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or just one guy can achieve XD haha
And thank you!

so when you push the change weapon button, it quickly swaps 2 times?
That's odd... I got to check this out.. I didn't even touch that code since then XD
But thanks for letting me know!

Thanks a lot! ^^

alright : )

thanks : p

MacOS had problems with many aspects of the game. Mostly trouble showing textures.
In case you want to play it on Mac, you can use Wine and run the Windows version. This works a hell lot better than a native Mac version.

I'd like to rush it XD but indeed... perfectionism and life is in the way.

yea... about a year or so. well, that's what I'm aiming for

Alright : )

Just bug fixes : ) this is probably the last one before something big.

oh yea, the mouse doesn't do anything. It's only keyboard or a custom controller : )

it's set up with keyboard by default.
Check the keybinding settings to see how the buttons are mapped for keyboard and if you want to change something to make it easier for you, you can do that too. : )

I will indeed make changes to the combat for the full version.
A mac port might not come for this demo anymore. It worked better with Wine. So that's where I leave it for now.

you have to redownload the newer version. But I won't be updating the demo so frequently anymore.
Maybe only 1 update to go, for 2 small bugs.
But for now, v1.23 is the last.
I'm aiming to finish the full game 1 year from now. So first quarter of 2021. I'm planning to run a kickstarter soon and it all depends on the success of this. If I don't make it, the release might take longer because I won't have the resources to work on it fulltime.

So I guess Alisa is a Alone in the Dark inspired game! : p
I played Alone in the Dark before playing RE games though.


These links will disappear : p it's simple indeed.


Thanks for the bug report! I will fix this as soon as I can! : )

Mac version doesn't really work. I should remove it.
The only way to play it correctly on Mac is by downloading the Windows version and playing it through Wine Emulator on Mac. This seems to work correctly.

I'm glad it works and that you liked it! ^^
And I'm trying to fix as many bugs as possible with every update. So check the update log on this page from time to time if you want to play without bugs or problems. : )

odd, it works perfectly on my windows 10 pc. Do you have the same problem with other games? or games made with the unity engine?

if you mess up the button config you can always press F1+F2 at the main menu screen and quit the game. then start the game again and everything should be set to default.

low chance I will ever release it for mobile. but other platforms will most likely get a port.

I see : ) just install the latest version of Alisa Demo. It should be fixed.

I don't have a lot of experience with Linux. But I think if Alisa game gives the error, it will do it for other Unity games too. You should look it up why it's doing it for Unity games in general. Maybe someone put up a sollution on the internet.
But atleast you could play it with Wine : )

wasd doesn't work indeed.
Maybe I'll make it an option in a later update.

Wac is a problem. I heard from another Mac user that you can play the Windows version on Mac using Wine Emulator. This seems to work better than the real Mac version of Alisa.

I'm working on a fix now.

yes, it was an amaxing video! : D

it should normally work. but the mac version is extremely broken.
in case you want to try playing it on mac, you can always try playing with the Wine Emulator and playing the windows version. I heard it worked better at some points but not sure about the controller compatibility. XboxOne and Xbox360 controllers use the same driver. so you should also check if the Xinput drivers are installed. (if it exists for mac)

Yes, there is such a bug that you sometimes appear behind a door. This will be fixed soon. But I'm glad it didn't stop you from having fun ^^
I put a lot of work in optimizing the game. It runs on my 10+ years old laptop aswell : p so any pc will run this : )

Thanks for the kind comment! ^^

it should work. Is your controller working in other games or programs?
You can navigate in the button config with the arrow buttons on the keyboard and pressing enter to ready-assign a button on your controller.
This is normally no bug that prevents from using a controller. In case you are using Mac, this might be a problem because the mac version is extremely broken at some points.

update v1.2 should normally work. check the keyconfig in the settings menu of the game. 
Use the arrow buttons on the keyboard and Enter to bind the buttons on the controller.
If nothing reacts to it, then check your controller drivers.

update v1.2 is fully compatible with keyboard. (Mouse will never be used in this game)

(1 edit)

Just checked it, these bugs are not present in current versions. : ) only the aim up and down but that'll be fixed in version 1.13 or higher.

thanks for the bug report. I will check it out. are you sure you played the last version?
But anyway, version 1.12 has bugged aim up and down. So that'll be fixed in the next version.

Thank you for your feedback! I will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Thanks for adressing some bugs where other people couldn't find the cause. This will indeed help to fix it.
Some bugs are probably already fixed, Because you can get out of the item menu pushing "cancel" since the first update.
Some stuff just didn't make it into the demo because I didn't have enough time to put them in. Like really small things (like the sounds of naked feet on the ground).
Also many of the animations were the first animations ever made and were going to be replaced with polished animations but didn't get there. The main pink doll has indeed very crappy AI. But this is because the animations were also temporary and I had to find a way to balance it for people that are bad at this game. Because 50% of the players die from this pink doll. So yea.
The dresses has soft attributes. But they are not clear in current version. I'm fixing that for the next update.
For the map: I can not put an exact location for the player because of the low resolution. an arrow would sometimes be the size of a room.
Right now, this map is exactly the same as RE1. So I guess it's fine for now.
The machine gun is for the demo. Will indeed be a later game weapon in the full version.
There will be melee weapons. Quit should work as normal. No idea why it restarts your game. But I will check again. It might be a bug.
I will also re-record the voices of Alisa. I guess Pol is alright for now.
The fact that she sometimes looks normal and going back to wounded-state is because there is an interaction-animation for doors and picking up stuff. this is why it looks this way.
If I wanted to make this demo perfect, I would have had to delay it with another half-a-year.
Remember that this is my first real game.

And I guess if people want to give something, then that's fine. I don't have anything to give in return really.
But I'm going to use the money for giveaways and possible ports to different platforms. So it goes to good cause for everyone.

Yea, that bug happened because you interacted with the door from quite far away. But it's good that I know this bug. Will fix it in the next update. 
Save points is for the fullgame. Because this is only a ~20min demo.
And that enemy behaviour is to balance it a little. But this will change in the full version with new animations.
For some people, the game is too difficult and for other people it's too easy. So I had to find some kind of (temporary) balance.