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Thank you for those kind words, glad you liked it!

Thank you giansart!

Thank you!

Aww thanks!

Thank you!


Thank you :)

No worries,  definitely needed one!

Thank you so much!

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I love the art style, the gamefeel and sound design and seeing the mix of turn based combat and a card game.

But there is work to be done I think to make it as engaging as possible.

In card games there should be:

Intresting choices (what cards do I want to add in my deck, Cards should have negative and positive aspects) 

Example Card(Frenzy slash): Move 1, Attack 15, Next turn vurnable(30 % damage taken)
Example Card (Hefty meal): Discard 2, Draw 1, Gain 5 block

Combo potential (playing cards in an optimal way).
Example: Setting tiles on oil to then shoot an fire arrow for example.
Example: Shooting away parts of the eniroment so the ai have to move longer routes.
Example: Making your arrows hitting a larger area

However, I only felt that I played almost all cards every turn and every turn stayed the same, making almost every encounter be: Move, hit nearest enemy, if no attack, block and heal if I have it on my hand. Even when I unlock new characters/Cards it did not really shake up the formula.

I really hope there will be more work done on this game as I think there is potential!

Added a confirmation to forfeiting!

Thanks! Yep, if I can find the time I should definitely move it to the pause menu instead.

Still I had fun either way, balancing is something that's difficult in jams (or in general)!

This plays and looks wonderful! Lovely game! The block your vision to heal up courage is so smart! :)

Maybe it is just me, but even after 10 + tries I had a lot of problems getting any further, I got as deep as 7 I think, I just got overrun with a lot of in the end.

He is a unknown creature ☕

Thank you so much!!

Lovely little game, would love to see a full game made with this mechanics!
I would like to have a bit more control over my strech, sometimes it was hard to know the direction I will travel in, and some extra control would help balance that I think.

Aww thanks, means a lot to me! Back at you, always produce great content yourself 🙏🏻

Thanks! the lower movement speed should encourage the player to dash more.

Thanks, I agree, this would work great as an app 😊

Thanks! I like the idea of some block move/heal move, maybe I can add a new core to design around in the future.

Thanks for the feedback! I will see what what I can tweak in the future

@Hamezii, I now updated removing defence to 3->4, now it should be more useful!

Thank you so much! You make a good point, but yes it is sometimes not neccessary, however having a triplet with low dice number say 1-3, it can be effective as the damage would be low either way. Combine that with loot that heals when using it as well and you have a powerful move :)

Thanks! If you want to play more of my games and have not played Cards with Personalites then I can recommend that :)

Stumbled across this, really well done, like how you expanded on vvvvv and made it your own!

Fixed, thanks for the screenshot!

Thanks, will look at it tomorrow!

I completely missed the warp :O

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Lovely little platformer with great charm and graphics! Looking forward to the release!

Some things I noticed in the demo: 
- No joystick support (360 dpad is not the best)
- I don't know if it has an end but I could not learn to wall jump :(
- Maybe add so you can release bouble half way = half speed. it felt hard to get ahead of a bubble without a wall (maybe intended?)

Thanks! :)

Hopefully next year I will start making a non pico version of this!

But in the mean time, search for deck building games. I can recommend Star Realms, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer or if you like card game rougelike then Slay the Spire!

Thanks! I took some tweaking, glad that it was worth it 😊

Thanks 😊

This is lovely feedback, thanks for sharing! :)

Great idea! There is a lot of fun things that you can do with the game, and hopefully I can do a follow up and not in Pico-8 because it have a code limit that I have reached and fighted with during the development time :/

Always great fun to see other play your games 😊

Will see if I will update this one day! 


Thanks! Maybe one day!

This is so lovely! :)
I really like the slow motion and the multishot, its like a action puzzle game!

Thank you so much 😊