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Nice visuals and atmosphere. I had a few problems to pick up some items when I accidently drop them on the floor, but other than that I liked it a lot! Really great job!

Nice idea and good presentation. The jumps are maybe too slow. I would personally make it a little quicker so it wouldn't feel like floating, but other than that great job!

Hi, thank you for the feedback. We changed the size of the cards at the last minute to make more space when there are multiple cards and it seemed ok for us. But I guess the addition of setting where you could choose the size of the cards to your liking would solve this problem :)

Hi, thank you for playing :)

Hi, thanks for playing!

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Really nice and funny idea, but I'm confused with it a lot. Picking up emojis felt random in most cases and led to trial and error. Would be nice if more paths to match were avaliable (maybe there are some,  but I haven't noticed) and more related responses to your wrong emojies were showed. But I guess it's all because of lack of time during the jam ;)

Anyway, great job!

I and two of my friends participated in this years GMTK game jam with theme Only one and made this small game about love.

Try to match your client with their soulmate, hidden in the pool of suitors. Read through dating profiles, find the one, which is the best for your clients requirements and make a match by swiping the profile right. But beware! Make a wrong match and bad things will happen. 

You can give it a try here:

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Nice Lovecraft theme and quite hard (haven't managed to beat second "level" yet, but I'll give it one more try). Love the visuals when the ancient one appears, but controls are clunky.  Speed of the character is slow imo, navigating the weapon is quite pain, which doesn't help with the amount of enemies spawning on the map, and when you loose all your health, nothing happens. Some end game screen with restart button or something would be nice.

But I liked it, great job!

EDIT: I miss the restart butto/option a lot.

Really cool game with a nice idea! As Ibuchli said, this would be a gret puzzle game on mobile phones. Good  job!

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Red Dot is point and no click catventure game about one hungry cat, a laser pointer, a can of delicious food and mysterious hat. 

You can't control the cat, but you can lure it with your laser pointer. Navigate it through the level, overcome obstacles and feed it before it's too late!

You can download it HERE.

Made during Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2018.

Thanks for playing, we're glad you like it.

Thanks for playing and for invitation! Sadly we won't participate this year since this is only prototype and we'll have to begin from scratch, but maybe next year we'll have something more representative to show. And thanks for feedback, we know about the bug ;)