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Amazing game. I love the creepy atmosphere and the design of the enemies. As a huge fan of horror games like these, please give the option to have analog controls as well as tank controls. I'm terrible at tank controls and it ruins the immersion when I struggle to even just face the item I'm trying to click on. The aim controls could still works as is, I would just like to move around more intuitively. 

Also please have the option to have the Shoot and run button each be their own buttons rather than forced to be paired with the action button and reload button respectively. I want to be able to aim with the right shoulder button and then shoot with the left shoulder button. But then that would make my "click on this" action button be the left shoulder button which is not ideal. 

These are just nitpicks though and overall, this game is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to play the full game. Thank you for reading and making this. 


I'm glad you liked it! and the other control type (camera direction based movement) will be in the full version.
And the controller/buttons/input system will be renewed in the full version as well. Thanks for the idea of separate buttons for different actions. : ) Will be easy to implement when the new system is there.