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this looks really good but I couldn't get past the second checkpoint, I just couldn't make the jump. Maybe it's got something to do with the framerate? It's a shame because it looks really nice

Looks really good but the implementation was a little boring

Looks nice
Good implementation of the chain mechanic

This is INSANE
Great game!

Fun idea, well executed

Simple but a cool concept

Quite well polished

Quite hard to get around but entertaining

Thanks for your feedback! I thought about something like that but given that I am alome here and don't have anyone to test it with (yeah, I realized too late about that) I thought I would better leave it alone and maybe come back to it another day.

Thanks for testing it! 

It's a nice game but the controls are awful. WASD is a standard, if you want to support a french keyboard you should make that optional because most of the keyboards don't have that layout. Jump should be instant, it doesn't feel good to control.

You should continue development, it looks like it could end in a cool game.

As weird as it sounds, it was related to the fact that I had two controllers connected and it worked aiming with one and shooting with the other.

XBox 360 controller with windows 10

I couldn't shoot. Got the gun, aimed with the right stick, pressed Right Trigger, nothing happens.

Here's the track Sorry for the delay.

I can't right now, but I'll send you the track tomorrow.

It's a fun game, it's headed in the right direction.

The handling doesn't feel right, it doesn't have drift so it's hard to get the feeling of how to take the curves, it feels like you might have too much control for the speed you have and it ends up causing you to crash a lot because it turns more than expected. Maybe I'm too used to mario kart, but that's a game that feels great.

Then I found a bug, I made a track where all the COMs end up stuck in one place, here's a screencap We were on the second lap when we found them.

It's a great prototype.
I've recently played Mirror's Edge so I compare it to that, the first thing I noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a reason to have a run button, the character could always run with certain first acceleration.
I also lacks a bit of feedback, maybe with some sound effects it will improve.
It would also be cool if it could be played with a joystick as well.
Great work for a prototype.