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Nice Lovecraft theme and quite hard (haven't managed to beat second "level" yet, but I'll give it one more try). Love the visuals when the ancient one appears, but controls are clunky.  Speed of the character is slow imo, navigating the weapon is quite pain, which doesn't help with the amount of enemies spawning on the map, and when you loose all your health, nothing happens. Some end game screen with restart button or something would be nice.

But I liked it, great job!

EDIT: I miss the restart butto/option a lot.


I wasn’t initially planning on a Lovecraftian feel, but it kinda just fell into that once I decided I needed a source of all these monsters and really leaned into the “lab experiment gone wrong” thing

My plan was to make the player intentionally quite slow, to encourage more careful positioning and defending with the lance rather than running away. But yeah, I think it just ended up being more frustrating than anything. 

The lance controls could do with a lot of refinement. I wanted to prevent the player from being able to do a U-turn, so they would have to commit to pathing through the maze of corridors. I might try alternate ways of controlling it, like instead of you turning it manually, it would just turn towards whatever global direction your pressing with the keys/analogue stick.

There was a game over screen but I seemed to have broken it in those last few frantic hours and now it only shows up sometimes. Oh well, just jam things :)  

Thanks for the feedback :)