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Satisfying movement! Left me wanting more! :)

I really like the spin mechanic! Makes every action feel fun.

Lovely pixelart and a good soundtrack! 
I know it was heavily inspired by bouble bouble, but I feel it could have done some more changes to shake up the gameplay.

Really fun to drift in games in general and you took the whole idea of that and run with it!
Had fun, I would like to go to the next level directly instead of the main menu everytime, but I undestand this is a jam game! :)

I really enjoyed this one, and you really stuck with the theme in a unique way! 
I could see this working as a multiplayer as well.

I am not so sure on all of the effects are such fun though, l got sticky feet, heavy and a shadow and I died directly because I couldn't move quick enough.

I really like that idea! 😊 If I would ever continue, that would be the first thing to implement!

Thanks! That's my favorite part of the whole game, makes it more of a puzzle platformer. With set values on the cards it was just too random, even with a shuffle.

Thanks! With some tweaks I could probably make it a bit less cumbersome, but I am not so sure the genres fit together so good more than a one off game jam 😅

Thanks, yeah, some suggestions would make sense, like seeing how far an individual card would take you, not the whole sequence!

Thanks! The thing you describing is possible though by playing the movement card first 😊

Thank you! ✨

Maybe it could be a bit vague, but then you would be in the same position as you were before 😬, not knowing exactly what card to use.

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Thanks! 😊 I somewhat agree on seeing where you end up  would be cool and less frustrating, but it also removes some of the "puzzle" part of it, like trying to figure out the right distance card. Yes, some parts will be a bit trial and error without it, but after a while you know how far a two value card is. 


Just released a weird mix of a card game and a platformer.


Hope you like it!

/ Sebastian

Thanks! It definitely did not work without editing the values.

I thought about showing a ghost where you would end up. However I wanted to be a bit guessing game, as well as getting those "how did I survived that!" moments!

Hello! ☀️

Berry Brother is a tiny metroidvania where you can switch perspective at any time! Use that power to figure out why your brother took all of your clothes...

50 % off 🚀

/ Sebastian

Sounds awesome! ✨

I want to join with Berry Brother:


Yeah, good work! 😊

Thank you! Yeah hopefully this helps a bit 🙏

Thanks for sharing 😊

Thank you and Good luck finish up your game! :)

It was one of the things I was most worried that players would not get, so it's more on me 😅

You are not stuck 🙏 you need to destroy both flies, the grey one you need to jump on first, then shoot!

Thanks, had a blast creating it!

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Hi everyone!

Berry Brother is a metroidvania where the main mechanic is that you can switch to a top down perspective.

Find out why your brother took all your clothes and explore a world filled with traps setup by your tiny brother.


/ Sebastian

Great work adapting vampire survivors to playdate and still feel fresh! Love the art and the use of just the crank. Would fit right in as a season game!

Some small feedback:

- Some weapons are very unfun to pick, especially in a early run. Like laser and rockets they just take too long to take out enemies, especially compared to the energy field.

- I somewhat guess it's performance reasons, but I feel like impact to the weapons could be improved. If not some particles, maybe knockback, hitstun etc

- This might be me, but the sound of shooting quickly becomes hard to listen for a while. I would be happy with lowering the volume of the shooting or an option to toggle off sounds.

Lovely game! Was just going to play a bit, but then I got stuck playing multiple rounds! One thing that would be good is to add how to play into the game, took a while to figure out you could store tiles.

Fun arcade game, would recomend to parachute! 

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Super fun and so polished for a game jam!
I really like the tower defence and the auto battler combo (I have also tried it, but yours is better)!

Some small feedback!
- Easier to read descriptions, sometimes the font and the layout gets in the way of clarity!
- Freeze a seed so you can buy it next round


Made a tiny little action game called Build a Frank about harvesting body parts to build Frank back to his former glory!

This was made for Ludum dare 52, with the theme Harvest.


Stay awesome!

/ Sebastian

Thank you!

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 Thanks! I am being a bit mean, you shouldn't! (That's how you "continue"). If you seen the grave, that's the end!


I just released this short game about "grappling hooking"!
Hope you enjoy it. 


/ Sebastian


I just released this short game about "grappling hooking"!
Hope you enjoy it.


/ Sebastian

Super impressed about the flow of the combat!
Throwing the spear and then fighting some hand to hand combat feels really natural!

It would be very cool to see how the spear could be used in platforming as well, maybe as a jumping off point or flinging yourself on it.

As other said, I think a lock on without holding on the button would be nice! 

Loved it! Unique mechanic without making it super complicated!


Thank you!

Super well spin on the genre! And the music is lovely!
If you would continue on this game (and you should), I would like to see combos matter more (4-5, L lines and so on).

And a multiplayer would be sick!