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It's a fun game, it's headed in the right direction.

The handling doesn't feel right, it doesn't have drift so it's hard to get the feeling of how to take the curves, it feels like you might have too much control for the speed you have and it ends up causing you to crash a lot because it turns more than expected. Maybe I'm too used to mario kart, but that's a game that feels great.

Then I found a bug, I made a track where all the COMs end up stuck in one place, here's a screencap http://i666.photobucket.com/albums/vv22/freakwolf-photo/Super%20Pilot%2029_09_2016%2022_10_05_zpsrg6unc1r.png We were on the second lap when we found them.


Thanks for you feedback, this is very helpful! We're still iterating on the handling, and are also planning on adding more vehicles with different handling settings, including some with more drifting - one of them may suit your style better. :)

As for the bug, I've never seen that! Is there any chance you saved your track and could send it to us? You should find the file in your User folder, then "Appdata/LocalLow/Dopagames/Super Pilot". Otherwise we'll just try and replicate the turn from your screenshot.

I can't right now, but I'll send you the track tomorrow.

Hey, any chance you could send us that track? :)

Here's the track http://www.mediafire.com/file/bg6m4k9baby1l2l/Twisty.trk Sorry for the delay.

Great, thanks a lot! That'll be a big help for debugging.