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Not yet but you can follow our musician here:

The game only runs on Windows for now. Mac and Linux versions are possible, and are definitely on our wishlist, but we don't want to
commit to those until we can be sure we'll be able to test and support them properly.

Nop! Still working hard on it. Update soon... :)


The tracks you've created are really cool!!!

Aww stop you're making me blush ^_^'

Thanks a lot :)


Thanks for your feedback!

We changed the game flow a little so you could customize your race after you selected your track and not the other way around. As a result the random track option was removed from the race customization screen. We'll try to find a way to put it back somewhere!

We improved the keyboard controls in version 0.4.0. The keyboard turn is much more reactive now.

Thanks! Configurable controls on the todo list!

Haha this bug is fixed in version 0.4.0 :D

Thank you!

Thanks :)

Great video! More to come soon :)

Thank you!

Happy to get a new fan! And thanks for the reference, I didn't know this game - looks fun! ;) I gotta try and find it.

Thanks for the kind words and all the videos! Glad to read the game was a good surprise for you. There's more coming, keep an eye on the updates!

Muchas gracias

Video or didnt happen!

I know, right?

Thanks! We would LOVE to do a VR version, but we'll have to secure more resources before committing to it. It's high up on our wishlist though!

Thanks, this is a great video! Glad you had fun with the game.

And thanks for the suggestion, a respawn button is actually a great idea! (though we'll also have to investigate why you got stuck in the first place ;))

Thanks Myroscope! Great video!

Tracks sharing is planned, stay tuned!

Thanks for the compliment!

you are cool :)

Wow you made the grooviest video of the game so far haha I love it!

To answer your points:

1/ Brakes are for the weak (kidding - you can brake actually but we need to fine-tune it)

2/ Crash physics more DRAMATIC => will do!

3/ Special weapons => we may add more abilities (like the boost) in the future, we'll see!


We are still looking for the right balance between ship size and track width. It has a huge impact on the corners visibility and the overall sense of speed. Definitely something we have to work on!

There will be tons of new tracks when players will be able to upload and share their own tracks directly in the game! Stay tuned...

Regarding new track themes and game modes, this is also on our todo list but will have to wait a bit more since we are just a team of 2 for now.

Anyway, thanks for the great feedback!

Thank you!

The next big update will have leaderboards = much more challenge for you!

You nailed it, it's tough!

Adding a slight break while drifting sounds like a good idea, I'll try :)

Thanks for your feedback!

WELL SAID! Happy you like it =)

Great video! Thanks for your support!


Good question, we'll let everyone know as soon as we get the answer =)

Sorry to make you sad :(

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for your support!

We can't promise but we'll try!

Several people have asked this question, so I just added a few lines about it in the description. See the "platforms" paragraph at the end. :) Basically we'd like to make a Mac version, but don't want to make any promise before we're sure we can support it.

No online multiplayer yet :)