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Just taking a break for a moment. But I thought about it yesterday.

NG+9 is maximum


I cannot post publicly about this

you live in china?

you should join the discord for all of these questions : p

Nope XD I was first to do it. But they released earlier sadly.

well, that's my tip : )

yup : ) you also need the rope

There is a secret crossbow somewhere hidden : )

Hey, I deleted your 2 previous posts. no offence. just kinda spoils the endings for people who didn't play yet. but yes, good friends but the photo is not Jean and Alisa : ) it's very unclear indeed but it's actually a photo of Alisa's parents and her as a kid, but difficult to see.

Indeed. Only the "modifications bought in the shop" make sure you have 6 for the 3rd ending : )

there are 3,5 endings. (3rd ending has 2 versions)
The endings depends on how many Modifications you bought. (6 is maximum)
so there is: none, some, all. and last variation depends on Elise's state (friendly doll).
6th mod is a bit hidden and you have to figure that out how to unlock it.

indeed XD

Thank you! : D
It's the castle of Osaka. They all look a bit similar. Another famous castle is Himeji-jo.
That one is in Hyogo. I only know and been to these 2. Because I've only been in the Kansai region XD 

yup, very full

Ignore the part where I talk about Steam and achievements.
I accidently copied that from my Steam Announcement.


I also realized that the current demo version doesn't support WASD. so it's controller or arrow buttons only. I might update the demo in the near future but the full game supports WASD controls

Yes. it's standard set for keyboard controls and you can still edit the controls in the button settings ingame.
Standard keyboard buttons are very 90s so some people might like to edit them to be more "modern" : )

she's definitely not fully human anymore.
and the endboss creature was trying to lure her into becoming a doll from the start.
But he didn't know she was quite immune. It's a rare case but there are more characters in the game that showed immunity or partial immunity. (so not losing their soul or becoming a mindless zombie-like machine)

hey! I will only do bug fixes from now.
and occasionally add event dresses to the "make-up menu"

After the coming update. The game will become "Alisa | The Developer's Cut" and a little later I will make "custom language" support so that the community can make and share their own translations. Many people wants to make a Russian translation so it won't take long for it to be available.

I don't have the time to implement each language by myself so this custom language feature is all I can do. But you will have to wait a little until it's ready.

I'm glad you liked it!
And a big content update will release around the end of the month / start of next month! : )

For this game, I wanted it to sound like RE1996. Or other 90s PC games. : )

it runs with ubuntu. other than that, I have no experience with Linux.
You can always try the demo on Steam if you want an easier install.

(1 edit)

then you should wait until the next update drops (in about a month) will add a lot of deleted content and maaaaaaaaybe a small update sale ;)

I also want to say that the demo is more of a beta demo. A lot of stuff is better in the full version.
(game over screen is a big example)

Alisa is 100% a different game
I personally didn't like McGee's Alice. So it's definitely not an inspiration for me
I did get a some inspiration from Svankmajer's Alice when I started this project.
Also, Alice in Wonderland is a public domain story, whatever someone makes that is based on this story (which for me is not the case even) can never be ripoff.

glad it's not just me : p
tried it on a couple of devices and all had the same thing.

The last couple of days, the "New & Popular" tab gives the same results as "Popular" when browsing games.

Is this a bug?

No it's made in Unity : )
Also PS1 seems quite impossible to make games for nowadays.
The amount of homebrew ps1 3D games can probably be counted on 1 hand.
I looked into it and I only found 1 or 2 games.
But Alisa runs on Windows XP so that's a tiny bit "retro" already XD

somewhere this year, but I can't say exactly when.
If I do physical, it'll probably be a limited produced amount

yes, but I'm waiting until the next big update is done :)

(1 edit)

awesome! : D
I remember this being an issue. glad you could fix it!

(1 edit)

Since I update both Steam and Itch at the same time, I didn't want to change the name of the zip file.
Otherwise I need to do waaay more steps insides Steam to get an update uploaded.
I know it's confusing on Itch....
But sure, next time I'll change the number. It's just going to take me an extra 10min for the upload XD

thanks! : D I used an outdated Blender version and a lot of research in how the materials should look and the use of colours :)

I would also love to play it with the usual Soulsborne controls.
My brain glitches when I have to think fast in this version of Bloodborne XD
I start to press all kinds of buttons (mostly R3 but yea. doesn't exist)

well, I just read this as an opinion XD
I heard a lot of people saying the opposite and all depends on play style.
Same as how people see armor sets/builds in Souls games.
You need to figure out what works best for you. A lot of my friends buys the saber and nothing else.
And you don't have to kill any enemy except the bosses. to complete the game. you don't even have to do the doll leg quest.

1. The black doll will be a nemesis type enemy until the other doll dies or gets taken away. That just a tiny story within the main story.
2. The mouth doors aren't accessible yet. There is a lot of content I had to cut from release but will be added soon.
3. There might be 1 DLC coming but not any time soon. I will first add all the remaining content.
4. The game currently has only 1 ending and will get 2 more endings.
5. The Blunderbuss? Yes it needs a rebalance because it only works fine if you are literally standing against an enemy.
6. When I made the second puppet shop, there will be an auto-aim feature. With possibly a setting to start with auto-aim enabled as "easy mode"
There will be no new bosses but I'm going to add 2 new enemy types to the game. And NG+ which makes you start with the weapons of your previous playthrough but stronger enemies and such.
Last update added  new enemy placements around the map after every boss. Also by the end. Makes it less empty late game.

I used Unity