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wow! that's an ancient version you played! XD
I hope you didn't encounter too many bugs.

Great! : D

Oh that's quite impressive! I just started C64 Basic last year. Assembly is a bit too difficult for me. For now : p
But using mospeed gave me a pretty good result (in speed) anyway : )
Thanks for the link! I will check it out. It's easier to make people play my game. Then then they don't need to download it and stuff.

Nice little game! Did you write it in Basic or assembly?
Also, you have an html web player for your game. I'm kinda curious how you did that :p

oh I didn't know it was hard XD
I felt like it was boring easy. So I had to balance it all to make it a bit of a challenge XD
But no one play tested it : D

haha sure! : ) but still need to get another ~17people in for a physical version. Before I start producing


Sure! But it's a not a disk : p it's a cassette tape that I was going for.
Since it a bit more accessible and easier to produce : )

I really like this one. The water blends so well together with the background. And the contrast in colour is beautiful. A strong duo tone. Amazing!

Simple bit nice!

I love all the details in this model. Really amazing!

you know well XD those are the only shapes I used.

And photoshopped the trees away! : O

Thank you! : D

Thanks! : )

You make me feel famous now XD
Haha yea, I was kind of into c64 for a while. Just finished a small game for it. So that's why my mind was instantly thinking about that XD

Great game! I love the graphics and music. Gameplay is also really solid and what you would expect from the genre.
is the ".prg" for the magic spells a commodore reference? XD

hey! sorry I completely forgot about valentine this year... :/ I thought about it yesterday and it was too late to start making it XD
Sorry : / but nothing to worry about, you didn't miss anything : )

I will try to finish it asap : )

thank you! :D

I'm still trying. Currently in crunch for the past 3 months.
But I'm not so sure of it. I might have to delay it until September.

Thank you very much! Might replay it on my desktop again! : )

I'm having a lot of fun with the game so far!
I'm currently not at home so I'm playing on a simple laptop without a controller and I'm getting some framedrops which is fine because they are not so extreme but the mouse look has an odd smoothing and sometimes when the framerate is high the mouse speed seems faster and the otherway around. Which makes mouse look a bit difficult. also, I would prefer to use space to roll. Because Ctrl is a bit difficult to hit quickly when it's located between the "fn" and windows button. And sometimes my hits will not register. (maybe?)
Other then that, I really like the game and definitely worth the money! : ) keep it up!

startup the game and when you are in the menu press F1+F2 (a couple of times times to make sure it registered it) then quit the game or press Alt+F4 to do it quick. Then startup the game again and it should be all back to default.
Enjoy! tell if there is some other problem : )

thanks! : ) well, I might tweak it later on a bit so you can always get all of the toothwheel from him. maybe I'll make his deadbody collision smaller so you can kinda walk through it. This might do the trick : )
I'm happy you enjoy the game so much. And yea the Kickstarter is over but follow me on or twitter or instagram because there can always be something similar to Kickstarter in the near future. Since people are often asking about it : )

This big guy drops 10 toothwheels.
Normally it wouldn't be such a problem to get them all. but there could be times that 1 or 2 of them are beyond reach.
You say you get stuck on the ground? You mean that you get punched and can't get up on time until you get hit by another punch?
The sink gives you 3 toothwheels.
But I'm glad you like the game : ) this enemy is just an optional mini boss kinda creature. you don't have to fight it to proceed.
It's a tricky challenge.

yes, the Christmas demo is over : )

Thank you! : D

yea, it's extremely old. it's was just a small practice project : ) kind of abandoned.
It was the first thing I programmed and one of the first things I made with blender.
The lighting is way too much and that's why the game runs so slow.

Merry Christmas to you too! : ) and no problem!

Thank you!
And yes, these controls will be possible when I updated the input/keybindings system.
I can't say exactly when this update comes but it will surely be there when the full game is finished : )

I would actually also love to see this feature to choose a folder on the HDD to get random pictures from.

Thanks and auto-aim will be a feature in the full game.

Nice video! You finished it pretty quickly! Well done! : )
If everything goes as planned, this game will release in May 2021.

At least you could kill the big guy : p not a lot of people can do that.

Thanks for the video and review! : )

Thanks! Fun video! And I had to skip a part of Flesh Birds because I want to play it for myself XD

This will indeed come to consoles. Since I hit that stretch goal on Kickstarter : )
All social media links can be found on this page:

sorry, I'm not releasing for mobile. But there will be console releases like Nintendo Switch

Hehe : D Thank you very much!
(you probably noticed it) every type of clothing has different attributes. Walking around in underwear has a different function. But this will be more useful in the full game : )