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This is a darn cute game, y'hear? Yee-haww!

Having to manage both the mouse and keyboard is a fun twist on classic typing games, kept me on my toes. Really well done!

Cool game! Our interpretations of the theme were similar, it's interesting to see the differences. 

Really nice puzzle game! Simple mechanics that require strategy. The more I played the more it felt like the solutions came intuitively. I hope you'll continue working on this - maybe move it to a different engine, add some better graphics, sound, and juice. I think it could really work as a light desktop or mobile app. Keep up the good work!

Even though the game is incomplete, it seems like an interesting proof of concept and I hope you will continue to flesh it out. As others pointed out I think clarity is a bit lacking right now- consider rearranging the number indicators at the side, and perhaps highlight the tiles you can move to. Still, very good effort for your first jam. This has a lot of potential! 

Really interesting concept! I like how despite the simplicity of the mechanics, it still manages to get more and more chaotic the more you play. I'd love to see this polished, perhaps with some quality of life fixes like a bigger indicator of the number you rolled, and more readable dots on the cubes. Still, overall, great game!

Neat concept, cute execution, 10/10  for memorable characters. Would love to see this updated and polished in the future!

This is cool! We had very similar concepts but we took them in very different directions. I like the way you used it!

Wow, this is one of the most polished games I've seen in this jam! Well done.

This game is absolutely beautiful! Love the art and the music. It's still a bit rough around the edges when it comes to clarity and balance, but that's entirely understandable considering the short jam duration. I would love to see this polished and expanded upon in the future. Great work!

Wow, I really like the style! The art is fantastic, love the grim atmosphere. Definitely very original. Good work!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Actually, I'm considering entirely remaking the game and expanding it into a full experience. This probably won't happen soon, but when it does I will update you!

Wow! I wasn't expecting this kind of attention towards my game, I'm honored that you find it fitting for students. Sadly, I don't currently have the software required to export the game for browsers, and buying it would be a considerable money investment for me. If I ever create a browser version I'll be sure to inform you, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

thanks :)

Would appreciate it!


I'm glad you enjoyed the game! The music lines up for me, so I'm guessing the game runs on a slightly different speed on your computer. Sadly I didn't have the time to make a very robust system...

Consider changing the current controls to WASD or the arrow keys and changing one of the hooks into an arrow to mark where up is. If you prefer to keep the controls the way they are, you should keep the control keys on the hooks during the game.

Thank you very much!

This is very satisfying to control! I think this could work better as a type of puzzle, and less as a platforming challenge. The simplistic style is very fitting, but as someone mentioned here the button and the goal don't really fit the style. Still - great game! You should continue working on this, it has a lot of potential!

Very interesting concept! Now that the jam is over, you should definitely spend more time on designing more organized levels and complete it. I would also recommend adding an undo button. This has a lot of potential! 

Great game, but Bob definitely has to dance to the music.

Very neat concept, and the controls with a keyboard feel great! I think some better level design and making hits more impactful (more screenshake for example) can really boost the quality. I can see this being an excellent rougelike!

Cool concept! I really enjoyed the first available stages. I think you should add some sort of secret above the wall in the final existing level because it's possible to climb.


So cute!

Good concept, clean execution, and fun to play. Well done!

Very nice game! I do have some trouble with jumping, and I think adding some coyote time could really help the game feel better. But still, awesome game!