so we decided to stick with 1. According to your comment tho, this still needs some balancing. A lot of comments suggested having fewer blocks to make the player use them more wisely. I think we're going to try this one and see how well it holds up! πŸ‘

Thanks a lot man! 😁

Indeed upgrades screen was done on the last day so, not really the nicest screen in the world πŸ˜… but we really wanted to get it in because upgrades and achievements were here to answer the question "Why would anyone want to play again?". Achievements show you that, you haven't discovered everything the game has to offer and upgrades make it easier for you on your next playthroughs.

About the removing block mechanism, we saw it as a reward for playing right: you can stack up a lot of blocks at the start of the game when it's easy and use them when the game takes the difficulty up a notch with the shooters and the wind zones. If a robot takes back your blocks for you, it would be like having infinite blocks, making the game way easier so, some balancing is required there. Should the robot be super hard to get? Should we make the game harder when the robot is here? Should we make special levels where we can have the robot and take the infinite blocks into account when balancing? We need to think it through but, your feelings about this have been heard. πŸ‘

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing our game! 😁

Thanks a lot mate! 😁

Indeed with a larger timeframe, adding more upgrades/mechanics to the core concept of this game could take it to the next level and make it more enjoyable! We'll do our best to try to put the game in this direction. Thanks for playing our game! 🀝

Thanks a lot man! 😁

Indeed, at the start, it's easy to collect blocks when things are still going at normal speed. Later tho, when it starts to go faster, you can't do this as easily so, you'd better have saved some blocks for this moment!

About Blocku-dono, ho man, a lot of time has been invested into its AI to get it right but its brain is so simple tho 🀣.

Still, we're glad you had a fun time playing our game! 😁

Thanks a lot mate!

We don't really want to go down the "addicting" pathway 🀣 but if the game was good enough for you to come back to it and play more, we're glad you had a great time! 😁

Spent a lot of time on the player's AI and block placement mechanism and we did quite a lot of balancing at the end of the jam to make sure it's fun but the Art paid the cost. Upgrades were implemented to answer the question "Why would anyone play again?" and it turns out, it served its purpose! πŸ‘

Thanks for playing our game! 😁

Thanks a lot dude! We're glad you liked it! 😁

Indeed, the upgrades system really extends the lifetime of the game and the inventory system for blocks adds more depths than if you had infinite blocks. We'll try to extend it later to see what we can come up with to make it more fun! πŸ‘

Thanks a lot mate! We're glad you had fun playing our game! 😁

Hum about the bug you've reported, this is new for us. We didn't see that one. πŸ€”

This deserves more investigation after the Jam. Thanks for pointing it out to us! πŸ‘

Thanks a lot man! 😁

Ho, you got it right! Megaman was an inspiration for graphics with the timeframe we had to make games. I'm impressed you found out! πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ

Thanks a lot man! 😁

If you didn't have a lot of upgrades, indeed it's quite hard to reach wind zones! It's around 700-800 if my memory isn't playing tricks on me. πŸ€”

If you want to try again one day, I'd say your best bet is: upgrade your blocks to be less stressed over your inventory, your health to be able to take more hits and when you reach the trailers, if everything looks too chaotic, take some hits and focus on the path. I was able to reach the wind zones this way! πŸ‘

Thanks a lot man!

We're glad you enjoyed it! 😁

Ho man, spent a lot of time on this cube's AI to make it right, but it was worth the effort!

Thanks for the praise mate! 😁

Indeed we also had a lot of fun with the core block placement concept even without adding anything to the game so, we're glad you felt the same! And yes, it definitely deserves more love after the jam! πŸ‘

A lot of interesting ideas in this one! πŸ‘

You shoot using your own bricks so when you see an enemy, you always have to think "Is killing him worth it? Or should I just run past him?" If you kill him first try great, you get 1 ammo so you didn't win anything but didn't lose anything either, if you miss a shot though, you've basically lost a life.

Added to that, the mechanism of moving blocks around you with the left click is pretty interesting. Will you protect one side of the bricks and risk having the main brick exposed in another spot? Or will you just stay grouped together the whole run? πŸ€”

A great balancing act with great visuals! Great job! 😁

That's a super interesting concept you've got there! Getting into the game is really straightforward, WASD to move and Space to make enemies shoot. The core mechanic really encourages taking some risks because you have to get close enough to enemies to make them shoot. The range you've added for this power is really great because, without it, you wouldn't have to take this much risk. Also, stronger enemies are a bigger threat to you but also to the others so, instead of running away from them, you're tempted to try to sneak around them and use them to your advantage. πŸ‘

Great job! 😁

Damn those noobs. Still need me to make the game harder? Can't they just play some Dark Souls, get good an come back? xDDD

That was a nice entry mate! The bounciness of the knight feels really good and the tile placement mechanism is pretty self-explanatory so, it really feels nice when you catch the knight with a good angle to launch him in the sky! The slowmo feature really helps to achieve your job! The Artsyle is also on point! 🀝

Well done! 😁

Playing as the dungeon master to help the hero is really interesting! πŸ€”

In this one, I really found myself trying to find the most optimal way to win, like placing items as close as possible to the hero, having ranged enemies on spikes (since they don't move), or being super close to the player to get beat up fast. Finding the best way feels really rewarding! πŸ‘

Great job! 😁

I've read this page before I play the game so unfortunately, I already knew about the twist before trying the game and thus, I did my best to not upgrade the robot too much πŸ˜…

Still, even when you know about this, I think it's a pretty interesting concept! Which boss could possibly be more frightening than... you! The hero itself! If I was in Dark Souls, I wouldn't want to mess with the Chosen Undead for sure which makes this concept a great idea! πŸ‘

Added to that, the Art is awesome and really lifts up the whole thing. Great job! 😁

Thanks a lot mate! 😁

Indeed, the feedback about the player having no means to go back to its initial position when it's pushed back by the walls came back to us a lot so, we plan only to have a way to fix that after the jam. Nonetheless, we're glad you've appreciated our game!

