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Most likely not.
There might be a physical release for the console version very soon.
But the console version publisher needs to announce it.

it depends how fast you beat the game.

they're pre-rendered images. I made a high detailed version in Blender and rendered images from it.
and then used in the game : )
I still use a very lowpoly version of the environment that is somewhat invisible to handle the hitboxes/invisible walls and creating the effect of characters going behind environmental objects (like going behind a table or something, even though the table is just a part of the background image)

I'm glad you like it! : D
for the grabs, you have to mash all buttons rapidly (or keys if playing with keyboard).
The Hydra Suit will help you break out of a grab faster too.

Thank you! : ) It did took a long time to make.
Definitely check out the full game if you haven't already

Yes, it will eventually release on GOG too : )

It should be very soon! I'll have to ask CoteGamers to be 100% sure.

I know rule of rose but I never played it. : p
So it was no source of inspiration : )

Yeey 14th! thanks! : D

oh! I didn't know! that's awesome! : D
A physical version is in the works by Côté Gamers. In case you're interested.
When there is more news about it, I'll post an update here on the Phenix Corrupta page.

Is it in the top? in which category? I don't see this game being featured by Itch.
And I didn't do anything special really, I just had some followers and I post it on social media and the MSX community.

Thanks! but it's MSX though. But both the Sega Master System and MSX2 used the same CPU. : )

Quite possible that seeing Vinyl Goddess back when I was a kid influenced me for this game. (which is basically Jill in the Jungle's spiritual successor or something)

the password is a save system.
only use it when you have a password. Otherwise just do "new game".
When you pass a savepoint, write down or make a picture of your password you get, this you can use if you quit and and want to continue where you stopped. Remember, everytime you save, it'll be a different password. At the end of the game, there is a chance to get 1 of the 3 secret passwords.
I hope this helps!

we are talking about the retro 8-bit game here. not the RE game XD

not sure this is a "good game" though

you know you are talking about a Commodore 64 game right? on a cassette tape.
I'd create 60 of those tapes but you'll have to pay me up front. XD

I'm glad you like it! : D

your game speed seems sometimes a little faster than usual.
not sure if that's just the recording or something else.
the trick you did at 7:00 is pretty amazing XD

it's the middle ending actually : )

yes! it's all about the speed : )

(1 edit)

there you go XD

thank you very much for believing in me! : D

there are no bosses

ah! late reply but you found the discord so that's good : )

someone made a mod for it, but I don't know what's inside the script of that mod so I can't add it.
Also, adding this feature would glitch current existing languages.
I'm sure you can achieve a lot by strategically placing the "@" mark within your text and you can even move text of the previous sentence to the next sentence. And be creative and optimize your word use like if you would be sending a text message on an old phone : )

Just taking a break for a moment. But I thought about it yesterday.

NG+9 is maximum


I cannot post publicly about this

you live in china?

you should join the discord for all of these questions : p

Nope XD I was first to do it. But they released earlier sadly.

well, that's my tip : )

yup : ) you also need the rope

There is a secret crossbow somewhere hidden : )

Hey, I deleted your 2 previous posts. no offence. just kinda spoils the endings for people who didn't play yet. but yes, good friends but the photo is not Jean and Alisa : ) it's very unclear indeed but it's actually a photo of Alisa's parents and her as a kid, but difficult to see.

Indeed. Only the "modifications bought in the shop" make sure you have 6 for the 3rd ending : )

there are 3,5 endings. (3rd ending has 2 versions)
The endings depends on how many Modifications you bought. (6 is maximum)
so there is: none, some, all. and last variation depends on Elise's state (friendly doll).
6th mod is a bit hidden and you have to figure that out how to unlock it.

indeed XD