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El diseño gráfico del juego.

Thanks <3

My game is a 2D shooter!

I like the simplicity of the game. I think it's a little bit easy, but fun!


I didn't think on that, "change" will be more appropriate than "restart". Thanks!

Thank you very much!

I really felt satisfaction reaching the three powers and killing a lot of humans HAHAHAHA. Congrats for such a masterpiece.

The game is hard, nonsense and very funny. I know that has a story (that makes sense) but I couldn't felt a coherent story.

Although the motion controls are intuitive, I couldn't find instructions.

Here's mine!

I will try your game right now.

Rated and commented.

Rated and commented.

It is much fun to try beaten all and finish as the only one.

I would add settings to change difficulty and quantity of enemies.

I like the idea; the game is fun, but needs some polishing.

When I lost, the game sent me to main screen, the level music doesn't stop, and level music and main screen music were played at the same time. I died near to an enemy without a touch between the player sprite with the enemy sprite. When jumping, I feel a low gravity that doesn't convince me.

Anyway, congratulations for the game. I obviously have in mind that this was made in 48 hours. Good luck for the rest of the jam!

Done ;)

Engaging game with a fun music that keeps you playing.

Hahhahaha <3

No because when I screenshot mouse doesn't appear inside the screenshot.

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Thanks. ONLY one gun to play and of course only one attempt.

Here is my 2D shooter

Truly engaging game. I love the design and the simple gameplay.

Done and I think I also had bad luck with ratings hahaha.

Simple game. It keeps you engaged.

Fun. Idk why but the mouse cursor couldn't stand inside the game window.

Listo. Gracias y suerte también!

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Me gustó, bastante fluido. Quizás, el diseño no es el adecuado para el juego ya que, si no fuese por la jugabilidad, me llamaría poco. Muy interesante la mecánica; simple y concreta.

Done. Interesting mechanics.

Like it. I would add a quick way to restart level.

Rated and commented!

I can feel that "GMTK" juice explanation in my head while playing this. Good job!

PS: Run slow in my chrome :c

Thanks! I will check the game problems and think in a more illustrative screen.

Done ;)

Original gameplay and powerful OST.

Done :)

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I really felt I only had one chance to be free and I really felt that puzzle sentation. 

In my opinion, the game needs to be able to open multiple windows.

At the beginning, I couldn't read the text intro because was half cut. Although, intuitively, I passed the screen pressing "Space".

PS: I won.

Bro, I just rated your game yesterday hahahah. Anyway, great game!

Thank you! I want to balance the game in a future update, with time to polish a lot the idea.

I fully appreciate sincerity and objectivity. Thanks 4 feedback :D


I loved it. I love the smooth movement, the sounds, the art and the interactions between the player and the menu options. But, I don't feel like a have a goal. Yes, you have a score but I think that the game has more potential than getting a high score. Anyway, excellent game!