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Clever take on the theme as well as polished movement! :)

Great art and soundtrack! :)
But I would need a bit more checkpoints!

Cute and clever metroidvania!

Really fits the theme and the level of polish is insane! 
However, I had a hard time already on the third level, maybe allowing to hit the wall once or making the hitbox smaller would make it a bit less frustrating as the timing on some of the turns were really small (even in slow motion)

Cool to see an endless runner with some added mechanics!
No problem understanding the gameplay and had fun!

I would love to see not jumping with the up button as well as some sliding animations on walls to make it easier to wall jump.

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Making a card game for a game jam is crazy regarding balance, but you pulled it off!

If anything it might be a bit too easy, but I like winning and I still had to play my cards right :)

Only small things like accidently going to my next turn was a bit odd.
Great charm, love the idea and super fun!

Thanks, I am just as excited to play yours!😊 Yep, in this case less is definitely more, I could try to add an outline but we will see if it gets any updates!

Thank you!

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Highly polished and nice level design as well. Some of the timing puzzles/jumps was a bit frustrating, but other than that no complaints 😊

Thank you, glad you got the hang of it! :)


It was almost impossible without the warning icons 🙈, but yeah, the jump is depending on the speed. A continuation on this might be to remove the variable speed.

Thanks! Yeah, I really tried to separate the elements, but the colors and the speed of the game makes it a bit difficult.

DropBlop is an action puzzle game made in PICO-8!

The goal of the game is to keep board clean from falling bombs, spinners, bricks and rack up big combos by pushing of many blocks at the same time! For how long can you survive?

Play here:

Have fun and stay awesome!

/ Sebastian

Sounds great! And what ever happens this is still a great game and thanks for supporting Ukraine :)

UPSQUID community · Created a new topic Some feedback!
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Lovely game, nice sense of speed as well as polish!

One thing that I noticed is that some actions are done with both left and right, something that is impossible to do on a controller (joystick/dpad).
There I would rather have a button to start the game or to activate boost!
Also I would love to see some smaller gaps over time, I was reaching over 10000 m, 104 x combo and it felt like I only lost because I lost a bit of a focus, not because it became more challenging over time.

Just some small comments on a really good game! 

/ Sebastian

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Sly Panda is a highscore arena shooter where you control a panda that can slow down time!

Practical when you are sly and have teased the ghosts ...
Slow down the time and then drop a torrent of bullets, hopefully it can stop the curse you have caused!

Buy it for 1 € here:

Stay Awesome!

/ Sebastian

If I remembered correctly you can counter a long charge with just a small tackle. If both charge I think both just gets knocked back.

Thank you!! Happy to hear that you like it!

 What?! Good job! Do you have a video? 😊

Probably chrome that resetted your progress, did not do any changes to the save system last patch.

Nice! I think my record is 58 sec, so you are getting close!

And you can clear it, try to apply a bit more power to break a lot of pieces in one go!

Nothing, I am working on a bigger version though with more bosses and cards!

Hmm I would say the debug window gives it a bit of a "dev build", but hey each on their own!

Yeah the problem with having intentional buggy feature is that I don't think a player can separate it from a real one 😅 either it has to be quite clear that is is a "fake bug"(like Undertale restarting your game) or remove them completely.

I really enjoyed a lot of aspects of this game though (especially the cassette drawing touch)! 

Yeah, it is unfortunately quite buggy, would be good to look into it I think!

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Great and charming bundle, but it is a bit wonky on Windows.

- Sometimes the game gets checked before even playing them, making them non playable as well as creating art only uses the cassette. (see first pic)
- The debug mode is shipped so I see all the logs
- The game can get stuck on games, on oct.12 I can't pick another game, it just loops and I have to restart the game (see pic 2)
- Made on Oct.12 is always the text when picking new carts

This is lovely! Thanks! :)

Thank you!





Hi! Sorry for missing this! Great work on the bundle!

Thank you!

Thanks! Happy to hear that you liked it!


Just released a big update to Breakolf

The game is a mix between normal mini-golf and breakout and in this update you must trick, defeat and avoid ghost and other monsters roaming the golf course.


/ Sebastian