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Try googling this file and downloading it and putting it in Windows/system, or whatever folder the dll files are stored :) ?

I don't know if I can call it skewed. It gives a negative impression, but any game about one person's experience is neccessarily anecdotal. Note that the protagonist does say that the clinic is useless because she does not dare open up.

I too got a distinct feeling that the "Join" option was the "happy ending", even more so than "Live". I'm sure this wasn't the developer's message and that there's a deeper meaning. Perhaps they're portraying what suicide can feel like to a person who is grieving and actively suicidal, but I can see how it can trigger people in similar situations to have thoughts of SU.

I'm sorry this has caused your boyfriend to have suicidal thoughts. My advice is to seek professional help if you are worried. I know this is a late reply, but talk to your doctor, or a local suicide prevention/psychiatric organisation. You'll get more concrete advice from them.

*dev. One person made this.

In 48 hours.

I wrote about this gem here. Posted this under Ratings, but not sure if those are publicly viewable anywhere, 'cause I can't find them :P .

You might need Google Translate unless you speak Viking ;) .

Hit "About" in the main menu and she's listed the names of the songs, then take it from there :) .

Let me also just say, if you are really 19 and made this game, there is a future ahead of you in this craft for sure.