Thanks a lot man! 😁

Indeed we were thinking about a mobile port after the jam since this really looks like the place where this game could truly shine! 

Thank you so much dude! 😁

Indeed, the idea is super simple but it's soooo satisfying!

Thanks man! 😁

Indeed, everything didn't make the final cut but procedural generation just had to be in! Allows you to stock up! Block limit instead of infinite blocks is also a no-brainer to avoid having the player straight-up overpowered... even if he can still be with upgrades. We didn't have enough time to balance that. Still, we're glad you enjoyed it! πŸ‘

Thanks for the praise man! 😁

It's funny, you're playing just like Cyrille, the Game Designer 🀣. I'd rather just draw a straight line and remove blocks behind me to save up.

About the concept indeed, Cyrille really stumbled across a solid idea! Glad we were able to bring it to life and polish it! 😁

Thanks a lot man! 😁

Indeed we really focused on the core of the game which is the player's IA and place/remove block mechanism but once we got it down, we really tried to make this experience as enjoyable as possible! Limited amount of blocks was added to avoid the player being overpowered and this addition was really a game-changer! After this, since the player had no reason to do anything else than just draw a straight line, we tried to add various enemies and pseudo-procedural generation to keep him on his toes! The finishing touch which is upgrades was added to answer the question "Why should anyone play the game again?" and it turns out, all those ideas were well received!

We're really glad you enjoyed our game man! Hoping we could push the boundaries further in the future as well! 😁

The princess' jump mechanism feels really nice! Being able to go in all directions just with the mouse really makes the experience feel smoother! The Art is simple but consistent and the edit mode is great. Nice work! 😁

I know this was said a lot of times already but still, the concept is really interesting! Since both your roles are going to be reversed while you play, when you play as the character you want to make as much progress as possible but not too much or you're also giving an advantage to your opponent, and when you're the dungeon master you want to make the task hard for the player, but not too hard because you'll have to play right after! πŸ‘

A very nice idea! Would be even better with more dungeons to keep players on their toes. Great job! 😁

This is, honestly, the best puzzle I've played during this game so far. Damn. A concept super simple but soooo good and soooo satisfying. Puzzle aren't straight forward but they're not too hard either. New concepts are introduced as you progress. Art is minimalist but absolutely amazing! Guys! Great Job! It was a very great experience! 😁

With this one, you really thought outside the box! A very original game with a great presentation to match it! The controls feel great so when you mistype it doesn't feel unfair, it's usually just because you've been too greedy. Great job! 😁

"Dans ma boutique", est-ce que vous parlez franΓ§ais ? πŸ€”

Well, I'm going to keep it English for everyone but man that was a great entry! The inventory management really makes me think about Resident Evil and managing to take the least amount of space possible while trying to sell as much stuff as possible to your customers is super fun! πŸ‘

The drawn art style really stands out and looks right great! Super charming! 😁

Bravo ! 🀝

Hey, that's a very cute art style you have in this one! The ability swap mechanism also feels pretty responsive and straight forward.

Great job! 😁

Thanks a lot man! 😁

Indeed the inventory system was a great addition to the block placement/removal system. The character slowly becomes faster lets you time to stock up at the beginning when it's easy and use the extra blocks when it gets hard! πŸ‘

... but Art paid the cost for the polished gameplay πŸ˜…. Still, we're happy with what we were able to put do!

Thank you so much mate! 😁

Indeed after the core concept was done, adding enemies and bonuses was our 1st concern since the player had absolutely no reason to do anything else than just drawing a straight line. The same goes with random block generation on the path, also great to get back some more blocks!

About the improvements system tho, we've mostly added it to answer the question "Why would anyone replay our game?" and it looks like it was well received! πŸ‘

We're glad you enjoyed it! 😁

Thanks a lot mate! 😁

Indeed, we've seen different kinds of playstyle so far emerging from such a simple concept and it was really interesting to look at! We really wonder which strategies will be more dominant in the final version of the game πŸ€”

Thanks a lot! We're glad that you had a great time playing our game! 😁

I really hope no one enters my room while I'm playing this masterpiece. I wouldn't be able to explain it properly. xDDDD

Well, I think it's a consensus at this point but, the sound effects are really hilarious! 🀣🀣🀣

Puts a smile on my face while I'm trying to find the best block arrangement. That was a very fun experience! Great job! 😁

Thanks a lot! 😁

Indeed, when Cyrille pitched the concept to me at the start of the jam, I saw the light. ☠️

"Wait, you're right! This could be something really good! πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ" 🀣

The upgrades were added later because the game was pretty fun, but the question "Why should I play again?" was still lingering around and that was the answer we found with the time remaining at hand. Glad you enjoyed it! πŸ‘

With all the eggs that I took, I think my gains from the gym are finally going to show up! xD

Messing up the farm behind the farmers' back was pretty evil... and satisfying 🀣

Great job!