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Best game I've played so far in this jam. Great smooth responsive controls. Easy yet addicting gameplay. Cool art style and I love how the music seems to correlate with the actions of the player. 

Please put directions and controls in the game itself. 

Please don't put unskippable cutscenes. 

Beautiful art style. No music. No Sound. Frustrating boring gameplay. 

Beautiful look and feel. Please put the controls on the screen. 

I just hold the space bar and I win?

Clunky and slow controls. Odd music choice. Art feels a bit too slapped together. 

Beautiful art, music, and presentation. Clear controls and goal. I'm not a fan of shoot em ups though and I wish I could shoot with the mouse instead. Also I never really found a reason to switch out of the joined ship version. 

Movement feels too slow. Cool concept though. Needed sound. 

It's pong. With a patronizing fail screen and funky physics when balls hit each other.

Controls need to be on screen at all times and they seem needlessly complicated. Beautiful art and presentation though.

Got stuck at the crossing ropes tutorial and couldn't figure out what the game wanted me to do next. Everything before that was excellent though. Beautiful presentation. Just not really that fun. Feels like work. 

Couldn't get past the title screen. Clicked on options and its sub-menu wouldn't go away even after clicking the back button. Reloaded the game, now none of the title screen buttons worked. Reloaded it again and the title screen buttons still don't do anything. 

I keep trying to launch the game but it remains stuck in the loading screen :(

Amazing game. I love the creepy atmosphere and the design of the enemies. As a huge fan of horror games like these, please give the option to have analog controls as well as tank controls. I'm terrible at tank controls and it ruins the immersion when I struggle to even just face the item I'm trying to click on. The aim controls could still works as is, I would just like to move around more intuitively. 

Also please have the option to have the Shoot and run button each be their own buttons rather than forced to be paired with the action button and reload button respectively. I want to be able to aim with the right shoulder button and then shoot with the left shoulder button. But then that would make my "click on this" action button be the left shoulder button which is not ideal. 

These are just nitpicks though and overall, this game is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to play the full game. Thank you for reading and making this. 

Is there a way to change the volume of the sounds and music? I like to listen to my own music/podcasts while playing. 

Thank you so much for all the flight and control updates! My brain finally clicked and I could zoom around the levels with ease. I also love that the levels get more populated the more enemies you clear. Empty feeling levels (once cleared) is def something the Spyro games suffered from.

My only request would be that some character  actually tell you about the difference between jumping out of a charge versus bouncing out of a charge. Once I figured out the value of bouncing out of a charge (or somersaulting) it changed everything. I had no idea you could double jump with it either. Good stuff! But some players like me will struggle with the game unless those abilities are specifically outlined. 

Amazing game! I love the music, design, colors, animations, characters! 

I absolutely love the game! But is anyone else getting a glitch on their ps4 controller where you can't control the camera with the right analog stick AND the camera keeps rotating around the main character? I had to switch over to the keyboard controls because I couldn't handle having the camera rotating. 

Great work though! It's an amazing game with a lot of character!