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Hello there. This is the first time where I have played a game without any negative comments whatsoever. This is a great game overall and I hope more people will play this amazing game. This is the first part of my gameplay of Yurei Station. Please support my channel. :)

Hello there. This game overall was quite good and I hope that multiple endings could have been implemented and maybe the story could have lasted slightly longer that it is now.

Here is my gameplay of the game, please support my channel. Thank you 

Hello there. Here is part 2 of my gameplay of Isabelle. Please support my channel. Thank you.

Hello there. This game was very interesting and the concept behind it is quite good so far. However, there were a few issues that I would like to talk about.

For me, the picking up of items and using the items were quite difficult as you can see in my video where I had a section at which I cannot pick up items properly for a whole 3 mins or so but if it is only me then you can ignore this.

I felt that the story can be slightly more developed, maybe with visual images or short flashes of the event when Isabelle was killed and resurrected (SPOILER). I feel that that will further enhance the horror element in the game and provide more information on how Isabelle looked like and act like.

I also feel that maybe more horror parts can be added in the game as for me, I do not really get scared easily and out of the entire game, I felt that only the last part where I am about to get out, suddenly someone is pulling me (SPOILER) away from the exit and it was a witch. That was the only part that left a deep impression on me in the game but it was a very good job in the ending of Isabelle.

Overall, I really like the concept of the game and I hope more information about Isabelle can be shown or maybe add a few more books with slighly more detailed explaination on the event. Hope the game Isabelle can become better and more detailed in the future :). Good Luck!

Here is Part 1 of my gameplay of Isabelle. Please support my channel and thank you so much for developing the game.

Hey everyone here is part 2 of my gameplay. Please support my channel. Thank you.

Hello there. For Midnight Scenes Episode 2, the content and idea is great and the game was shaped quite well by the character whom we were playing as and the fact that someone that we know (SPOILER) was the culprit was something that I did not expect to kudos to that :)! 

However, to be frank, there was one part of the game that I did not really appreciate which was the long duration of conversations between the two chracters in the lab. I was actually quite bored and annoyed at it so maybe you can lessen the length of the conversation to give an overall better horror atmosphere of the game?

Anyway, here is the first part of my gameplay of this overall amazing game and I hope that I can recive some support. Thank you :).

This is a great game overall. I feel that maybe it could have been more scary and horrifying and I hope that a little more information could have been given regarding about the death of the boy. Anyway, it is an amazing game. Thank you and please support my channel. 

Hello, this is the second part of my gameplay. Please show some support. Thank you.

After playing the game and reading the description, I understand that the game is trying to explore loneliness and desperation to end the game by eating the red cube.

The concept of having background music as the sound of the waves at the sea sort of actually made the mood more calming and relaxing (to me). I was actually playing the game feeling quite relaxed and even after eating the red cube and watching the man sinking into the ocean, I didn’t really feel the part of horror in the game.

Personally, I feel that loneliness comes from the feeling when you are present but everyone treats you as if you were absent or invisible to them. I personally (to me) feel that the concept of feeling lonely is a lacking in the game because we are just playing as an old man fishing until we want them to stop by consuming the red cube. I hope that you can develop and build on the idea of loneliness.

Overall, this is a very interesting and good game that will attract many people’s attention. I hope to see more endings and a better version of the game in the future. Good job!

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This is a great horror game. The graphics are good and the story is very intriguing. Please continue to develop ths game. I cannot wait to see the end product when it is completed! :)