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Thanks! It's made in Godot (Tween nodes are super useful to make things look good with relatively little effort; this project used them a lot).

No soy de la jam, pero es mensual i (creo que) nunca ha tenido recompensas.
Si quieres contactar alguien del jam, el discord probabalmente sera la mejor opcion, pero todos es en ingles

Si, solo es para conocimientos i diversion

The controls took some getting used to, but after a while I felt like I could keep going forever. It was good relaxing fun, but it seemed like the high score was just about playing for long enough (I got to 3500 before stopping). Maybe have it speed up, like normal tetris does?

It was nice bringing colour to the world and the levels were great to explore at speed, but it felt like the way death and scoring worked, the most optimal way to play was veeery slow and methodical, which wasn't as fun.

The art was nice, and the changing music was a nice touch!

A cool idea, and the promise of combining bananas with weapons was very enticing. It'd be nice to see a little more variation in weapons - in terms of gameplay, they generally felt like either melee or ranged with different damage outputs (but I get that making 10 unique and interesting weapons in 72 hours is a bit much!)

Really nice work with the graphics and audio! I feel like a little more depth in interacting with the enemies could have been good (I tended to just move them all into the same corner of the screen every time), but there's only so much you can do in 72 hours. So an impressive level of polish, nice one!

"I'm gonna have to close that one, or else I'll just sit here doing it forever." I can't ask for higher praise than that, thanks for giving it a go!

This was a really nice take on the theme! I started off just trying to overwrite the starting path, but had a lot more success once I was properly combining it with what I wanted. The graphics are clear and attractive and I really liked the risk/reward of the Kraken tentacles. The sound cut out fairly early for me (I think after the first menu), but overall a great job!

That's some lovely artwork, nice one!

A very simple checkpoint implementation would be to have a Node2D as a respawn point, then when the player enters an Area2D, you can heve the respawn point move to the player's position. When the player dies, reload the map, but keep the respawn point where it is, and move the player there once the map's reloaded (or you can not reload the map, and have the gamestate stay the same).

There are lots of little tweaks you could add on, like storing whether certain buttons should spawn pressed or not depending on the checkpoint reached.

I'm not sure how clear that is, but I hope it helps!

I tried to get done, but got 10020 instead (I think there's a problem that the difficulty doesn't increase with time)

I hadn't found it, no. But I did remember the odd white pixel, so have got it now!

Thanks for this, it's lovely!

1450 woop woop

The right blend of fairness and frustration that made me spend quite a while beating it, nice job! With as many restarts as the game needs, it'd be nice to have a key to press to automatically restart/progress to the next level.

I thought I'd seen enough games about broken chicken light bulbs that can't control themselves, but this showed me there's still room for innovation in a saturated genre.

I kept playing this for a surprisingly long time!

Somehow I missed that intersections were what made money in the tutorial, so sat watching totally safe and pointless trains for a while. Once it clicked though, it was quite a lot of fun.

It'd be interesting to have incentives to send tracks to particular places to slightly constrain the  player's options. Overall though, good job!

I can't seem to wrap my head around this - the best I managed was two turns, unless I just sit still until the fuel runs out.

A gorgeous looking game, and I really liked the sound design on losing/gaining score. I feel like the item count was a bit low for me, or that some other small option for interaction would have helped, since only ten inputs across a minute seemed quite slow. Overall, a wonderful game though, great job!

A nice idea, but I wasn't really sure how to overcome the obstacles. I managed to half push the queen over the first crate  once it had fallen in the gap, but after that she got stuck behind a chandelier in a doorway with me on the other side.

I liked the character you managed to give the very low-res sprites.

Lovely graphics, though I had an issue with the  resolution cutting part of the screen off. A very cute idea!

A really nice idea! I think it would have been nice if it were a little more forgiving, e.g. if you crash into a wall you're travelling nearly parallel to, you slide instead of completely stopping.

Really nice presentation and a cool idea, but I'm not sure what the intended experience is - I can't seem to survive more than half a second once the dog runs across.

It has a really lovely aesthetic and the idea is a novel take on the theme. I would have liked to see a tiny bit more gameplay depth, so that keeping all rabbits as far apart as possible isn't the only way to play. All the same, a lovely little game!

The graphics don't work for me on Linux - I can hear music and presumably a jump sound when I press W, but the screen is just black. I hope other people manage to play it!

A lot of the time, this felt too on theme - the turning controls were so sensitive that it seemed like just tapping A or D could send me two lanes over into a crash barrier and end my run. I think the core idea of narrowly avoiding traffic could be a lot of fun, but I never felt like it was up to me whether I'd hit the cars or not.

A cool idea, and it fits nicely to the theme of the jam. It sometimes felt like the puzzle and platforming parts of the game were conflicting - I'd often know exactly what I needed to do, but each time I missed a jump, would have to restart the level and spend 20 or seconds getting to the jump again.

I like the core mechanic, but feel like it might be served better with more forgiving platforming.

Very weird, very original. I liked it!

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Kerflux is a nice casual game that has you "uncovering" the correct input with audio and visuals - something like that could work well in the puzzling space. On the other hand, it seems a shame to limit creativity by asking people to find a particular solution. But then, I can't think of any ways to keep it creatively open while still having a meaningful goal.

Either way, I loved it!

I gave up before collecting all the books, but it was a good idea, and well executed.

While it started pretty easy, the last couple of minutes were very engaging. Balancing the water supply and plotting routes for the two choppers so that they could hit fires along the way to their ultimate destination was enjoyable. I think it could have done with some time cut off the early game - I don't think I started losing trees until the last minute or so - but it was novel and fun, nice job!

This doesn't work on Linux and can't be run with WINE, saying there are some missing files.

Often game engines will build a runnable file alongside some other files (maybe a folder or a .pck). Usually all of these are needed to run the game - people usually include them all in a single zip file for download.

I hope people will be able to play it, and congratulations on finishing your first game jam!

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Absolutely lovely graphics, but I'd agree that the bullets are pretty tricky to see.

Nice and atmospheric. I could see this growing into a great narrative game, or also something more intense with time constraints added. Nice work!

Well done for getting it to a playable state. The player character's great, despite how rushed you say the art was!

Simple, but fun!