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Great game to play over your lunch, cool mechanics and lovely graphics! 

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Thanks, happy to hear that! Maybe I need to do a spreadsheet on all the effects in the game ☺️

Thanks ☺️ I aggre with you, I was really fighting if I should make the shiny knight a 3 and give it 2 attack, 1 gold. Problem is that it makes it a too good of a choice. The best would have been if you could choose of what version you want, a 2 attack or 2 gold version.


Thanks, never played it!

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Thanks again for the feedback, I will see what I can do to make it more clear and more fair 🙏🏻

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Nope, all bosses are implented! You just have to level up by playing ☺️ (but tell me if it is too hard to level up)

Thanks for the feedback! I think you are using the Great rod and for that you need discard one card so you have to prepare a little first! Will update the text ☺️

Nice write up! ☺️ After some pico-8 games you learn how to hold back on features and scope, sometimes for the good but sometimes for the worse. That is just its nature.

Exactly! And you can learn a lot from seeing other experience what you create, then you see what works and what does not. Thanks again ☺️

Always fun to see your game be played! Thanks for that! :)

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Thank you! ☺️

Thanks for playing, I will definitely look into you 😊

Thanks 😊

This was lovely, nice relaxing game! 

So close! You can do it😊

Have you maybe enabled flight? You can turn it on inte settings menu (press p)

Thanks FelineFriendly! ☺️ Great job winning the game 🙏

Thanks, your game was so good as well! ☺️

Thanks! Awesome that you played it until the end 🙏

Thanks Fniss! 😊

do you mean that the up button did not work in this game? Because that is expected, you have to place a bomb with x and go into it to jump! 😊

Thanks Nitai! Hmm that is weird! Will look into it 😊

Wow, thank you so much! It was fun iterating to that. We were thinking how we could explain how we could only jump once and came up with this! 😊

still good work 😊

I see! It makes sense😊 ( I am just a little slow...)

No problems 😊

I think I started from

But there is a lot of good tutorials online and

Hopefully that can help you :)

Thanks! :)

Cool idea, but a little hard to control. so hard to see that you are actually doing something.

Cute art, would have loved to see some tutorial levels! :)

Sounds awesome!

Ok, but the art and gameplay was also nice! :)

Nice feel of the character and PICO-8 is always awesome. Hard to see the theme, more than you just have one type of monster.

Nice game and a lot of different mechanics thrown in to one game! Great work for just one game jam!

Wow, this is so polished! :) Puzzle part of platformers are always fun! I do not really see the theme but that is the only bad thing I have!

Thank you Steeley! :) We moved around the levels a lot to make it a nice progression for the player! Hopefully we can make even more after the jam :)

Super cute pixel art and I loved the evolving boss! :) Would have like to see more punch to it! 

Cute art :)

I made the world a little safer :D nice graphics, kinda hard to understand that you can shoot trough walls.