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You have only one jump to save the princess!!!
Submitted by MestrePepeo, torpedodev — 2 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#4184.1874.187

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great work!!

have a great time playing your game, nice job!!

Ótimo resultado em apenas 48horas 

Excellent game, the idea fits the jam requeriments so well

Submitted (1 edit)

Really fun take for a one jump platformer ! And a catchy tune on top of that.

If I may, here's my report :

  • jump physics isn't satisfying, you should experiment more to find a sweet spot between precision and speed, feels kinda off at the moment
  • your most important sound would've been the bounce effect. Sad there's none (or inaudible).
  • putting your 'level end' trigger on the sign post kills the high speed flow a player can achieve. Especially on horizontal levels, where trying to speed up and skip most of the goblins is a fun challenge, you arrive at full speed , hit the end of the screen and... have to backtrack to hit the sign post.

Fun game nonetheless, nice job !


Nice idea and good presentation. The jumps are maybe too slow. I would personally make it a little quicker so it wouldn't feel like floating, but other than that great job!


Nice idea! Glad I've been playing so much SMM2 lately for practice hehe. Good job :D


Nice work on this one, it's pretty addictive trying to get through it! The difficulty ramps up a bit too fast on the third level though. The first two levels are super easy, i can skip past some goblins on the second level, the third level though is really tough. I think though that you've made a nice game, the idea is simple it's fun to play. Nice work :)


I like the idea; the game is fun, but needs some polishing.

When I lost, the game sent me to main screen, the level music doesn't stop, and level music and main screen music were played at the same time. I died near to an enemy without a touch between the player sprite with the enemy sprite. When jumping, I feel a low gravity that doesn't convince me.

Anyway, congratulations for the game. I obviously have in mind that this was made in 48 hours. Good luck for the rest of the jam!


Good concept, you should give a visual explanation to, why it can only jump once, maybe a trampoline at the beginning. So strange to not be able to jump when nothing changed. Level design is quite good.


That was fun! I could see a combo score showing every time you bounce on an enemy, that would emphasise the fact that you are doing the whole level with one jump.


There some minor bugs ,but your game is very good !

Well done !

Would be a cool mobile game.


I thought the controls felt reeeeaally floated to start with but once I started jumping it made sense since that really helped with placing your jumps! There is some flickering with the background tiles too. I liked that you could actually bypass some of the dudes if you were brave :D Leap of faith! 


I like the idea. It plays quite well. There are multiple stages. Plus that music. That music man... Awesome game

Congrats on the submission!


I took part in the #GMTKJam too: You can play and rate my game here:


Great game man, the controls were a little sloppy but I liked them like this. 

Pretty cool game. The idea is awesome and I recommend to everyone!!! 

HAT´S OFF to this game. 


I actually like the floaty physics, it really fits for this! Hard to actually understand that you only have one jump though, it could have been more visualized.


The idea is awesome! Very fun game. It's quite rewarding to reach the end of any level!

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