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hahah, it is a feature now. 


Hey, do you have other games on other platforms? 

Man this is easily the best game in the Jam, the levels that looks random at first make sense with each new character and plays out totally different. You level design skill is so good man.

Thanks a lot man, its all thanks to Rhys he comes up with really good ideas. And yeah we do make a games together mainly for Android atm.

Levle 1_1  sounds fun man, will try it after I get back on my PC.

Yes, until we perfected our controls the character would fall down while running and it looked hilarious.

I would love to finish this game but there is a bug that stops me from jumping later in the level.

hahaha, thanks for making this game, had a lot of fun playing it. If you have time please add more levels later.

Thanks a lot.

Great game man, the controls were a little sloppy but I liked them like this. 

hahah, yeah we did encounter the bug before and that how we name this game Clumsy Clones. 

thanks a lot, and yeah we did mess up a little with the theme but we had a lot of fun making it.

About getting back to start after spawning a clone, we think it is a core mechanics of the game that makes it fun, like progressing a little bit further just to be send back so that you can progress a little more next time. 

We will make checkpoints a little closer in the future to avoid any fustration or maybe a system for player to place a checkpoint themselves.

Great ,do you plan to work on more levels, I would suggest creating a  more maze like levels.

Thanks, I would love to check out your game.

hahaha, well at least there is one level.

Thanks. Also the idea with the game is Only one level and many characters. A single jump mechanics could have made our game more in line with the theme (As the game is can be completed with one jump per character), but sadly we realized it a bit late.

hahah could only reach level 2 so far but had a lot of fun. Great game man.

Nice game man. There should have been a button to move the clock fast (for levels with long path).

Yep done.

Great man. Loved it. 

Wish this game was a little longer, I was having having fun playing it.

sure, would love to play your game.

haha yeah we got a little lost while making it.


Hello sorry for the late reply,

Here is the link : Pastebin

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hey, sorry for replying so late I got busy due to my other game.

So for falling mechanics I just check it that tile has any platform sprite in it. You can get TileData for any tile easily if you have the coordinates of the tile. If there are no tile simply kill your character.


Sorry I didn't use any collision for this game but you should check Tilemap Collider for collision on isometric map. Unity also have very good tutorial on Youtube on this topic.


Here is the link to the player control for isometric tilemap.
Pastebin Link

Hope it helps you :-)

hey, yeah I can. You need the script for player right?


Actually there is a level counter or hearts at top right corner. But a world map is a great idea.


Rhys (Grey Gravel) made the 2D sprites (Pillars) with the gradient already in it. The Animated sprites followed the gradient too and then I just set the background color to match the color of pillars. You can also use a Height based shader to achieve this effect.

Here is a link to the Pillar sprites

thank you

The game is fun and the music is awesome. What I liked the most was the concept of the game.

If you can add an online multiplayer with voice support will make this game will get even better.

will surely do 😁.

ohh wow, thanks for letting us know about the bug and the fullscreen fix. 🙂

Really glad to hear such a positive feedback. And yes we are also hoping to make a Android version of this game, but it will take a while as we have another project to finish at the moment. 

Yes, the maps are generated randomly.