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Save the World!
Submitted by Sebastian.Todeasa — 2 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#12123.2863.286

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The music was a pain to my ears it's way to tense and repetitive to listen to for a long time.

The concept is cool, I like the theme interpretation. I hoped that flowers would have some kind of bar or something to show when to pollinate them. I just kept pollinating them and some of them would still wither and die even though I tried pollinating the withered ones as well.

I'd play this game more if it was a bit more pollished. Say if rabbits were consistant in the world. Moving through grass with only the tops of their ears being seen before they jump out to eat the flowers.


Sorry about the music, I was really rushing when making it, and thanks for the feedback. I was planning on polishing the game after the jam, and I'll consider your ideas. Thanks!


A cool little game, good job submitting something for the jam!  The pixel art is great also.  Learn as much as you can from this experience and your next jam game will be even better!  Please check out my game if you have time~ Good day!


Well, it took me a long time to understand what I'm doing...
Also, the INFO tab says things about the flowers' health and "withered" being shown above dead flowers...

What am I supposed to do with the rabbits?


I didn't have enough time to make health bars for flowers, but when flowers get close to dying, they'll look withered so that you can tell which ones are about to die. When rabbits start eating flowers, just fly near them and they'll get scared and disappear.


Ah, okay... 


Lovely game!

I was a bit confused by the unused mouse cursor and not seeing the life of each flower. Not knowing how much point you gain and how was also a bit hard to keep track.

Bee proud of your game (pun intended)


Thanks for the feedback! And yeah, making health bars show up was on my to-do list, but I ran out of time :/


Simple game. It keeps you engaged.


I liked your game, so please don't take this feedback negatively! (I'm sure you would have addresses all of these already if this wasn't a jam)

1. Mouse Cursor
The mouse cursor is used for the main menu, but not for the game. I would highly discourga that. The controls of the menu should work to set expectations for how the game will control. Since the mouse doesn't do anything during the game, having it there is misleading and potentailly unhelpful.

Certain games are very dependent on the player understanding both how to play and what the rules of the game are. Games like this have to pay special attention in making sure the player learns those things. Your game fits that category. Here are some of my recommendations:

- Even when games have fireworks and a huge red sign pointing to a 'How to Play' button, players will still ignore it and go straight into 'Play', so I recommend rewording the 'INFO' button label to something more descriptive and attention grabbing.

- Having the info screen always come up when a player first starts the game is also a good way to make sure the player had a chance.

- Make sue the player has a way to review the rules in-game at any time.

Congratulations on making your game! I hope you continue it after the jam.


Wow! Thanks for the really helpful tips and comments! I didn't really consider doing these things during the jam (it is my first jam submission after all), so I'll fix up the game after the jam. All the best for the rest of the jam :)


Bees!! Love the pixel art style. And one of the nice concept in this jam. If you have enough time, I guess you would add more features in your game. Your game have great potentials. (If you export your game on WebGL, I guess your game would be more popular!)


Thanks for the positive remarks! And you’re right I definitely would have added more if I had time


Yeah. I know. Hopes one day can play your game again! I am following you.


Neat game! I found a bug where I could leave the hive while still in the upside down state so I would have infinite stamina. Other than that, I like the art, music, and mechanic :)


Hey! Thanks for pointing out this bug. More info on how you found the bug would be greatly appreciated so I can fix it after the jam :)


Love it, super simple game! But I don't understand what I needed to do, so maybe a tutorial would've helped! Great music and great artwork! I feel this game can go A LOT further!
Good luck on the jam! :D
(- Amy)


Thank you! All the best for the rest of the jam :)


Its good but it gets overwhelming after just a couple seconds. Maybe make healing the flowers a little bit quicker?


Thanks for the feedback! After the jam I'll balance everything :)

Submitted (1 edit)

I’m not sure that I did what I needed to.
I liked the graphics and animations.

If you have a time you can try ours game: ttps://


Thanks for playing! I know the game doesn't give enough feedback, but thanks! I'll play your game if I have time

Nice little game with iteresting idea , I enjoy it

Please try our game too:


Cool game! Its a very interesting concept


Fun little game. Pretty graphics and great souns. Nice work!

As others have said, there need of some indication if your are doing well with the flowers. But overall nice game!


Graphic, sound and animation is great! 

What to do with rabbits? Almost never had time to reach them.


Thanks! Sometimes, if rabbits don't spawn near flowers, they'll go away automatically. Their hitbox is pretty big though, so you might have been scaring them away without trying in the beginning :P


Interesting game.... camerawork is amazing... only thing i find it is lacking is some sort of feedback of actions in the game...may be sound cues would do that..

All the best for the rest of the jam 

Try this and leave your feedback:


Thanks for the helpful feedback! I tried to add sounds, but perhaps I could've used them better. I'll rate and comment yours, too. Good luck :)

  • very little feedback to know if you're doing well, poorly, or pollinating the wrong flowers (you can't double-pollinate)
  • very little actual gameplay; once you've figured out the controls, it appears to be the same game for the next 5 minutes (I didn't play longer
  • holding down space on your beehive is unecessary; don't make the player push buttons for no reason - repetitive stress is a thing!
  • cute graphics and sound, but those can't hold up a game on their own!
  • :)

Thanks for your feedback! For one, it is possible to pollinate two flowers at the same time, if they are close enough together for you to touch both of them.

Also, keeping the flowers alive was the main gameplay, as it is only a quick arcade-style game, I figured I didn’t need more content. Some might get too confused if I added more mechanics.

I didn’t anticipate holding the spacebar to be too stressful, as you don’t usually need to tap it quickly. I may have to make stamina increase faster in the future.

Thanks for the positive feedback on the art and sound, but I didn’t intend to focus more on graphics than polish. :)


Very nice. I enjoyed the game. The art and the music was great. I think you should mention that your score is relevant to how many flowers are. I agree with DSongi that it was hard to tell if I was actually pollinating. 


Thank you! I will probably add health bars for each flower after the rating period ends, but for now, just know that staying over a flower and holding space will increase the flower's health :)


Like the concept. Had difficulty telling if I was actually pollinating 


Thanks! Adding more visual cues was on my to-do list, but I ran out of time.